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Posted on: January 20, 2017 Category: Self Mastery

2016 Year in Review

It’s been 5 years since I’ve been blogging and coaching, and since 2012 I’ve loved wrapping up the year with a year in review (also, 2014 & 2015).

I find it really fun (and quite enlightening) to read back on these posts and see what I’ve integrated over the years. I hope wherever you’re at, this post gives you inspiration and insight to your current journey!

Coming Full Circle… 

During a healing session I received this week, I was told that I’ve integrated the teaching, medicine and lessons from my guides (and new ones are coming through – bringing new teachings, opportunities, and learnings)! In 2016, lots of things felt like they’ve come full circle, things that I’ve been trying to ‘figure out’ for years suddenly clicked & made total sense. :-)

Let’s dive in!

My words for 2016 // Generosity, Inner Peace, Love

Choosing word/s for the year is always a intuitive visioning + body sense process…

Each word I chose for 2016 felt like it struck a chord deep within me (and gave me goosebumps every time I tuned in) – and looking back, the year absolutely embodied the energy of inner peace, generosity and love. More below!

1 // Self Trust

Trusting myself – first and foremost, and finally – has opened up a whole new way of being for me. Of course I knew that ‘I trust myself’, but 2016 marked the year where a deeper sense of self trust emerged. I trusted me before others, and I trusted myself with the final say when decision making. I felt less conflicted and swayed by other people’s opinions. I trusted myself to let how I feel, my intuition, my vision – lead all of my decisions in 2016.

It’s changed the way I coach clients, too! One of the big skills I now incorporate into every coaching session with my client is building this self-trust muscle. The result? They are able to make incredible, heart-led decisions in their businesses on their own between sessions! How does it get more empowering than that? 😉

2 // Dismantling the barrier

I confess that I used to let admiration and respect lead to placing someone on a pedestal. In 2016 I really ‘got it’ that when we place someone on a pedestal – the only way they can go is down.

Because no one is perfect. Flaws are human. And when we put someone on a pedestal we see them as perfect – inhuman – they can do no wrong. Until they do. And then the awe and admiration immediately turns to anger, disappointment or disgust – or a combination of other negative emotions!

Are you putting someone on a pedestal in your romantic relationship, with coaches/mentors, friendships or elsewhere? Here’s to us dismantling the barriers, dropping the veils of illusion, and just seeing one another as normal (fellow) human beings.

3 // Deep communication

At the start of 2016 I felt deeply that one of my big lessons for the year was to be able to communication deeply with my beloved. And that was exactly what I received throughout 2016 …

I learnt to communicate my needs (even if it felt vulnerable and illogical and made me go ‘what am I even thinking?’), my expectations without attachment of him fulfilling them (… still a work in progress!), and embracing direct communication without the hinting/beating around the bush/why have you not read my ‘subtle’ body language and signals act.

Much easier! That said, deep DEEP appreciation that partnership/communication is a two-way street, and my love and I both are committed to doing our very best, every moment. I love commitment, and love, and acceptance. And dreaming, visioning, co-creating our life together. We even did a little 2017 vision and goal setting session together over the Christmas break – so powerful!

Side note: A wonderful client also introduced the book Attached to me which taught me all about attachment styles. Also really eye-opening read for me when it came to communicating with others (especially if they’ve got a different attachment style).

4 // Embracing minimalism & investing in quality

I’m one of those people who could look for the ‘perfect’ pair of shoes for 2-3 months over multiple shopping day trips before settling on a pair. When I was a little girl and my shoes needed to be replaced, my mum would bring me to shop after shop filled with at least 20-30 different pairs/options of shoes in each store – and after looking at each one – I’d say ‘My shoe isn’t here’. She would say ‘You’ve looked at hundreds of shoes today, you should be able to find one!!!’ Bless my mum! Sorry Mum! But none of those shoes *felt* right, and they didn’t match the shoe in my vision!

I’d often feel really guilty. How hard is it to find a pair of shoes? (Or chunk of crystal? Or bag? Or cutlery set?) Why am I so ‘picky’ – and *gasp* I’m so difficult!

I can count with my ten fingers the number of items I’ve chosen to invest in over the year of 2016. Each one I knew would greatly support me, my future & who I am committed to being. My closet is smaller, and every item is something that I *love* and cherish (and last way longer!). I can count the number of friends that I keep in touch with regularly, and they’re the most genuine and supportive people I know. We own less things, and each one is of quality and what I really really chose to have. More of this please! 😉

5 // Goals with SOUL + ALIGNMENT

The old way of setting goals for me: Think it up in my mind + infuse a little soul.

