How To Let Go & Release Elegantly

Posted on: October 25, 2013 Category: Self Mastery

Working with energetic cycles in the world is one of the things I adore doing and I teach my clients to infuse in their lives and businesses.

With last weekend’s powerfulfull moon energy too, I found myself going into a beautiful space of introspection and ready to release non-serving energies so I can step even more deeply into my beauty & truth now…

I made a video sharing my process on how to let go and release elegantly and gently, so you can receive more alignment and increase your frequency! ;)

1. Lovingly and compassionately look at your life currently.

ACTION STEP: Journal around who you are be-ing.

How do you show up in life & in your business? Who are you choosing to be? Who do you choose to surround yourself with?

2. Be the woman you require to be.

ACTION STEP: Ask yourself, “Who is She?”

What kind of person is she? And of course… “Can I give myself the permission to be her?”

3. Get into alignment with your beauty & truth

ACTION STEP: Let go and release any non-serving energies (elegantly, of course) so you can create space for more beauty, more truth, and more of your desires to enter.


In the comments below, share “What’s ONE thing you require to let go of to be the woman you’re here to become?”

I will do my best to respond to all your comments this week. ;)

Looking forward to feeling into your beauty…

With Love,

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  1. Hi Jai …

    Thanks for the lovely article .. I too felt the moon last week and moved into contemplating letting go .. I need to let go of the need to seek approval … was a powerful realisation .. one that I took to a sunrise on a beautiful beach with a lovely friend and we sang and danced it into being … thanks again .. such an easy flowing read … MM x

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