Jia Ni Teo – Business Intuitive & Soul Abundance Coach

Posted on: February 23, 2013 Category: Health & Wellness

What if you could melt away all your blocks AND manifest every desire you have?


I’m Jia Ni, an intuitive + coach. Ever since I could remember, I was an intuitive, extremely sensitive with energy. I always knew what people were meant to be doing in order to fulfil their life purpose. I could also ‘see’ what was energetically blocking people, what was holding them back, and where they were unaligned and leaking.

Yearning to live a abundant, soulful, purpose-driven life?

Feeling lost, stuckness and frustration that life (and money) isn’t flowing gracefully & easily?

Ready to step up and have your best ever life & health this year?

Today, I work with heart-centered women entrepreneurs (& aspiring entrepreneurs) to …

  • Gain clarity and uncertainty on your life mission and purpose
  • Find the soul abundance spot where passion meets the money
  • Plug up your energetic leaks so that you can manifest all your desires
  • Raise your vibrations to achieve wellness, love, abundance
  • Clear the unconscious blocks that are holding you back

My guess is you’re struggling right now.

You’re experiencing one or more of the symptoms below:

  • Feel like you’re not living your full potential
  • Not clear of your true purpose
  • Unconfident and unsure of your unique gifts and message
  • Feeling scattered and disorganized
  • Unaligned with your higher self
  • Not manifesting at your peak ability
  • Frustrated and blocked in your certain aspects and areas of your life

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