Let Go & Let God

Posted on: July 17, 2012 Category: Self Mastery

These past few weeks I’ve been holding onto some things and situations very tightly. As a Gemini, it is also a habit of mine to ‘try’ to predict how things will turn out; to expect certain outcomes. (I’m working on improving!)

In a nutshell, I’ve been unwilling to let go.

I know the power of our feelings and thoughts – they shape who we are, our future and our destiny. Since knowing this, I’ve been saturating my mind with positive thoughts and affirmations. I’ve also stopped giving focus or attention to situations that drain me.

The thing is – there are a few thoughts that I struggle to let go. And gosh – it is tiring. It feels like I’m swimming upstream against the flow.

The funny thing is – I KNOW that the Universe can only help us when we surrender to the outcome and trust the process. The Law of Attraction, just like the Law of Gravity, is working all the time. We can only attract to us what we want when there is no resistance (only ease and flow). Looking into the past, I certainly have manifested a lot of experiences into my life when I was completely detached from the outcome. So, when you are holding onto something so tightly and unwilling to let go, you are only creating resistance, and the Law of Attraction cannot work in your favour. You are essentially in your own way.

Image source: Striking Truths

When you give up the need for something to manifest, and just be in the state of knowing/state of happiness, there is flow and ease. In this state, manifestations occur very quickly, and in divine timing.

Thinking exercise

Have you ever chronically thought about something, but had no success in retrieving it? Perhaps you were trying to find something (like a book), and you have cracked your mind open thinking and searching in every possible place – to no success?

And then – you let go and surrender. You give up the need to find it. In your heart, you think “I’ll find it when I find it. Till then.”

What happens NEXT? OF COURSE, manifestation happens. You find the book you were looking for – just as you have let go of the need of finding it (resistance).

So this brings me back to my post title – let go & let God. 

By God I am not referring to a certain religious figure. Rather, I believe that it refers to a higher power/the Universe/your higher Self/your intuition/your spirit/guide/soul – whichever resonates with you.

And just to be clear – when I am talking about letting go, I mean letting go of the emotional struggle and resistance that you are holding onto. I am not talking about letting go and giving up on your dreams/desires!

Today, I want to declare and commit that I will surrender, and make peace with where I am and what I have right now. I welcome the Universe to conspire on my behalf, and I completely trust the process.

Another thing I have realized is that I feel so much more in tuned with my soul when I let go. I feel in a state of knowing, I feel happy, more connected and everything that is happening just seems to .. make sense. I feel very at ease, and I feel that I am being guided to great things. :) Such a beautiful feeling – let’s all strive feel that way most of the time!

Take Action Challenge

  1. Let go of the expectation. Let go of the need to know what happens next. Let go of resistance.
  2. Appreciate the things and miracles we currently have.
  3. Practice the attitude of gratitude. (Say thank you, thank you, thank you for everything we have right now.)
  4. Reminder: There’s no need to worry about “giving up your claim” to the object or experience of your desire, because the Universe knows exactly what you want and has the power to bring it to you.

Cut yourself lose and detach. Grow, expand and just be happy doing something else.

Watch miracles happen to you, for you.

Surrender, let go, let God.

Jia Ni

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  1. Love the message, Jia Ni!
    It’s so true that holding on to things lightly and gently creates much more space for wonderful things to unfold.
    Also, when compared to the energy required to hold on to things rigidly-tightly-fiercely, it just plain feels better!!!
    Great post! xo

    • Jia Ni says:

      Thank you Jess!! Ahh, have to agree that it feels SO MUCH better. And having faith has a magical feeling to it. :) Thanks for dropping by. xxx

  2. Reena Tory says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself! I’ve experienced letting go in the last few weeks and it’s amazing how the universe has opened up – when I got out of the way :) beautiful post. thank you x

  3. Natalia says:

    Hi Jia :)

    Im so happy to have stumbled across your blog. What a bright spark you are! I read about your journey, and it really resonated with me – I, too, was studying veterinary medicine (for the same reasons!) and realized that I wasn’t following my bliss – and am now a v passionate student of health psychology! Also, I was so interested to hear that you lived in Queenstown for a time – that is where I live! We may have even crossed paths in real life and not even known about it… spooky!

    Thank you for another inspiring post – it is very true! Ive added your blog to my reader :)

    Much love and blessings! X

    • Jia Ni says:

      Hey Natalia!

      Thank you lovely! Wow, so grateful to meet you, and know that someone else shares a similar story. I was (and still am) a huge animal lover but when I started going on farm pracs & saw factory farming, my heart broke and I realized I couldn’t go on. Thank you for leaving a comment! So glad you are now following your bliss. Doesn’t life feel SO good now?

      I didn’t live in Queenstown though – I live and always stayed in Perth (Western Australia). :)

      Thank you so much again for following and leaving me a comment. You brought a huge smile to my face!!

      Hope to stay connected with you!

      Much love, Jia Ni xoxo

      • Natalia says:

        Silly me! I missed that it was a guest post (‘Ins and Outs of Affirmations’)! Well, if you ever feel like visiting, it’s a pretty cool place ;)

        I am also a huge animal lover* – but I will have them in my life in ways that don’t involve the politics of Veterinary science. And yes, it feels v good to be true to oneself, and follow a career path that isn’t guided by fears and false feelings of obligation!

        Your comments and blogpost bring a smile to my face, too! So thank you :)

        *Though sadly (and very ironically), Im very allergic to horses, cats and dogs… Im hoping that in adopting a healthier diet, Ill be able to cure myself of these allergies! Your delicious recipes will definitely be included in my widening repertoire :) X

  4. Linda says:

    Accepting and letting go of things we cannot change can be a huge barrier breakdown-positive . Writing a gratitude journal can also help when going through a difficult time. We humans often complicate things more than necessary so letting go and just being but moving forward can bring us further than we ever can if we try.

  5. Jia Ni, you’re absolutely right that we’re on that same wavelength!

    I too have been finding myself in periods of being “stuck” – but fortunately I’ve gained more grace in recognizing that “ego symptom” of trying to control and DO too much rather than simply focus on what’s really important and simply BE me.

    Taking a breath right now…and releasing :).

  6. Renee says:

    Such a timely message as the retrograde is making us look inward. I had to learn this with changing jobs and moving myself more and more to my true calling. Thank you, Jia Ni for the awesome post.

    P.S. I love your graphic. Do you those yourself? They are great pick me ups.

  7. Chelsea Bond says:

    Love this post, Jia! So much positivity and I do also feel a shift in the universe :) So much great energy coming from you and other B-School Babes! :)