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Posted on: September 28, 2015 Category: Jia Ni Loves

Happy Monday!

With new projects and exciting plans leading up to the holiday/festive season brewing behind the scenes – I’ve been particularly grateful for the stars of today’s Lighting Me Up post.

So, without further ado, here’s what’s been lighting me up lately!

// The Power of Vision Boarding

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 4.35.10 pm

Recently, I’ve been on Pinterest a fair bit compiling an inspiration board for my upcoming rebrand (I’m so excited to be working on this with my designer and can’t wait to share)!

Inspired to to go through my past pins and refine what are housed on these (vision) boards, I went through each board (as if with a fine tooth comb) and deleted what I’ve already manifested / no longer felt called to manifest in my life — leaving what I still desired to manifest on as well as adding new pins!

It sure feels good to be intentional!

I also squealed in delight to when I realised that I’m the owner of the exact same heels I pinned on my board ages ago!!!

Pinning with intention is now one of my favourite things to do! I dive in wondering: What would I pin (or refine) knowing that whatever I pinned WILL manifest in my life (in some form)? 


// Washi Tape


Last week I picked up some washi tape to pin up my content / blogging calendar (as shared in this post last week) along with my affirmations on the office wall. It has successfully made my corner of the home office a lot brighter and even more inspiring to work in!

Mission: Accomplished.

I also couldn’t resist picking up the soft grey washi tape with little French bulldog and bow prints on it!

// Vinyasa Yoga + Meditation

At the end of every class in Shavasana: A quiet mind. Stillness in my being. An unquantifiable amount of joy flowing through me. 


Yoga is now in my calendar — scheduled well in advance for the entire year. Something about powering down my Macbook after a day’s work and heading off to my favourite Vinyasa class at the local yoga studio … oh-so-very grounding.

Ritualistic, even.

// Bedtime Intentions


I intend to enjoy a night of restorative sleep and wake up refreshed and inspired to live my life. 

I intend to surrender to my higher self and receive the answer to my question. I intend to wake up remembering it clearly and take action easily. 

My bedtime intention is to release any non-serving energies that may be holding me back from living the life I truly desire.

These are examples of some of my bedtime intentions in the past.

The practice of setting bedtime intentions is a powerful one, and it has been gorgeously assisting me incredibly in processing (and releasing) during my unconscious hours!

Other shiny bits lighting me up this week: Being cooked a fancy weekend brunch by the man + weekend Skype calls with Polly + gratitude emails from clients (!) + the weather app promising a whole week of sunshine (and even better – 30°C this upcoming long weekend)!

Over to you: What’s going on in your world? What in your life is lighting you up right now?

Share below!


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  1. Kate says:

    I love Vinyasa Yoga! It’s so great. And the rest of these are all also great ways to foster creativity.