Manifesting My Dream Home

Posted on: February 22, 2017 Category: Lifestyle/ Self Mastery

Manifesting my dream home

At the end of 2016, my man and I sat down for our annual visioning session. (Me with a mega-watt smile, him more reluctantly. Hehe.)

What it involves: We write, create, and share our individual visions for the year + beyond – as well as co-create our shared/couple’s vision together. (Game changing – highly recommend regular visioning sessions with your partner.)

During this process on that fine December afternoon, the energy of our dream home emerged beautifully.

Naturally, organically, and oh-so distinctively.

Little did we know that, within 2 weeks, she would be ours.

Our gorgeous dream home with ocean views… (and of course, dogs allowed)!;)

A little story of how it all came to be…

I always loved being by the sea.

For some reason, the seaside always feels like home.

(Growing up in the concrete jungle of KL, I never really understood why. To be honest, I still don’t. I’ve learnt to just embrace it!)

My love for the ocean grew exponentially when I moved to Australia almost 10 years ago.

If you’ve seen Australian beaches, I think you would understand why!

They’re something out of this world:

The fine white sand.
The most delicious sun.
The most refreshing, crystal clear turquoise waters.

Living by the beach became a vision of mine.

Creating and living my vision is something that I have a huge thing for. It’s a bit of an obsession! :P  It’s something I coach my clients through every single day, and when vision turns to reality … it’s really magical!

There’s a good story behind every good manifestation – and I’ll share the story of exactly how we manifested our dream home in an upcoming post (keep an eye out)!

Today, I’m here to share the very simple formula we used to make our dreams a reality.

Fortune favours the clear-minded.

During our visioning sesh, we got super clear on what we wanted: brand new, with balcony, ocean views, pets allowed, lots of natural light, dedicated study room, lots of space, fits our price range etc. I even had marble bench tops in the list! (I thought it was a big of a fantasy – but guess what, marble bench tops was exactly what the Universe delivered too!)

Create a vision with soul (and stick to it).

While we had a few options show up in the interim they didn’t fit the vision (see step 1). We chose to stick to our list – and we ultimately got exactly what we desired! Oh, goals with soul are much more easeful! Ahhh.

Take action.

We drove to different beaches in Sydney, laid on the sands of Bondi/Manly/every beach you could think of to try on for size, lived like a local for the day… We scheduled viewings, reached out to different agents, and so on! Actions allows you to meet the Universe half way!

Follow through with trust.

When we found the apartment that ticked all our boxes, we followed through. We made the decision to say ‘yes!’ (quickly) and went through with it (even if there were all kinds of nerves and butterflies and OMG moments)! There’s a huge element of trust that we made the right decision!

Whatever your dream is… if you can dream it you can create a version of it in your life.

Hold your vision close to you, and know that if it’s a goal/dream/vision with soul – it is inevitable that you will receive it.

This year truly brings with it a bountiful energy of exciting, new possibilities. Along with it, a huge element of trusting.

Trusting in your power.
You are a powerful Creator.

Trusting in the speed at which Life is flowing right now.
You are exactly where you need to be right now.

Trusting in yourself.
You are making the right decisions.

Jia Ni x

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How to Stop Procrastinating in Your Business

Posted on: February 7, 2017 Category: Business & Entrepreneurship/ For Coaches

How to Stop Procastinating in Your Business

One of my clients asked me during a coaching session, ‘I procrastinated and didn’t get a lot done this week. How do you avoid procrastinating?’

What a great question!

In business, we don’t always have conventional deadlines. Being able to set our own deadlines and manage ourselves becomes a really essential trait to have as an entrepreneur who’s here to create impact and do what you love for a living.

I could hear my client feeling frustrated at herself. And guilty. That she didn’t get much done because she ‘got stuck procrastinating’. Instead of getting work done, her hours were spent scrolling mindlessly on Facebook/Instagram, watching TV, reading and ‘lazing around’.

(Sometimes when we resist work, it’s also burn out/fatigue manifesting or even not setting realistic and achievable goals for ourselves and thereby setting ourselves up for failure – however in this case, we’ll be focusing on getting through pure resistance from procrastination).

Note: PUSHING through procrastination like it’s a block to be busted with sheer will and force isn’t what I recommend. It *might* work temporarily, but it can also lead to exhaustion and feeling depleted. We’ve all been there, right?

Exploring Your Idea on Discipline (& Obedience)

When we didn’t get our work done in school, our parents/teachers would discipline us. When we weren’t performing optimally (or slacking off ;), we would get disciplined as children. Exploring your ideas around ‘discipline’ can provide us some great insight here.

Did you have a militaristic experience around discipline/being disciplined?
Were you taught to be good/follow the rules for someone else other than you?

When we rebel against discipline in our later life, this can manifest in our business as procrastination (or ‘laziness’ from resistance).

A New Perspective on Discipline

Let’s choose a new perspective around discipline.

Consider Discipline as something you ‘do’ for yourself – not your parent/teacher/coach/spouse.

Consider Discipline as something that is –

Self loving.
Self nurturing.
In integrity.

Pain Vs. Pleasure

We may tend to avoid/procrastinate when it comes to tasks in our business when it seems too much/too daunting for us. We think that it’s more pleasurable to avoid. Yes – even if we may suffer from pangs of guilt – it seems just easier than confronting what we’re avoiding/numbing against/procrastinating on.

My favourite way to procrastinate (yes … even to this date!) is having a lie down, reading a book, and ‘relaxing’ (it’s in apostrophes because I can’t really relax knowing I’m avoiding something! ;)

One day, everything shifted.

I realised being able to have a lie down, reading, and truly relaxing – knowing that I’ve completed what I required and told myself I would today – was FAR more pleasurable and peaceful. On top of that, feeling IN INTEGRITY (which is one of my core values!) that I stayed true to my word strengthened my confidence in myself – and my ability to relax. 😉

AND – feeling OUT of integrity that I didn’t do what I promised myself I would was more painful.

How can you shift your perspective around what is truly painful and pleasurable when it comes to taking action in your business (even if there’s resistance)? A shift in perspective is often all it takes to shift our energy!

As we worked on this together, my client relaxed into a new paradigm about discipline and moving through procrastination. Later on she reported having her most productive day in weeks! Incredible!!

How will you move through procrastination?

Develop a plan so you know exactly how to respond when you find yourself in that space!

Are you ready to be driven by inspiration & feel energised in your business?

I’ve created an audio training just for you.

Sometimes we might feel a little discouraged in business (whether as a result or procrastination – or when things aren’t going the way we want them to).

Register for free here:

Business and entrepreneurship is a long game, and what if you could turn discouragement into inspired success?

Knowing how to fuel yourself with internal drivers (and not relying on external circumstances – although those are lovely too) can help us create a long-lasting, sustainable business that is successful and here to stay.

Click here to register your place on the call now.

I know you can do it!

Much love,
Jia Ni x

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The Energy of 2017

Posted on: February 5, 2017 Category: Self Mastery

The Energy of 2017 - Jia Ni Teo | Business CoachHey lovely,

Happy Lunar New Year!

Reading into the energy going on at the moment, there’s a collective energy of decluttering…

A refinement energy… Can you feel it? :-)

A gorgeous energy and invitation of conscious choosing in 2017.

Today – I invite us to bring a new level of questioning into our awareness.

“How can I make life more EASEFUL for me?”

(My new favourite word. EASE-FUL. Ahhhh.)

For my fellow entrepreneurs, “How can you make your business systems work better for you? More easeful?”

Take a look at your wardrobe, home, finances, business, relationships, purpose, health & lifestyle, even your vision board.

