End of July Love List

Posted on: July 31, 2012 Category: Jia Ni Loves

It’s end of the month – time for reflection and appreciating all the amazing moments that have been in your life recently. July was a busy month, but busy becomes fun when you are doing the things you love! Here’s a small list of things I love and feel so grateful for!

Love For Travelling

I love travelling. I love exploring new places, experiencing new cultures, connecting with people from different backgrounds. I was so blessed to be able to to travel with my family up north to Carnarvon mid-July. This rekindled my love for the country and my hunger for new adventures. I also remembered that the further away from the city I was, the slower time seemed to pass – it was amazing. I missed travelling so much, and hope to travel more this year!

Have you been exploring new places and things recently?

Sunsets + Nature

I am a huge lover of watching the sun set over the horizon. To me, it signifies the passing of a beautiful day, but with that it promises me the joy of being able to gaze at the stars when night befalls. Sunsets give me a huge sense of peace and happiness! Note to self: No matter how busy it gets, spend time in nature.


Life is simple. We make it seem so complicated. Whale watching at Carnarvon and living in a caravan made me realize that we need so little to be happy. The whale needs only the water. It made me reflect on happiness. And I’ve come to realize that happiness is a choice, it is not a destination and there are no conditions tied to happiness. It is never “when I get this-” or “when this happens-” I will be happy. It is just “I will be happy, right now”. It is a decision which you and only you have the power to make.

Green July Update

I invited everyone to join the Green Smoothie Revolution , to jumpstart your health and wellness through Green July at the beginning of the month. So here’s an update – I made it! I drank green smoothies every single day of July! I was hooked, I had so much energy I was bouncing off the walls. If you knew me you’d know that I usually bounce off walls anyway, which is I never drink coffee (apart from the negative effects of coffee)! I drove for 9 hours without rest from Carnarvon back to Perth with the aid of my trusty Green Smoothie recipe.

Yes – I went travelling up for a week in July, but that didn’t stop me from having my green smoothie daily. So who said you couldn’t be healthy while you traveled? ;) I got my mom hooked onto green smoothies while on the trip too (awesome)!

So how about you? Did you join in for Green July? Even if you didn’t do it daily – the benefits from having green drinks are truly amazing. Share your experiences in the comments below. I’ll definitely be continuing it as my daily morning ritual from now onwards.

Facebook Page

If you haven’t already found your way to Happy Healthy Abundant’s Facebook page, head over there right now and feel free to “like” it! I post little snippets of inspiration, health tips + ideas, and random bits of updates and love. I would be delighted to share and connect with you, hope to see you over there! :)

I hope you had an amazing July. What is ONE word you would use to describe your July? 

Here’s to an even more amazing August!

Much love,
Jia Ni

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  1. You’re so awesome! :)

    I love all of your pretty pictures! Especially the travel and sunset pics! You make me want to get away and spend time in nature!

  2. Ohhhh your photos are gorgeous and gave me goosebumps! And I love the happiness decision part. Such an important reminder for us all. As for Green July, I had a blast and well done for getting your Mum hooked on them too! :-)