How to Share Your Gifts (& Get Paid Too!)

Posted on: February 20, 2013 Category: Jia Ni Loves

Dearest You,


You were born with a gift, a symphony, a message within you.

You’re here to share it.

You are unique, and there is no other in this Universe like you.

You have to (and you need to) share your gifts with the world.

Every extra minute you put that on hold, you deprive someone out there that desperately needs your help, your light, and your presence.

I know that so many of you are feeling the urge (especially in 2013) to really step forth and live your authentic truth, share your gifts, and transform your soul’s work into a biz that supports you and your dreams.

The truth it, the Universe will provide you with the your desires, your dream life, and abundance when you start showing up as YOU.

You experience flow.

Synchronicity because a part of your life when you live in sync with your destiny.

Honestly, do you feel lost, stuck, frustrated, and unsure about your future – even?

Do you feel like you WANT to live out your passions as your full-time job?

I know exactly what you mean and how you feel.

I’ve been there, and there is a better way.

Guess what? YOU CAN.

WHOOHOOO! *cheers!!!*

I get so many questions from you lovely peeps about HOW I did it.

How did I start grow my biz SO FAST?


Here’s the answer:

Last year, I joined Marie Forleo’s BSchool.

Honestly, it was the catalyst that put me on a roller coaster, propelling me forwards and towards my dream life.

My life has changed forever (even though I didn’t even know it would then!).

Today, I’m a coach, a heart-centered entrepreneur, living my mission.

I help women share their gifts with the world, and I’m living out my soul’s purpose.

Every work I do has become an extension of my being, a gift to the world.

Because of that, I am now in the flow of life and supported by the Universe.

This is the age of the soul-centered entrepreneur.

No longer do you have to feel like you’re leading a double life.

Lost. Frazzled. Worried about your future.

You can choose to step up now and become the inspiration and conduit of love and light.

You can choose to share your gifts and receive abundance in return.

Seriously, you can.

The question is: Will YOU choose it?

Registration for BSchool opens on Thursday!

Meanwhile, you can click here to receive 3 awesome-sauce free training videos as well as worksheets and PDFs that will start to help YOU plant the seeds for your massively successful and inspiring business.

Last year, I too, was where you are now.

I knew I had gifts to share, I knew I would like to live a life designed perfectly for my own needs.

Back then, I didn’t know if this was ever going to be possible.

But now I DO. I see it already.

It feels gooooood!

And let me tell you – it is SO worth it.

It is the BEST thing I’ve ever invested in.

And I know you will feel the same!

(I was shaking, freaking out, and crying after I made the leap of faith. But now when I look back, I smile and tell my old self – Good on you! Thank you for doing that!)

Through BSchool, I’ve met like-minded inspiring women who are on the same journey.

Some have become my mentors, teachers, and greatest friends.

BSchool helped me blossom into who I am today.

BSchool helped me create a foundation, platform, and knowledge to start my business (and in a record time of 6 weekly modules – dude, even signing up to study a business degree wouldn’t even provide you with HALF the knowledge, wisdom and practical content!).

BSchool helped me share my gifts with the world and receive massive abundance and flow in life.

Because I so passionately believe in BSchool, I would love to extend a few super juicy bonuses for a those who say YES, take action, and jump onboard.

Here’s the deal:

The first 8 people to enroll using ->this link here<- will receive the following bonuses.

+ 5 months 1:1 accountability & mastermind sessions with me (Value: $2300)

+ Email support between sessions

We’ll speak fortnightly, I’ll give you personalized tips and advice that will propel YOU and your biz forward and FAST (be prepared!).

I’ll be here to support, help, and cheer you along every step of the way.

You don’t have to do it alone.

(Note: I’m limiting the number so that I can truly focus and devote my energy into helping you grow your biz and move forward.)

If you’re called to being one of these 8 souls who step up and live their truth, I’d LOVE to help you share your gifts and jumpstart your biz! Click here to enrol!

This is for YOU if:

+ You have a BIG soul-centered vision.

+ You’re just starting out in your biz (might not even have one yet – don’t worry, that was me too!), you’re ready to start sharing your gifts, and earn $$$ for it.

+ You’re ready to optimize your website, find your tribe, and reach more people.

+ You need someone who’s been there, done that, and understands you fully.

+ You want to balance work, life and passion. You want to live the MOST out of life!

Remember, you must use this link here & enrol from there. If not, you’ll miss out on this juicy bonus. Once you do, send me your receipt at and we’ll send you the whole package on how you can start your entrepreneurial journey. :)


I promise you – this is one of the BEST things you can do for yourself this year.

Investing in your future, yourself, and your soul – that is!

You are your best investment.

I did it – I took the leap of faith.

And I’m reaping the juicy fruits of success in such a short period of time! It is SO worth it.

You can do this and I’m here to help you every step of the way.

What’s next?

Give your future self a beautiful gift and join BSchool here.

Then, get ready for a wonderful upward ride for the rest of this year (and your life).

Remember, you must click through this link here (or any of the links on this page) to enrol and send me your receipt in order to lock in and receive the super juicy bonus of 5 months of 1:1 mastermind with me (valued at $2300). If not, you’ll miss out on this bonus.

Are you excited yet? I”m SO SUPER DUPER excited to repeat and dive through all the content again!

(Yup, you get to repeat it every year once you’re in. How cool is that?!)

Major love & success,
Jia Ni x

P/S: If you have any queries/questions regarding BSchool or anything at all … simply send me an email at and I’m happy to get back to you! :)

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