How to Stay in Alignment When Things Aren’t Going Too Well

Posted on: May 24, 2013 Category: Self Mastery

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Hey, it’s Jia Ni from!

Today I wanted to make a video and share with you (& be real with you) how I am going through some huge growth and healing.

So much has been happening in my life – quantum leaps and so on.

I feel like I am being propelled into a completely new space. And I’m scared. And it’s uncomfortable. A lot of things are coming up and ready to be healed.

In the past, I would be terrified and ran away. I would be the first one to run away in any awkward or uncomfortable situations.

But that isn’t me anymore. And this is how I am choosing to act.

I’m just BE-ing with it, allowing myself to FEEL whatever I am required to feel, to ACKNOWLEDGE it. To feel it without judgement so that I can experience what I need to experience… And so much has been healed.

A lot of layers are coming off – one by one – and the more layers I shed, the more layers are being peeled back – the more light and love I am allowing into my life and into the lives of others. And it’s so beautiful.

If you are in a place right now that is really tight, and you’re really growing. You’ll feel very uncomfortable. The first instinct might be to put down everything and turn the other way and run.

I support and encourage you to KNOW that only good things can come from this – and this is ALL part of the journey.

I know that I am choosing to be here, to feel this pain, tightness to be healed. I am choosing to allow myself to be in this space and feel whatever needs to be felt. And forgive, release, and letting go.

Talking about alignment, it’s easy to say get into alignment when things are going very well. But here’s how you get into alignment when things aren’t going so well.

1. BE WITH IT. Let yourself be in the energy. The healing happens when you stop running and be with it.

2. FEEL IT. Allow yourself to go to the places that seem scary and dark and uggghhh, because when you go there you receive a new source of power and find the light.

3. KNOW. Know that this is your choice and this is for the highest good of all concerned. Let go and let god.

I am very much going through this right now, and I am choosing to share this with you from a powerfully vulnerable space so that you KNOW that you can get through this, and you are never alone.

In love and abundance,
Jia Ni x

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  1. Maiariane Duarte says:

    This resonates a lot with me sweety. I’m in a place where I’m taking lots of leaps, and so many parts of my life are being healed and it scares the heck out of me. It scares me so much that I cry. This week specifically began with a big shock. I had to learn by a hurtful way who my true friends really are and more who the one I thought that was my best friend really is and to learn to surrender, accept everything that followed that event instead of judge and runaway was the hardest thing in the world for me. But somehow I made it and I got foccused again on healing myself, on letting go the sadness I felt. Now that I can see with clarity again I can also see the shifts, the people that got back into my life so full of love to share and the things I finally reached and I’m greatful for all of this. This morning I just learnt I got the mentor I wanted and dreamed of so much to help me go through my last year at college and to make my final big paper. This was something that was making me panic over the past months, I was out of my nerves but also keep in mind that Universe had amazing plans for me so I should calm down and just trust it and here I’m now jumping for joy to have made a dream come true. I believe, even if it’s hard, that we need to keep the faith we have in this healing path up no matter what during this tough times. If we believe strongly, we can achieve it everything we want and everything we need to make us keep on going forward. Don’t let the scarying things knock you down! You’re stronger than them!!!!!!
    I’m sending you lots of love and light!!!!
    A huge kiss!

    Maiariane s2

    • Jia Ni says:

      Sometimes things fall apart so that they can come back together stronger.

      It always works out at the end – and if it seems like it isn’t working out… Then it’s not the end. ;)

      Sending you love and white light, Maiariane. x

  2. Mark says:

    You truly speak from the heart, how refreshing.

  3. Wilford Mattey says:

    I think positive thinking is crucial if you want to stay aligned in any and every situation in everyday life :)

    • Jia Ni says:

      Totally, at the same time I’ve also found that it’s important to acknowledge the dark/less positive things if they are present. When we look at them, we see that there is only love and light. And we source a new source of power.

      Jia Ni x

  4. Timmie says:

    Thank you for this post Jia Ni. You literally saved my studies. Everything you described – feeling “tight” and uncomfortable, is everything I’m feeling right now. My natural inclination was to just drop out of my degree (really) and do something else. Which is so absurd, because pursuing this degree was my dream, and I even got a scholarship for it (one of my greater “manifestations”). It’s hard, especially since I’m a mom of 2, but of course it is. I knew that. And I was just feeling so stuck and, like you said – tight! But now I realize I’m just bursting at the seams and that I’m growing. Thank you for encouraging me to stick with it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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