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Posted on: August 23, 2012 Category: Jia Ni Loves

Hello, hello!!

How are you? Hope you’re having a fantastic day today because I’m so thrilled to announce some exciting news!

I’m officially launching my eBook “Becoming a Miracle Magnet”!!!

I’m so stoked to share with you this little treasure of mine. I’ve been so inspired by the everyday miracles that have been happening to me recently that I had to take a closer look at “what I was doing differently“, compared to what I was doing before.

Why I wrote it

This year has been the best year yet, and it’s not even over! I’ve never been happier, my life has been filled with so much happiness and love. Amazing people, opportunities and situations keep showing up in my life. I am beyond grateful (and have been shedding many tears of joy – yes for real!!!).

This led me to reflect upon what I have been doing differently this year (compared to the last, and the last..)

Do you ever feel that life is a constant struggle, an upstream, or like you have to push & force things to happen? 

That was my life for the past 3 years, and probably as far as I can remember! This eBook documents ALL the lessons I have learnt in those years, and I truly share everything I know about manifesting and attracting more magic + miracles into our lives in this eBook.

Why? Because everybody deserves to live a magical, miracle-filled life. That is how it is supposed to be!

I truly believe this is a world of abundance – we can achieve all our dreams and doing so does NOT deprive someone else. Therefore, here are ALL my secrets typed up in a neat little eBook.

Just for you!!! :)

Feedback & Praises

Jia Ni owns a wisdom far beyond her years and I absolutely adore her message. It serves as a gentle reminder for us all to adopt a deep, blanketing faith and to turn around an face inward.”

Tara Bliss | Blogger 



“In signature Jia Ni style, Becoming a Miracle Magnet plays out like a long conversation with your best friend – loaded with wisdom, insight and understanding, and wrapped up with a gentle soul-hug. You know that glorious feeling? Delivered. By the truckload.

Jia Ni’s gift is supporting women and guiding them towards their truth, and after reading her dazzling offering I was reminded that magic is something we make. A truly gorgeous book, every word a gem.”

Rachel Magahy | Writer, Digital Strategist and Creator of In Spaces Between


“Becoming a Miracle Magnet is a delightful little nugget of joy and positivity! It is packed with easy to understand, actionable ways to become a miracle worker in your own life. Jia Ni’s love and positivity are infectious and leap off the page right into your heart.

So many snippets from the book have become daily affirmations for me. They are all over my house on little bits of paper – bathroom mirror, bedside, office desk – to remind me that miracles are happening RIGHT NOW!

Thank you, Jia Ni, for gently guiding me back to the place where amazing things happen.”

Vari Longmuir | Online branding + graphic design expert

Read more praises here!


Are you ready for more magic in your life?

If you said YES – then this eBook is for you!!

Buy Now

For a limited time – Get it now for $5

You can also find out more about “Becoming a Miracle Magnet” here.


All my love,
Jia Ni

P/S: If you’ve read the eBook, I’d love to hear from you! Please email me at if you have any queries/comments!!

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    Hi Hun,

    I am reading this at the moment and LOVE it! Can’t wait to chat Friday xxx