2013 Dreaming + Scheming: How to Magnetize The Perfect 2013

Posted on: December 18, 2012 Category: Self Mastery

2013 Dreaming Scheming

Last week, we celebrated 2012. This week let’s start directing the year ahead. This process is much like directing a movie. First, you gotta have a vision or dream or idea (or kinda-sorta-know what you want). Your idea doesn’t have to be perfectly shaped, it just needs to be there in essence. Then, you focus on the theme of the movie – is it action, a drama, a rom-com, a mish mash? This step is followed by writing the directions for the script.

Think of your life ahead as a movie script, and you’re the writer, main actor, director. You gotta gift yourself flowers and invest in your skills to keep you inspired, keep you going, and keep your knowledge up to date. You can even invite guest stars in the form of people who inspire you to feature in your movie.

Did you like my analogy? How fun, right?! Okay, let’s begin!

Hone In On Your Vision

Last weekend, we sat down together – my sister and I – and we got started on desire mapping for 2013. Yes, that’s how we siblings spend our time together – just talking about deep soul stuff! Ha! Anyway, what we did has helped me hone in on the essence of what I truly want to create in my life. With that now in mind, plus the goals I’ve compiled from my 2013 Incredible Year Planner – I’m so ready to share with you the way I’m going to magnetize the perfect 2013.

photo 1 Leonie Incredible Year Planner

(A little note on perfection: Don’t get hung up on the word ‘perfect’. Whatever happens will be perfect for you and what you need. Still, it’s always good to have eyes on the ideal situation and increase your chances of creating that reality! All you need to do is start now, and everything will fall into place.)

Theme of 2013

If you could summarize 2013 in a sentence, a few words, or a phrase – what would it be? If 2013 was a movie – what would you want the title to be? What does it feel like?

Divine connection. Abundance. Grace. Present.

Divine connection feels like guidance from above. I’m totally addicted to the feeling of heightened awareness and goosebumps that manifest when you literally get a divine download. You know that feeling? It feels like overwhelming inspiration mixed with a warm and familiar soul hug.

Abundance feels expansive and support from the Universe. It always comes like a personal Thank You note from the Universe that in essence goes something like this – Thank you for being in service and living your purpose. Here are the opened doors that have resulted from that. 

Grace feels like empowerment, elegance, inner peace. Need I say more?

And finally, my definition of being present is being fully aware in the here and now. Having my feet firmly and solidly planted in the ground, giving full awareness to where I am and who I am with. In a nutshell, it’s fully participating with the moment that is now. More of that, please.

2013 will be the year I –

List your financial, health, body, work, creative, spiritual or personal goals + How. Here are some of mine!

+ Launch my first eCourse, Happy Healthy Abundant in 6 Weeks (Mark your calendars, 21st January 2013!!)


+ Connect with more like-minded souls

+ Mastermind with my soul sisters

+ Double my income (& beyond)

+ Take my yoga practice to new heights

+ Nourish my body with healthy food & happy vibes

+ Listen to my intuition (all the time)

+ Write and publish often

+ Tune in and connect to higher guidance

+ Assemble a table from scratch

+ Paint a piece of art and frame it up

+ Continue achieving (and maintaing) the results I set my eyes on

+ Trim my hair regularly

+ Make our house a happy, organized, protected sanctuary

+ Ride a bike. Drive less. Reduce my carbon footprint.

+ Travel to at least 3 places I’ve never been. Wanderlust, baby!


+ Finish one whole journal, back to front

+ Keep my desktop and desk top clutter-free (Hahaha! Amused by my own pun.)

Dreamboarding The Crystal Clear Vision

The final step is to create a dreamboard.

I believe in dreamboards (or vision boards). Why? Because every time I’ve placed something on my vision board, it’s come true in a way or another. I’ve printed out, cut out, and pasted images of places I want to visit, websites I want to write for, and people I want to connect with onto these boards. I’ve sat back, relaxed, and then somehow – the Universe replies. Sometimes in minutes, sometimes months, sometimes years.

I update my dreamboards when I’m called to – and usually this coincides with a new moon. The energy of renewal and rebirth surrounding that time is perfect. Visions change, goals are updated, and the path needs to be re-aligned. Honestly, creating a dreamboard is some powerful stuff. I also print them out or use them as a wallpaper to maximize those jujus, y’know?


Here’s my dreamboard I created in November this year. The left incorporates the essence of personal goals, the right includes women I want to work with – who are living proof that what I am working towards is achievable. Putting them side by side kills off the ‘Jia Ni, you’re such a dreamer. Are you sure that’s even achievable?‘ voice in my psyche. Gone, gone, gone – and replaced with ‘YES I CAN!

Side note : I’ve been blessed to have worked with three of these wonderful women. Another three I’ve been sending oodles of good vibes to, and fingers crossed I’ll be talking with them soon. Yay!

This year’s gifts to myself

What do you want to give to yourself? Think of it as an early Christmas gift, or birthday present, or just a surprise that you would like to give YOU more of. Imagine Santa came early and you can have ANYTHING you want. Go nuts!


+ To be honest, authentic, and confident. To stand my ground, hold my power, and trust in my choices.

+ To sail above de-evolution and growth hurdles with much more grace and ease. Growth and expansion without getting stuck on upper limits.

+ Seamless organization (and patience). I allow myself to quiet the mind so that I can see the big picture first, meditate on thing, and then proceeding to acting. I also gift myself patience and perseverance.

+ Abundance to invest. In people who are in need, those who inspire, skills I want to master, and also those I love – including myself.

+ The magic of making my dreams come true.

Ahh, how good did that feel? A plan, a direction, a brief road map to creating your ideal 2013 – check. What’s next? We’ll be taking some serious action next Tuesday. I’ll share what you’ve gotta do to up the ante.

Till then, get yourself Leonie’s incredible year planner and start planning your year ahead. I’ve seen this woman in action, I’m learning from her, and honestly – she swears by it. Get yours here – now.

Oodles of love,
Jia Ni

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