How To Stay Empowered Even When Conflicts Arise

Posted on: June 9, 2015 Category: Self Mastery

This week I was coaching a client on handling conflicts that arise in our business and life. Specifically, how not to allow these conflicts (and associated negative energy) to affect areas that we are committed and dedicated to creating transformation and results in.

Whether you received an uninvited nasty email, had a conflict arise out of nowhere, or just woke up feeling off … It’s important to remember to (and know how to) remain grounded in our own power, especially when external circumstances don’t seem to be going the way we desire them to.


My 5 top tips on remaining empowered even when conflicts arise:

1. Be bigger than said ‘conflict’

It’s easy to contract our energy (and resolve to hiding/avoiding) when situations feel uncomfortable. However, when we commit to being bigger than any conflict – and we are dedicated to seeing things from a larger perspective – we can allow ourselves to ‘rise above’ the funk and continue living our own lives on our own terms!

2. Tune into what experience you require for yourself to feel at peace (at the end of the day)

When conflicts arise, another thing that’s easy to do is to take on the blame, apologise begrudgingly, and ultimately – forgo the growth opportunity in the process.

Instead, when we ask ourselves “what experience will I be proud of when I look back on this time”? We can empower ourselves to create an experience we can stand by.

There is no one right answer to this, only the right answer for you right now! You might feel that you require to stand up for yourself and say your piece, or you might feel that you require to just let it go as it’s not worth your time and energy, perhaps you feel that you require to apologise and take responsibility for your part … go back to this – what feels most empowering?

3. Focus on showing up as your best self

While having something ‘bleh‘ (for lack of a better term) happen in our lives can potentially cause other areas of our lives to start to wobble, I find it imperative to remain focused on showing up as my best self at work, in my relationships, and in everything else I do.

By remaining bigger than the conflict and remaining focused on what is going well, and remaining focused on gracing everyone around us with your best quality of us … we can allow other areas of our life to uplift our energy as a whole.

4. Be kind to yourself

When we find ourselves in a conflicting situation, the inner critic within might arise … and before you know it, you might be marinading in a pool of self-shame! Be kind to yourself and remain in a space of self-love and non-biased, non-judgemental perception towards yourself (and others).

5. Trust that everything happens for a reason (and that this too shall pass)

Finally, tap into the trusting and knowing that this too shall pass – and for now, you’ll make the most of right now! I truly believe that in every challenge lies an opportunity for growth and learning, and there is no challenge we have in our life that we are unequipped to overcome.

You have everything within you to make the most of right now, and create an experience that will serve you in moving forward! ;)

By continually strengthening our ability to remain empowered in our life – no matter what’s going on around us, or in other areas of our business/life – we start learning how to tap into personal power and mastery on command. 

I hope you enjoy this post!

And as always, I love hearing your thoughts/comments below!


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  1. Nickie says:

    I love your comment about trusting in the process – that this shall pass, and a lesson shall evolve. Thanks for sharing lovely x

  2. Lauren says:

    I love this! It’s exactly what we believe! Said so beautifully! Thank you for the inspiring read! So inspiring that I had to share: