How to Stop Overwhelm & Self Sabotage in Business

Posted on: August 16, 2013 Category: Self Mastery


In last week’s post I shared about how you can get clear on desires so that you can start having it all as woman – in your life & business.


This week I have something important for you.

Two things I see many women (myself included) and my clients experience when they are super clear about their desires is:

1) They either dive right into the desire and start rolling up their sleeves and start ‘doing’.


2) They feel amazing and super clear and sit back to enjoy, totally in the feminine – waiting for inspired action.

These are two sides of the coins, which are totally perfect.

But there is something you MUST do first – before you embark onto the journey of manifesting your desires.

If you skip this step, you may feel overwhelmed, resistant, lose interest, or even self-sabotage mid-way to receiving your desires… Sound familiar? (Yes, we’ve all done it before.)

Here’s what you must do to prevent and stop yourself from being in that position.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 7.05.31 PM

This week I’m sharing the exact process I use that has transformed my life, that now allows me to move forward fast with my desires with elegance and great ease.

Your action step: Right now, click play and watch the video above to find out the process. ;)

With love,

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