How to Have Time To Do It All

Posted on: August 24, 2013 Category: Self Mastery

How many of us have said ‘I don’t have time!’ It’s such a commonly used excuse! I’ve been totally guilty of this (let’s be honest here).

AND ever since I stopped using that excuse I’ve experienced myself having MORE time to do all the things I truly love and adore.

In a nutshell, I believe we all have time for what we really want in our lives. You know what I mean! We create time when something is truly important to us.

How to Have Time To Do It All

Here’s how you can get started if you’ve been rejecting your power around your time (or if you’re in recovery):

1. Get clear on your non-negotiables.

What do you REQUIRE? What is your minimum requirement in terms of work and play?

Is it a daily gym session, is it a daily 1 hour spiritual practice, is it going on a date every week, is it a twice-a-year holiday abroad? Or maybe you require to go down to the beach every evening?

ACTION STEP: Determine your non-negotiables and they are what they are … non negotiable.

2. Adopt an abundance mindset – not a lack mindset

When we start stepping into an energy of be, do, and having it all – at first it can seem a bit overwhelming. We don’t want to miss out and we start doing things from a place of fear of missing out or lack.

ACTION STEP: Instead, adopt an abundance mindset and think ‘Well, if I can indeed have it all and do it all. Will I still desire to do this?’ Your answer will reflect your Highest Truth, and your True Desires. Reading this post may also help!

3. Schedule it in

If it’s not scheduled it’s not real!

ACTION STEP: Get your events, tasks, and commitments scheduled in your planner. I love Google Calendar, and I always schedule in all my commitments and non-negotiables, colour coded into different calendars.

4. Speak with truth and love

Instead of saying ‘I don’t have time!’ and thus creating an energy of overwhelm and lack for ultimately, yourself, because you don’t really want to do something that someone is asking of you, speak your Truth.

ACTION STEP: Remember, you can always say ‘No’. You can say ‘I don’t want to’ or ‘I am choosing not to’. You always have a choice!

When you allow yourself to say ‘No’ when it’s a ‘No’ and say ‘YES’ when it is a ‘Yes’ … all your Yes-es will be full YESes and suddenly the world becomes more enjoyable, brighter, and more magical. ;)

Claim your power and let yourself voice your Beauty and your Truth. ;)

Let’s all come from a place of ultimate self-love and take a stand for our power.


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