Life is a Never-ending School

Posted on: September 25, 2012 Category: Self Mastery

Life is a process of growth, expansion and lessons.

I have to admit, there have been many times in my life where I’ve told myself – “I feel like I’ve learnt most of the things to learn in this place and time. What else is there to learn here?” Today, I admit, and I’ve come to realize – that that, is the voice of the ego.

We are enrolled in a life-long, full-time, informal school called life.

Every day, there are lessons to be learnt. There are no mistakes, only lessons. All lessons are to be repeated until it has been acknowledged and learnt.

When I feel like a lesson keeps repeating around me, a situation keeps recurring – I stop, pause, and step back.

What is there to learn here?

What is Life telling me?

There have been a few points in my life where I’ve felt stuck. I feel that I’ve reached my limit, and which (as I  mentioned before) is when the ego starts to kick in. The voice that says, “There are no more lessons to be learnt.”

When that voice speaks, that’s when I start to find myself in a place of stagnation, darkness, and contraction.

Every time I’m in that place, I start to look around, and then realize that there is so much more to learn. So much more to experience, so much more situations and subjects that I have barely even touched. To be honest, I probably never even realized of their existence, because these lesson have been far out of my reach, and I had to learn other things first before I could touch on these subjects.

You’re going to get off course. That’s part of the journey. Just come back to it.

On course, and…whoops. And…back. On course, and…whoa.


-Danielle LaPorte

It’s human to get off track.

But what makes life a journey…

Is feeling the exhillarance of finding yourself once again.

The feeling of empowerment you grant yourself after deciding to come out of self-pity, victim mode.

The feeling of being in the flow again after feeling out of sync.

And that feeling of “I’ve got it! So this is WHY.” – after feeling lost and out of touch with your Self.

Why are you in this world?

Why are you in this situation?

Why are you doing this?

Why are you still here?

The discovery and unraveling of the answers…

That’s life.

Life is a never-ending school. As long as you’re still breathing, you’re still enrolled.


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  1. Brook says:

    Great post Jia Ni! Love it, well written as usual and it’s such a great thing for us all to remember! I totally agree and have just been experiencing frustration in my own life and trying to learn the lessons there too! xoxo

  2. You are SUCH an amazing writer Jia Ni and express your message so clearly that it constantly inspires me to do the same!

    The ego is indeed the source of that feeling of “shouldn’t I know this by now” (a feeling I know all too well), but I’m getting better at allowing spirit and intuition lead me with compassionate curiosity in this ride called life!

  3. Life is the best teacher. The School of Life.

    This year has had the most impact on me. It’s crazy. I DID NOT see myself here a year ago. But a lot of the trials gave me strength to strut out on my own. And I know life will always have a few more curve balls ahead. God-wiling, I’ll always have the strength to build myself stronger.