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I’m bouncing back on the blog energized (even more than usual!) —  after the delicious long weekend that just went by.

My tank: Full to the brim. 

Buzzing with creativity and READY to dive back into emails + supporting my clients + creating more content this week … I think it’s only fair I dedicate this post to sharing what’s re-filled my tank during the long weekend! ;)

Here we go:

Sydney Walks


One of my favourite things to do is to explore new places and try new things (although … I can also be one of those people who makes the same thing for breakfast five times a week ;). Oh, polarity. 

I honestly find new experiences effortlessly inspire a state of awe – and don’t you just love that expansive feeling of Oh, wow. Wow wow wow. Just wow. Did I say wow? 

So … A few weeks ago when I stumbled across “26 Sydney Walks That Will Take Your Breath Away“, I immediately forwarded said link to Steve (without hesitation) and announced with gusto that “we be getting our sneakers on this weekend”!

The perfect weekend finally arrived last Saturday and we excitedly trekked to North Head Sanctuary for our first nature walk together in NSW.


Needless to say, it was a HUGE success.

Immersed in nature + epic views + holding hands with the man while simultaneously enjoying the aforementioned two = Fulfilling.

Beach Weather


Yippeee! ‘Beach weather’ says it all.

We headed down to Shelly Beach to max out the 39 degree day with dips in the beautiful salt water + lovely bouts of sea breeze caressing our face + soaking up Vitamin D + a good book + day dreams about living by the sea.

Something about swimming in the sea feels incredibly refreshing + healing.


(I didn’t want to leave!)

Other notables: Out and about taking photos / immortalising sweet memories (cue: ‘Steve! Stop and stand there! Now stand there!’) + a whole Sunday dedicated to cuddling + creative energy + the feeling of having an out-of-this-world immaculate and impeccable home after our housekeeper weaves her magic into the house + re-reading a book for the second time and gaining even more golden insight!

Over to you – what’s lighting YOU up?

Share in the comments below!

A ‘Thank you, Universe.’ is never goes unnoticed and is always followed by ‘You’re welcome. Here’s more!’

Jia Ni x

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  1. Megan says:

    Sounds absolutely delightful Jia Ni, beautiful pics too. Being out in nature always inspires me lovely! Right now, the things that are lighting me up are, new friends, moving, and workshop collaborations! So much fun.
    Thanks for sharing beauty! Xx