Paris ….

Posted on: September 28, 2013 Category: Self Mastery


This morning I woke up with a racing heart and realized, “This is happening, it is really happening… I am really going!” :O

I am going to Paris today!!! 

And then I proceeded to LEAP right out of bed with a LOUD resounding “YESSSSS!!!!”

Hahahaha, we have tonnes of fun and enthusiasm over here in this community! ;)

Anyway – I’m writing to you because I desire to let you know that your desires and dreams are REAL.

Your desires and dreams are alive & real.

The feeling and deep emotion you feel towards living a certain lifestyle, wearing a certain type of clothes, travelling and experiencing certain places in this world….

They’re very real and very much ALIVE within you! 

As I prepare to step into experiencing Paris and Her Beauty – I’m asking you this question: ‘What are your desires?’ 

1. What do you desire to experience this year?

2. What is your Heart calling you to step into, to experience, to become?

3. And what do you require to do to allow yourself to go there with ease and elegance?

Journal with these questions, and experience the magic of life.

Your life will transform…

As mine has and continues to.

I still remember one starry night – 2 months ago – I was journalling before bed and felt something coming through me, I allowed myself to express my Heart’s voice out loud – and said … 

“Oh dear, I really really desire to go to Paris… I desire  experience my next level of evolution, beauty, love, and growth – in life and business – in this beautiful city.”

And so it is happening!

Jia Ni x

P.S. I will be posting photos on my Facebook page

Let’s all dive into the most creative and powerful feminine force there is – the power of desire! ;)

Come along with me on my Paris Experience here.


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