My Top 5 Essentials In Business & Life

Posted on: April 29, 2014 Category: Jia Ni Loves

I’ve decided to take a different spin on things today.

This week I wanted to take a more behind-the-scenes approach to things, sharing my top 5 essentials that keep me focused, grounded, and in alignment.

If you’ve ever wondered how to keep things simple while still living a beautiful life, this post will shed some light on my personal take on the subject…


Beauty Sleep

I once had a discussion with one of my girlfriends, where I revealed I love going to bed at 9pm, sleep for 8-10 hours, and wake up early when I can. Upon hearing this, she said “Oh, it all makes sense now… No wonder you’re always so full of energy.”

Carving out time for purposeful rest – on a comfy soft bed, of course – is one of my biggest requirements.

I swear on beauty sleep as one of my top productivity boosters and (not-so) secrets!

A Spiritual Basis

Having a deep spiritual basis in life and business is something that grows more important to me daily.

It’s trusting my instinct, following my heart/gut in decisions, saying a prayer, setting an intention, trusting trusting trusting.

Living an inspired, intentional life has supported me in making the best decisions, letting go of attachments, and living a much happier life.


“You need to go for a run.” is one thing I get told (quite a lot, actually) when people around me sense I’m getting unsettled.

Anything from too much excitement to frustration/impatience … gets a ‘please go for a run now’ – which is code for put on your running shoes and head to the gym downstairs so you can get back into your centre!

I love it. Movement (especially running) somehow gets me out of over-thinking, back into my body and back into feeling.

A Beautiful & Positive Environment

Being a creative person I can get in (way too many) spurs of the moments – leaving half-attempted projects lying around while I move on to the next thing … before returning upon previous projects when inspired! That being said, being a visually oriented person also means beauty and neatness is top on my value list.

It’s been life-changing for me to surround myself with the positive and beautiful – in terms of people and things.

Currently on my desk? An inspiring and beautiful vision board, love notes from clients, oracle cards – all contributing positive vibes to my life.

Desire & Vision

Whether it’s my desire to be travelling to Paris next June, or knowing that I’ll reward myself with a luxurious day of shopping and style after hitting my goals, having a desire that makes my heart go “YES PLEASE!” drives me to move forward continually.

This is also why I always begin with desire and vision when working with clients.

What’s the ultimate desire – the big vision?

If you can identify it, you can have it.

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