How to step into the next level of being

Posted on: June 6, 2013 Category: Self Mastery

Hello, it’s Jia Ni here!

I’m so excited to share this week’s video with you (so much so that I leaped right into it and forgot to even introduce the content! ;)

Ahhhhh, you probably sensed from last week’s blog that something BIG was happening in my life & my business… And it has unfolded, gorgeously and in perfect timing.

I am stepping into this next level of my evolution and being. I am further becoming the woman I am here to become. It is so exciting, and I can feel it so deep within me!

I invite you to join me as I journey into receiving my divine desires, and you’ll see me embodying them and sharing how I do it over the next few weeks & months!

Till then, here are three steps on how you can step into your next level of being:

1. Allow yourself to go there. So often we have a peak at what it available to us, and we get so scared we don’t even allow ourselves to go there. This is what stops so many people, make the most of it, give yourself the permission to receive what you want in life!

2. Process. The desires, fears, and emotions that surface. Feel them, be there, stay there – don’t run away.

3. Witness as the next step reveals itself. This time, it took me two days – sometimes it takes hours, or even longer than that. But whatever happens, trust that it will unfold perfectly. It always does! ;)

Share with me below – what is one desire you are going allow yourself to step into this year? 

This is your chance to gift yourself the permission to share your vision and your divine desires in this space. You know, magic happens here. ;)

I am going to be allowing myself to leap and evolve into becoming who I am here to become – as well as infusing more adventure, freedom, truth, & beauty in my life.

I’m SO excited to share the specifics and details with you. Ooh la la!

In love,
Jia Ni x

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  1. Hey gorgeous, lovely video as always ;) SO proud of all your amazing work. You are definitely one to watch! I am stepping into my desire to create my dream coaching business for wild & free women looking to create their best lives! I am so terrified but I’m going to allow it to happen. Yay! You rock! :) xo

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