Mid-July Love List

Posted on: July 21, 2012 Category: Jia Ni Loves

I’ve been reading and being inspired by so many things around me, as well as so many words and people that surround me today. I wanted to make a love list, to share with you all some of my sources of inspiration lately. I sincerely hope you find some inspiration, and that these blogs and posts will put a SMILE on your face!

Blogs I Love

1. A Life of Perfect Days: A place of inspiration, Connie inspires me to live a life of perfect days.


2. Dream. Delight. Inspire.: I’m a huge dreamer, and this blog will inspire to dream and live your dreams. Kim’s travelling in Europe now so there are heaps of awesome travel posts too!


3. In Spaces Between: This blog is filled with inspiring, amazing , positive vibes and eye candy. Rach recently posted a series of breathtakingly beautiful wedding posts you have to check out!


4. Striking Truths: If you need inspiration, this is the place to go to! You NEED to hop over there, words cannot even begin to describe how great their manifestos are.


5. Such Different Skies: Tara is such a beautiful person inside and out! Her blog is the place to go to for raw, honest, inspiring words.

Posts I Love

  • “When we let go of the reins, the universe is happy to show us the way”. Absolutely loved this post by Bethany on the topic of letting go. 
  • Mercury Retrograde is going on right now (July 14 – August 8). Our internet at home + my mobile network has been going a little bizarre lately. I’ve also been feeling a bit funky in the communication side of things. Galadarling provides an amazing guide on how to survive these tricky times.
  • “All we need to do is surrender.  There are no accidents.  There are no mistakes. Everything is perfect as it is in this moment, in this lifetime, right here, right now.  Nothing that is meant for you will pass you by.” Erin talks about knowing in this beautifully scripted post.
  • Know that it is never too late to do what you want to do in life. This post by Curtis is so profound and inspiring. Head over to be inspired and learn how to take action right now!

Hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend. I’m going to enjoy some family time and sunshine! What are you up to this weekend?

Love and Light,
Jia Ni

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