How To Have More Order (& Experience Less Chaos)

Posted on: November 16, 2013 Category: Self Mastery
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Create a plan

One thing I’ve gotten more deeply this week is this: ‘Where there is no order, there is chaos.’

Sometimes we resist creating order, structure, and plans – they seem boring, too masculine, and even restrictive.

Yet to have both the feminine and masculine aspects integrated is essential in all areas of life.

This week, I invite you to explore which areas in your life are in order – and which are in disorder or chaos.

What area of your life or business feels chaotic right now?

Remember that what you allow will persist.

Are you allowing order – or chaos?

Allow yourself to infuse more order and you’ll experience a sense of freedom and support – so that you can show up more fully.

How To Have More Order (& Experience Less Chaos)

1. Dissolve the dauntingness

Our minds often blow things out of proportion and make things seem more daunting that they truly are. Dissolve the dauntingness by actually sitting down and looking at what truly has to be done.

Action Step: De-clutter your mind by putting pen to paper. Write down everything you require to complete (bonus points if you also write out all the mental to-dos that you’ve stored in your mind). Let it all flow out on a beautiful piece of paper (or two).

2. Create a plan and structure

Chaos exists where there is no order. Creating structure and plans will not only assist you to feel more supported, you’ll also feel much more at ease and you’ll be able to enjoy being in your feminine.

Action Step: Chunk things down into bite-sized actionables and create a plan or schedule them in. You will find that it actually takes much less time than you originally thought it would!

3. Infuse the energy of agreement

The energy of commitment and being in agreement  is a gorgeous empowering masculine energy that we can all benefit from.

Action Step: Commit and agree to carrying out the plan you’ve created. Stay on task and enjoy completion and order!

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  1. Brandy B. says:

    I’ve been resisting making updates to my website and this is exactly the motivation I need to get started! :D