The new way of setting goals for me: Feeling in my body what is truly meant for me & my soul at this time + think up an action plan with my mind.

Such a simple shift – such a massive positive difference.

6 // Giving myself SPACE

I’m pretty driven. I can relate to being ambitious. I have lots of goals awaiting me. And I am also really prone to burn out/fatigue/feeling depleted. In fact, I was really burnt out in 2015 – so 2016 was the year of working more efficiently. (I even did a training call about this in late 2016 – register here for your free instant access).

My calendar today is filled with SPACE.
My weekends? Space.
My evenings? Space.
Space to rest, to dream, to receive, to create.

More creativity, more flow, and more ease as a result. :-)

7 // Be confident in the way you do ____________ (love, money, career, relationships, health, spirituality, etc.)

In 2016 I really learnt this: When I am confident with how I do something, I no longer feel triggered by others. I no longer feel the need to justify/defend, or feel conflicted internally about my own choices.

In 2016, I really *got* this on such a deep level. Such a theme about integration throughout the year!!

As inner peace was a BIG word for me for how I desired to feel in the year – it made so much sense that this came up! This lesson allowed me to relax and stay in my own power and do things MY OWN WAY. I didn’t feel any need to play keep up, compare. There was just PEACE. In feeling so at peace, I was able to create more of what I truly desired in the most easeful way.

8 // 100% in my own energy. 100% on my own path.

Oh 2016, you taught me so much about being 100% in my own energy. When I am fully in my own energy, focused on my own path, I just be/do/enjoy/create what I truly desire. Competition doesn’t exist, nor does fear/anxiety/paranoia.

I now know that when I am feeling off and unaligned, it’s mostly because I’m not 100% in my energy and on my own path. I’ve probably gone off to be in someone else’s energy, or let their energy occupy my energetic space. And all I got to do is to take my focus and loving attention back to me!

Noteworthy mentions: Some of my favourite experiences in 2016!

Swimming with sea turtles, Pangkor Laut Resort, peaceful prosperity throughout the year, canyoning in the Blue Mountains, recovering fully from burn out and fatigue, incredible 6 month package clients (and also clients that I’ve now been working with for over a year!), visiting mum and dad in KL (and feeling spoilt with food), working with my fantastic coach, the generosity I’ve received over the year, ocean swims, doggy cuddles and walks, new friends + old friends, and feeling really confident about how I do my own life.

How was 2016 for you?

What were you favourite – and BIG lessons of the year? I’d love to hear from you. ❤️

I’d also love to share a powerful process I use at the start of every year is my Visioning & Planning Process. Click here to download it for FREE!

Much love,
Jia Ni

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A Very Merry December Coaching Special

Posted on: December 21, 2016 Category: For Coaches

Dear heart-centered, freedom-loving coach / healer / creative woman entrepreneur,

I’ve got some VERY exciting news for you today!

This is the time of the year when we start:

  • Thinking about our goals for the next year, including what it is we are deeply yearning to bring forth (whether it’s a launch in business, develop a new offering/product/program, book in and create impact for a certain number of clients, or make a certain amount of income per month to fund our dreams/vision)
  • We also start wondering how we can experience our goals – who we require to BE, what we require to DO, and what kind of structure and support we require in place for the entire journey to be one of EASE and ALIGNMENT

Do you have the support, structure, and accountability you feel you require to CREATE & EXPERIENCE your own 2017 goals?

One of my favourite gifts is to invest in my own transformation for the next year!

I’d love to support you in 2017 – and to make it as easy as possible, I’ve opened up 5 spots for A Very Merry December Coaching Special!!

Do you feel:

  • Burnt out from operating in overdrive or overworking
  • Overwhelmed by a mountain of to-dos
  • Lack of clarity (unsure where to begin, what your message is or like you have a million things you could be doing and unsure where to even start!)
  • A battle or struggle with self-worth when it comes to your pricing, packaging, or launching new offerings
  • Confused about what to do on a daily basis to book clients and make an impact with your work
  • Paralyzed by fear and stuck in inaction


During our coaching sessions and work together, you’ll:

  • Create a business that feels really aligned and one you really love (think: messaging that feels authentic and fun, packages and pricing you are excited about, ideal clients you book with ease and who love working with you – and vice versa)
  • Dissolve limiting blocks and beliefs that may be draining you or holding you back from your goals
  • Align with your income and money goals
  • Launch new programs, offerings, and projects with confidence
  • Access and trust your own business guidance
  • Be accountable in implementing and taking action, inspired, and establish consistency in your business

Sound good? :-)


A Verry Merry Christmas Special

A Very Merry December Coaching Special

Just 5 ONE spot remaining – to start in January


A comprehensive welcome packet
2 x 120 minute coaching intensives over Skype
Access to business foundations workbooks (branding, pricing + packaging, time management)
Access to my new program on income + money goals
Unlimited email coaching support



Click here to secure your spot!

