Challenge Yourself to Leap Forward

Posted on: December 4, 2012 Category: Health & Wellness/ Jia Ni Loves

Happy December!

Can you feel the festive energy in the air?

I’m feeling nostalgic as the year draws to a close… In the beginning of 2012, I told myself (and prayed.. countless times): “2011 pretty much ended with everything falling apart. In 2012, everything will be coming back together and it will all make sense once more!”

And it did. It’s been an amazing year.

After meditation one day, I heard myself saying “It’s the last month of 2012. I’m going to milk it more, expand more, and commit to growth, fearlessness, and learning more before we go into 2013!”

Here’s how I’ve been committing to learning and growing.

And how I’ve been attempting to challenge myself!

A Pre Wrap Up Party for 2012

A Daily December Challenge : Yoga Everyday

I’ve embarked on a really fun yoga a day challenge in the name of growth and stretching my limits and comfort zone.

I’ve seen these challenges on Instagram for the past few months and I finally decided this is the month to take my practice up a notch and attempt asanas and poses I’ve never tried out before. So far, so fun!

I will be giving these my best shot! Huzzah! (Follow my journey + cheer me on for my Can-Do Attitude here!)

5 Books This Month Challenge!

High recommend this: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

I’m blessed to have be brought up in a family who places a high value on education. I’m extremely hugely grateful to my parents in this area.

We didn’t get too many holidays abroad, or cool gadgets and gizmos growing up. (However, one thing we had was education.) We’d sit in bookstores for hours and not even realize time fly by. I’ll also never forget my mom saying “Books are an investment not an expense.” Love.

So far I’ve finished reading A New Earth & The Big Leap. We’re only four days into this month so I think I’m pretty good to finish this challenge! Ha!

My favourite books used to those ‘Mr Men and Little Miss’ books (how cute are they?) And now I’m consumed by personal development and spiritual books that promise adventure, wisdom, and knowledge.

Holding Inner Peace While Dealing with Energy Shifts

I made a video for you on how to deal with the current energy shifts that we’re all experiencing. :)

Staying Vibrant : Healthy Vegivore Eats

As a health coach, I truly believe that the extent to which we can grow depends a lot on our physical capacity to allow growth. One of the best ways to expand this capacity is to feed your body well!

I discovered a super hippie and chic organic vegetarian cafe in Malaysia. It was definitely a very exciting moment of my life. Many vegetarian restaurant here sell mock meats and deep fried food which don’t jive with my food philosophy.

Not this one!! This one boasts a huge range of fresh raw goodness as well as warm cooked yummies.

Apart from that, I’ve been enjoying home-cooked deliciousness back at home and cooking up a mini storm for my family. (Lucky them!)

Dreaming & Scheming HUGE Plans for 2013

I’ve printed off my 2013 Incredible Year Planner for Biz + Life!! Get yours HERE. So magical, and I’m gonna write a bit more about this soon – how I’ve used it, what I’ve gotten from it, and how you can make your dreams come true with this baby! Till then, print it off and dive in!

Next year’s going to be mind-blowing awesome!

Happy Healthy Abundant in 6 Weeks eCourse

I’m putting together my FIRST eCourse. It’s going to be HUGE. Super pretty, colourful, and glossy printables and amazing content coming your way!! You can expect it to contain a huge amount of fun content that you can effortlessly use to reach your goals and dreams.

Dreams a-go-go. Optimizing your life to its limitless capacity.

How to get everything you want, and then more.

I expect this to be available to YOU by the end of the year! RAH! I can’t wait to show you!

How are you challenging yourself before the end of the year? What are you going to do to propel yourself forward?

Lots of Love,

P.S. It’s all up to you. Should you choose, you can end the year with fireworks one HUGE explosive “HURRAH!”

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