Is there anything that’s there – just occupying space?
Is there anything that’s there – that no longer sparks joy?
Is there anything that’s there – that’s calling out for refinement so that it *clicks* again?

Can you choose to let go of – and refine – those things, so that you can embrace and bring into your life more of what feels fun & supportive?

The last week has seen me choosing to let go of certain pieces in my life/business that no longer spark joy – so that I can let more of what is joyful in.

Here’s to … Letting joy lead you this 2017.

Feeling every ounce of that juicy joy in your body.

And creating an abundance of joy in your life.

Jia Ni x

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2016 Learnings, Shifts, Growth Opportunities & Celebrations

Posted on: January 20, 2017 Category: Self Mastery

2016 Year in Review

It’s been 5 years since I’ve been blogging and coaching, and since 2012 I’ve loved wrapping up the year with a year in review (also, 2014 & 2015).

I find it really fun (and quite enlightening) to read back on these posts and see what I’ve integrated over the years. I hope wherever you’re at, this post gives you inspiration and insight to your current journey!

Coming Full Circle… 

During a healing session I received this week, I was told that I’ve integrated the teaching, medicine and lessons from my guides (and new ones are coming through – bringing new teachings, opportunities, and learnings)! In 2016, lots of things felt like they’ve come full circle, things that I’ve been trying to ‘figure out’ for years suddenly clicked & made total sense. :-)

Let’s dive in!

My words for 2016 // Generosity, Inner Peace, Love

Choosing word/s for the year is always a intuitive visioning + body sense process…

Each word I chose for 2016 felt like it struck a chord deep within me (and gave me goosebumps every time I tuned in) – and looking back, the year absolutely embodied the energy of inner peace, generosity and love. More below!

1 // Self Trust

Trusting myself – first and foremost, and finally – has opened up a whole new way of being for me. Of course I knew that ‘I trust myself’, but 2016 marked the year where a deeper sense of self trust emerged. I trusted me before others, and I trusted myself with the final say when decision making. I felt less conflicted and swayed by other people’s opinions. I trusted myself to let how I feel, my intuition, my vision – lead all of my decisions in 2016.

It’s changed the way I coach clients, too! One of the big skills I now incorporate into every coaching session with my client is building this self-trust muscle. The result? They are able to make incredible, heart-led decisions in their businesses on their own between sessions! How does it get more empowering than that? 😉

2 // Dismantling the barrier

I confess that I used to let admiration and respect lead to placing someone on a pedestal. In 2016 I really ‘got it’ that when we place someone on a pedestal – the only way they can go is down.

Because no one is perfect. Flaws are human. And when we put someone on a pedestal we see them as perfect – inhuman – they can do no wrong. Until they do. And then the awe and admiration immediately turns to anger, disappointment or disgust – or a combination of other negative emotions!

Are you putting someone on a pedestal in your romantic relationship, with coaches/mentors, friendships or elsewhere? Here’s to us dismantling the barriers, dropping the veils of illusion, and just seeing one another as normal (fellow) human beings.

3 // Deep communication

At the start of 2016 I felt deeply that one of my big lessons for the year was to be able to communication deeply with my beloved. And that was exactly what I received throughout 2016 …

I learnt to communicate my needs (even if it felt vulnerable and illogical and made me go ‘what am I even thinking?’), my expectations without attachment of him fulfilling them (… still a work in progress!), and embracing direct communication without the hinting/beating around the bush/why have you not read my ‘subtle’ body language and signals act.

Much easier! That said, deep DEEP appreciation that partnership/communication is a two-way street, and my love and I both are committed to doing our very best, every moment. I love commitment, and love, and acceptance. And dreaming, visioning, co-creating our life together. We even did a little 2017 vision and goal setting session together over the Christmas break – so powerful!

Side note: A wonderful client also introduced the book Attached to me which taught me all about attachment styles. Also really eye-opening read for me when it came to communicating with others (especially if they’ve got a different attachment style).

