How to Stop Procrastinating in Your Business

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How to Stop Procastinating in Your Business

One of my clients asked me during a coaching session, ‘I procrastinated and didn’t get a lot done this week. How do you avoid procrastinating?’

What a great question!

In business, we don’t always have conventional deadlines. Being able to set our own deadlines and manage ourselves becomes a really essential trait to have as an entrepreneur who’s here to create impact and do what you love for a living.

I could hear my client feeling frustrated at herself. And guilty. That she didn’t get much done because she ‘got stuck procrastinating’. Instead of getting work done, her hours were spent scrolling mindlessly on Facebook/Instagram, watching TV, reading and ‘lazing around’.

(Sometimes when we resist work, it’s also burn out/fatigue manifesting or even not setting realistic and achievable goals for ourselves and thereby setting ourselves up for failure – however in this case, we’ll be focusing on getting through pure resistance from procrastination).

Note: PUSHING through procrastination like it’s a block to be busted with sheer will and force isn’t what I recommend. It *might* work temporarily, but it can also lead to exhaustion and feeling depleted. We’ve all been there, right?

Exploring Your Idea on Discipline (& Obedience)

When we didn’t get our work done in school, our parents/teachers would discipline us. When we weren’t performing optimally (or slacking off ;), we would get disciplined as children. Exploring your ideas around ‘discipline’ can provide us some great insight here.

Did you have a militaristic experience around discipline/being disciplined?
Were you taught to be good/follow the rules for someone else other than you?

When we rebel against discipline in our later life, this can manifest in our business as procrastination (or ‘laziness’ from resistance).

A New Perspective on Discipline

Let’s choose a new perspective around discipline.

Consider Discipline as something you ‘do’ for yourself – not your parent/teacher/coach/spouse.

Consider Discipline as something that is –

Self loving.
Self nurturing.
In integrity.

Pain Vs. Pleasure

We may tend to avoid/procrastinate when it comes to tasks in our business when it seems too much/too daunting for us. We think that it’s more pleasurable to avoid. Yes – even if we may suffer from pangs of guilt – it seems just easier than confronting what we’re avoiding/numbing against/procrastinating on.

My favourite way to procrastinate (yes … even to this date!) is having a lie down, reading a book, and ‘relaxing’ (it’s in apostrophes because I can’t really relax knowing I’m avoiding something! ;)

One day, everything shifted.

I realised being able to have a lie down, reading, and truly relaxing – knowing that I’ve completed what I required and told myself I would today – was FAR more pleasurable and peaceful. On top of that, feeling IN INTEGRITY (which is one of my core values!) that I stayed true to my word strengthened my confidence in myself – and my ability to relax. 😉

AND – feeling OUT of integrity that I didn’t do what I promised myself I would was more painful.

How can you shift your perspective around what is truly painful and pleasurable when it comes to taking action in your business (even if there’s resistance)? A shift in perspective is often all it takes to shift our energy!

As we worked on this together, my client relaxed into a new paradigm about discipline and moving through procrastination. Later on she reported having her most productive day in weeks! Incredible!!

How will you move through procrastination?

Develop a plan so you know exactly how to respond when you find yourself in that space!

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Much love,
Jia Ni x

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