Living In Desire (vs. Need)

Posted on: April 26, 2015 Category: Self Mastery

I don’t need it. (I really don’t.)

Guilty of squashing the desire to have more, to be more, to expand into more?

Are you still hearing that voice in there saying “Well, I might not need it, but I sure do desire it …”?

Your desire is there for a reason.

Which brings us to this: There is nothing enlightening about playing small, leaving your desires out of the game, and not living life fully.

When we do not allow ourselves to honour our desires and go for it — we breed resentment in our formula.

Imagine what is possible when you allow yourself to have everything that you desire.
Imagine what you can create and contribute as a woman who says YES to all her desires.

So what do you desire right now?
What is the NEXT burning desire that is calling out to you right now?

You might not need it AND you can make your desire a non-negotiable for you to have.

Instead of letting our desires distill down to the vapours of need … what can you do to allow yourself to step into your desires right now?

Quantum leaps happen when we commit to shortening the timeline and start saying ‘Yes I desire that now’ now.

One of my my top desires is to escape to Europe in July (hello Paris, Ibiza, London)! As I am making it a non-negotiable that I know will happen no matter what, and bathing in the vision of enjoying the European summer with my beautiful friend and lover… the movement forward is happening with so much inspiration, ease, and flow!

This week: I invite you to sit with your list of top 3 desires right now and start embracing them by saying ‘yes’ to them — and then letting inspiration and courage guide you towards taking your next action step!

Much love,

(Photo by Polly Alexandre)

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