4 // Embracing minimalism & investing in quality

I’m one of those people who could look for the ‘perfect’ pair of shoes for 2-3 months over multiple shopping day trips before settling on a pair. When I was a little girl and my shoes needed to be replaced, my mum would bring me to shop after shop filled with at least 20-30 different pairs/options of shoes in each store – and after looking at each one – I’d say ‘My shoe isn’t here’. She would say ‘You’ve looked at hundreds of shoes today, you should be able to find one!!!’ Bless my mum! Sorry Mum! But none of those shoes *felt* right, and they didn’t match the shoe in my vision!

I’d often feel really guilty. How hard is it to find a pair of shoes? (Or chunk of crystal? Or bag? Or cutlery set?) Why am I so ‘picky’ – and *gasp* I’m so difficult!

I can count with my ten fingers the number of items I’ve chosen to invest in over the year of 2016. Each one I knew would greatly support me, my future & who I am committed to being. My closet is smaller, and every item is something that I *love* and cherish (and last way longer!). I can count the number of friends that I keep in touch with regularly, and they’re the most genuine and supportive people I know. We own less things, and each one is of quality and what I really really chose to have. More of this please! 😉

5 // Goals with SOUL + ALIGNMENT

The old way of setting goals for me: Think it up in my mind + infuse a little soul.

The new way of setting goals for me: Feeling in my body what is truly meant for me & my soul at this time + think up an action plan with my mind.

Such a simple shift – such a massive positive difference.

6 // Giving myself SPACE

I’m pretty driven. I can relate to being ambitious. I have lots of goals awaiting me. And I am also really prone to burn out/fatigue/feeling depleted. In fact, I was really burnt out in 2015 – so 2016 was the year of working more efficiently. (I even did a training call about this in late 2016 – register here for your free instant access).

My calendar today is filled with SPACE.
My weekends? Space.
My evenings? Space.
Space to rest, to dream, to receive, to create.

More creativity, more flow, and more ease as a result. :-)

7 // Be confident in the way you do ____________ (love, money, career, relationships, health, spirituality, etc.)

In 2016 I really learnt this: When I am confident with how I do something, I no longer feel triggered by others. I no longer feel the need to justify/defend, or feel conflicted internally about my own choices.

In 2016, I really *got* this on such a deep level. Such a theme about integration throughout the year!!

As inner peace was a BIG word for me for how I desired to feel in the year – it made so much sense that this came up! This lesson allowed me to relax and stay in my own power and do things MY OWN WAY. I didn’t feel any need to play keep up, compare. There was just PEACE. In feeling so at peace, I was able to create more of what I truly desired in the most easeful way.

8 // 100% in my own energy. 100% on my own path.

Oh 2016, you taught me so much about being 100% in my own energy. When I am fully in my own energy, focused on my own path, I just be/do/enjoy/create what I truly desire. Competition doesn’t exist, nor does fear/anxiety/paranoia.

I now know that when I am feeling off and unaligned, it’s mostly because I’m not 100% in my energy and on my own path. I’ve probably gone off to be in someone else’s energy, or let their energy occupy my energetic space. And all I got to do is to take my focus and loving attention back to me!

Noteworthy mentions: Some of my favourite experiences in 2016!

Swimming with sea turtles, Pangkor Laut Resort, peaceful prosperity throughout the year, canyoning in the Blue Mountains, recovering fully from burn out and fatigue, incredible 6 month package clients (and also clients that I’ve now been working with for over a year!), visiting mum and dad in KL (and feeling spoilt with food), working with my fantastic coach, the generosity I’ve received over the year, ocean swims, doggy cuddles and walks, new friends + old friends, and feeling really confident about how I do my own life.

How was 2016 for you?

What were you favourite – and BIG lessons of the year? I’d love to hear from you. ❤️

I’d also love to share a powerful process I use at the start of every year is my Visioning & Planning Process. Click here to download it for FREE!

Much love,
Jia Ni

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