The Month That Was August ’12

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In a Nutshell

Exciting opportunities, Creations, Connections.

Scattering The Love

I’ve been so grateful to be blessed with so many opportunities in the month of August. I am honoured to contribute, leave my footprints, and spread my words and love through guest posting and guest interviews.

1. Finding the Courage to Living Out Loud, Starting Now on Tiny Buddha. I talk about how and why we should step out of our comfort zone!

2. 3 Ways to Find Your Inner Child on MindBodyGreen. Time for us to reconnect and nourish our Inner Child.

3. Veggie Interview on Lindsay Loves Veggies. I adore Lindsay, and I absolutely enjoyed sharing my plant-based way of eating + tips for a sustainable, healthy, happy lifestyle.

4. Guest Interview on pip + willow. So honoured to be featured on Rebecca’s beautiful blog!

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

I’ve always been a secretly courageous person – and I believe that you are, too. Have you always peered through the fence, admiring people who are so brave to show who they truly are? Those who are courageous enough to stand up for all that they believe in? And those brave ones who follow their heart relentlessly, and venture into the Unknown?

It is not the mountain that we conquer – but ourselves. 

This month, I finally jumped in and made a video to say “Hi!” to all you lovely people. You can check out the video here – just me being who I am – overly optimistic, slightly silly, and spends a lot of time skipping around in nature.

And thank you for all the lovely comments and feedback about the video. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You inspire me – I truly mean that. You inspire me to step out of my comfort zone, to expand, to grow, and to improve into a better being every single moment.

What is one task outside your comfort zone (that you know you’ll be happy once you’ve done it)? Do it now. You owe it to yourself.

Shedding and Forgiving

Emotional baggage and resistance. August has been quite a roller coaster ride – so many miracles are happening around me, and with that there has also been a lot of old stuff resurfacing. So much to de-clutter to create more space. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting, and a lot of keeping myself in the flow by thinking and visualizing happy thoughts.

This process is definitely always a work in progress. All the time. There is always more things to give love and forgiveness to – if not to yourself, then perhaps to the world.

Forgive those who may have wronged you, for they are the ones who need kindness the most.

And then forgive yourself, for holding onto feelings that do not serve your greater good.

Time Bending

Right now – studying at uni, scheduling coaching sessions, connecting via email and social networking with so many beautiful souls,and writing – uplifts me so much. I really am so in love with life, and so it never feels like work. I would, however, love to find more time next month to hang out with loved ones, more time for elaborate home-cooked-with-love meals, more time to keep the house clean, more time to sit in the sun and read a book without a care in the world.

There have been many moments this month where I have felt divine guidance, and have felt so in the flow. At times like this, I would be able to complete many tasks with much ease. I would love to get more into the flow, and allow time to stretch and bend more so that I accomplish more great things. It feels awesome, and I’d love to master the art of time bending.

I definitely attribute a lot of ‘going with the flow’ to meditating. I’ve been meditating for 15 minutes every morning before leaving home, and it has made a significant difference in my life. On the days I rush through my morning and convince myself I have no time to meditate, the day feels rushed and forced too.

(Unfortunately, this is not where I meditate daily. I usually just meditate on a regular couch, hee.  ;)

I have also started Google Calendar scheduling, and it’s been very helpful (for the most part!). AND I’ve printed off some beautiful ‘Make Magic’ sheets from In Spaces Between (here) to start manifesting more magic! Do you guys have some great time management tips and ideas to share? I need to hear them! :)

Giving Freely

We never know whether today will be our last day here in this physical world. It may be, and it may be not.

So why hold back your brilliance? 

I’ll admit that I used to live with a very closed heart, I used to hold back knowledge, hold back compliments, hold back a little of everything I had.

I’m now embracing living with an open heart.

Giving freely doesn’t scare me anymore. In fact, it feels great. When I’m coaching or writing or talking with someone, I strive to give freely. When I wrote my eBook, I truly gave it all I had and I shared EVERY bit of information I know about manifesting miracles and “Becoming A Miracle Magnet“. I will always give you everything I know – every single bit of knowledge that I have, all my attention, and every ounce of love and positive energy that is within me. Why, you ask? Ain’t I afraid that I’ll run out of things to say in the next article, next coaching session, next video? No content for the next eBook?

No, I’m not.

And that answer is always accompanied with a sense of freedom and grace.

I would love for you to try it, and in doing so – experience a peace and serenity that you never knew existed.

There is more love, more brilliance, more wisdom from where it came from. You are infinitely powerful, and that infinite power that creates worlds is within all of us. It is not limited to anyone – it is for you to access as well. Live with trust, and live in the knowing that when you give freely – and unconditionally – you will always be taken care of. It is Law.

And always remember – The most valuable thing you can ever give to someone is your attention, your time, and your loving thoughts.

I hope you all had a wonderful August!!

In the comments below – What are some of your highlights this month? What are your intentions for September? Share them in the space below and let’s make them happen.

Here’s to an amazing September. ;)

Yours truly,
Jia Ni

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  1. Dani says:

    Jai Ni, Wow honey you have just infused me with a spark of inspiration and so much love! Congratualations on your month it looks like it was quite a journey! I am so happy for you! My highlight this month would have to be amping up my self care and self love. I am going through alot of transition right now and to facilitate this I need to nurture myself! Keep shining honey xoxo

    • Jia Ni says:

      Hey gorge! :)

      Thank you so much – you’re so lovely. It definitely was a sparkly journey. Self care and self love – I adore it! I’m definitely infusing more of self-love into my life right now. Thank you so much for sharing, wishing you a beautiful beautiful September.

      Can’t wait to talk to you this Friday! xxx

  2. Vishnu says:

    Jiani – Congrats on a great August! We do have to take a moment here and there and reflect on our achievements. Still impressed by Tiny Buddha post which really resonated. Good work! August brought getting back to work for after after a 3 month break in Central America, a new job, new goals, new blog posts and new friends!

    Looking forward to reading more to come in the months ahead.

    • Jia Ni says:

      Thank you very much Vishnu! It was definitely a post that was written from the depths of my heart and my soul. (Tears may or may not have been involved. :) Your August sounds like an extremely bright and beautiful beginning. Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures coming up!

      Thanks for dropping by! x

  3. Jia!

    What an exciting and busy month you’ve had :)

    This post is very inspiring – as usual!!

    Keep sharing your wonderful message ;) All the best in Sept!!

  4. Dale says:

    Another great read! You generate happiness and love (just like an artist friend of mine who is totally living her bliss!) My August has been rather difficult as my father is very ill but through it all, I have been working to find my bliss, my inner peace and taking the time to actually enjoy all my experiences. For all we know, we only have one life to live. I want to experience it to the fullest!