No shortage of success

Posted on: April 12, 2017 Category: Business & Entrepreneurship

No shortage of success

On Thursday I held our FIRST Facebook LIVE training for our Easeful Course members.

It was all about Advanced Mastery of the Abundance Mindset.

(Because it all starts with mindset — and having a beautiful nourishing mindset makes action much more leveraged. ;))

Anyway, I feel really called to share a piece from our training with you!

Most of us have a wonderful abundance mindset that says –
There is no shortage of demand.
There’s enough clients, money, work out there for all of us.
There are 7 billion people in this world who are seeking to improve their lives (and you can help).

And there’s a deeper — more advanced — level we can go to.
I love depth.
I love mastery.
So where there’s an invitation to dive deeper, sign me up! (Hehe.)

The next level is this — there is no shortage of success.

What that looks like:
It is safe for you to share your success.
It is safe for you not to feel like you have to dim your light, or hide.
You being wildly successful in no way diminishes the success available to others.
And when it feels right, it is safe for you to share your resources because you are unique and there is enough success to go around for everyone.

See how much more spacious and expansive that feels?

I truly believe that we can ALL be successful, in our own domain & doing what we love in our own way.

There’s enough success out there for everyone — for you.

So go create and celebrate and revel in and share your success.

You can still join Easeful and access the full training, and we are also running another business-focused training next week!

Much love

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