Ready? I’m so thrilled and excited to be working with you personally. I know how powerful 1:1 support is (the personalized attention and feedback on your work, really having someone know your business/why you do what you do inside and out, and having weekly accountability and support in creating your goals). I can’t wait to work with you! Click here to book in your coaching and I’ll be in touch shortly with everything you need to get started.

Questions? Please feel free to email me here with the subject line “A Very Merry December Coaching Special” and I’ll get back to your questions as soon as I can!

Jia Ni x

P.S: Know someone who might love and benefit from coaching, and this special? Feel free to share this with them. 

P.P.S: Let’s consider The Gift of Transformation (and investing in yourself) for a moment. Even if you don’t choose to invest in this coaching package, how can you invest in yourself this holiday season? Something truly incredible opens up when we say YES to our goals, dreams, and vision – so if there’s one thing you can do for yourself this holiday, consider how you can invest in your dreams – and then take action! I’ll still be cheering you on from here! ;)

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Holiday season ease & peace (yes – it’s possible!)

Posted on: December 12, 2016 Category: Self Mastery

I used to feel so much angst and stress during the holiday season.

The rush, the self-inflicted pressure to make sure everything was in place perfectly to welcome in a new year.

The (hello again) self-inflicted pressure to make sure this precious season was filled with quality moments.

And before I knew it – it was all over.

In the midst of the rush, the entire 2 weeks had flown by, now beyond my grasp.

In the midst of playing keep up, I had missed the opportunity to carve out space for what’s truly important – to me.

I was so swept up last year that I only started writing down my goals and intentions for the year in late January/early February. (Of course, better late than never! But most importantly – it didn’t really feel of service for me.)

I didn’t get to sit with my love – curled up on our comfy couch – to discuss our individual and couple’s goals.

In fact, I felt a tinge of misery for being away from him for 2 weeks during Xmas time. (I had a great time away, but I also missed him terribly!)

This year I knew I desired a different experience – and I knew that things needed (and required) to be different, so this weekend we’ve created our holiday intentions together.

Before we get swept up by the parties …
You know… The decisions, the expectations, the hugeness of it all.

Here it is! Sharing my intention with you ;)

“My intention is to experience ease – and comfort – during this holiday season. I intend to consciously experience (and remember, and FEEL) the moments that count:

The smell of our favourite Christmas candles burning, the warmth of cuddles on our luxurious couch, how each vision board cut-out feels as I run my hand through them – arranging my board with that detail-oriented discernment that I bring to every experience I show up in, curling up with a good book, conversations with Steve on our individual and shared visions, belly laughs with the best kind of company, dipping my toes in the ocean water, the refreshing whole body sensations from diving into the waves, laying on the soft white sand in the Australian summer…

I intend to invest in, say yes to, indulge in and ENJOY space, quality, true alignment – and make aware decisions based on what is truly important to me.

This or something even better for the highest good of All concerned.”

Upon setting my intention, a few things happened:

♥ An opportunity that would keep me busy in December fell through, which created a lot of SPACE for me

♥ During a session with my coach, I realized I didn’t want to launch my new offering in December. So we’ve decided to launch it in mid/late January 2017 instead (keep your eyes peeled! :)

♥ Because I decided not to launch in December, I was guided to more information that would make said offering even more valuable and powerful

♥ I made the decision not go to Melbourne for 5 days next week, because it wouldn’t have aligned with SPACE, quality, comfort, ease, or alignment (and I didn’t experience major FOMO – fear of missing out – because I knew what I deeply required and desired to experience)

Furthermore, I already know that December is going to be a peaceful, easy, and enjoyable month – which (honestly) is something I have dearly missed for the last 2-3 years!

December 2013 – I had just moved out of a toxic, energetically draining rental situation. I packed everything I owned within the afternoon (with the help of my cousin) and moved to my new beautiful apartment in Perth city. I received a few threatening emails over the holiday season (and thank the angels) my cousin is a lawyer and was available to support me at this time! I felt uneasy – but grateful that I had care and support around me. It was just the two of us (and we had pizza).

December 2014 – we were organizing our move to Sydney from Perth (me) and Brisbane (my love), and on the search for our Sydney home from Langkawi, a beautiful coastal town in Malaysia!

December 2015 – I took a spontaneous 2.5 week trip to visit my family (with my sister – it was so significant as she had just finished university and we knew that it might be more difficult to coordinate long holidays once she started working) … and a girl’s trip in Bali!

December 2016 …
Yes to space.
Yes to keeping things simple.
Yes to asking for (and then taking action on) exactly what we desire to experience, now.

Over to you:
– How do you desire to FEEL this holiday season?
– What kind of experience do you desire to HAVE during the holidays?
– What do you desire for this holiday MEAN to you?

Create an intention – and feel free to share it with me, or even better – your family, friends and partner!

To a JOY-filled December,
Jia Ni x

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5 Ways to Access A Deeper Level of Self-Worth in Business (As a coach, healer & creative entrepreneur)

Posted on: December 1, 2016 Category: Business & Entrepreneurship/ For Coaches

Having a deep, secure and innate relationship with our self-worth can greatly affect how much ease and alignment we experience on the way to manifesting and creating our goals and visions.

Being able to claim and own our worth helps us receive guidance and (of course) take action on what we truly require to do in order to reach our goals, whether that’s:

  • Launching a passive income product or offering
  • Raising our rates to reflect where we are right now
  • Creating and sharing our authentic content
  • Being visible and seen by others
  • Saying ‘yes’ to exciting opportunities
  • And more…

On the other hand, not having a solid foundation when it comes to self-worth could see us:

  • Spending too much time researching (but never taking outward action that puts us out there, in the game)
  • Get stuck trying to make our work ‘perfect’ before we feel confident launching it
  • Analysis paralysis in comparing our work with others
  • Self-sabotaging our progress (one step forward, two steps back – or creating more ‘challenges’ in other areas of our life)
  • Go into hiding and paralysis when we don’t get the feedback we desire – or perceive negative judgement from others
  • Feel burnt out, overworked, and resentful in our work
  • A lack of growth, excitement, and enthusiasm towards our work as we don’t allow ourselves to take the next step in our personal or business evolution

Here are 5 ways to start accessing a deeper level of self-worth in your business:

1 // Detach your self-worth from the performance, results, feedback (or lack thereof) of your work/actions

As a heart-centered, creative entrepreneur who’s committed to creating and living our most authentic work – it can hurt when we don’t get the feedback we expect on our latest creations/offerings/actions.

Being able to really ‘get it’ that the results and feedback you receive aren’t a reflection of how worthy you are – or how good your work is – allows you to get back out there and try again (vs. hiding in shame that ‘it didn’t work’)!

2 // Re-define your measure of success and worth.

Instead of basing it on external measures, measure your success on:

Whether you show up 100% in your business today…
Whether you were accountable to yourself (and did what you said you would do)…
Whether you dared greatly and boldly today (showing up even though it risked failing)…

Let these be the measure of your success.

3 // On that note, detach your self-worth from your pricing system

One thing that can get us stuck is pricing – I’ve definitely been there with this, and over the last 5 years of coaching entrepreneurs – I’ve seen clients struggle with this piece more times than I can count!

Your pricing is not your worth – charging X amount doesn’t mean you are less worthy than someone who charges more than you do or vice versa.

So, if you feel like you’ve attached your self-worth to how much your charge for your packages – stop.

You are worthy to begin with – no matter what your pricing dictates.

From this space of worthiness (and ease and fun and joy), is where you set your most aligned pricing.

4 // Focus on your journey, and what is right for you

Take comparison out of the equation.

If this means stopping yourself from obsessing over someone else’s packages/pricing/website/social media – do it.

If this means unsubscribing (or forwarding the email straight to ‘Archives) for the time being – do it.

No longer being in comparison mode means not feeling inadequate (or judging yourself as lazy!) when you see someone else doing something – that you aren’t. It means not feeling stressed when nobody else is doing what you’re doing, too.

Out of comparison mode, we can start discerning what is right for us, individually.

Which takes me to…

5 // Be 100% in your own energy

Quite often we scatter our energy by comparing our journey with someone else’s (see point above), or where we were in the past/where we feel we should be.

Neither of these are anchored in the present moment, which is where we are creating our goals from. Bringing your energy back to yourself means being 100% on your own path, in your own energy/power, in the Now.

Meditate, journal, invest in coaching, go out in nature – support yourself in re-aligning back to embodying 100% of your own energy in your business, and life.

I’ve put together a free 45-minute training for you, specifically on self-worth and claiming your worth in business.

We’ll dive in deeper with some of the points I’ve mentioned here, and I’ll also share more on how you can enhance your self-worth in your business today.

If this is something that you are looking to enhance – then join us on the webinar today. I really hope you do because it’s something that will absolutely change your business and life!

It’s at www.jianiteo.com/claimyourworth

Having this piece in place is the foundational piece that will support you in creating your income and money goals – and increasing your impact with your business.

See you on the webinar!

Jia Ni x

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