The Power of Asking for (Exactly) What You Want

Posted on: July 17, 2014 Category: Self Mastery

1602200_10152539254182641_6650527482723946629_oI have a firm belief that ‘askers get everything’.

I believe that when you desire something, and you own your power and ask for it, you receiving that desires becomes inevitable.

Yet, asking for what I truly desired had been quite a journey for me.

Firstly, I didn’t want to come across difficult, cause unnecessary trouble, or be ‘too much’. And underneath that, I wanted to be easygoing and liked.

What I realised, over time, was that asking for what you want is deeply connected to your belief in your self-worth.

Digging deeper I saw that I didn’t always show up to ask for exactly what I wanted (even when it was important to me) because I didn’t believe that I would get it.

In that moment – when a woman chooses not to show up for her true desires and hides – she self-abandons.

The truth is, you are entitled to receive all that you have intended and desire. When you start to consciously own your power, this becomes true. And it starts with a choice to stop self-abandoning, and start allowing yourself to receive exactly what you want!

The Omelette Story:

While I was in Paris, I was sitting at a French cafe having breakfast. I ordered a ham omelette. Moments later I receive an omelette with cheese. Being sensitive to dairy, my body didn’t want this plate of eggs. I politely told the waitress “I ordered omelette with ham.”

Seconds later, the same omelette on the same plate (with one bite taken out of it) returns to me, this time with cold ham shoved into said omelette.

At this point I had two choices –

(a) I could just keep quiet, and try to stomach this cheese-omelette with cold ham.

(b) I could send the food back for the second time, risking being seen by all the other cafe customers as being one of those ‘difficult’ customers.

I chose to politely ask the French waiter nearby for my original order – ‘an omelette with just ham, without cheese’. A few minutes later I got a hot delicious omelette with ham in it, which fuelled me and gave me energy for my Paris photoshoot later that day.

Whilst this looks like a pretty insignificant exchange, how you do one thing is often and inevitably how you do everything.

When I refused to settle for what I didn’t want, I opened myself up to receive exactly what I truly desired.

Think about it: how many times do we brush things off as unimportant – when in fact, they are important to us?

How many potentially life-changing and heart-opening words have been left unsaid – because it was easier to avoid them?

How many lives could you have facilitated transformation in, but didn’t – because you didn’t take a stand for who you were talking to, own your power, and ask for the sale?

No more self-abandoning.

No more feeling like you can’t have exactly what you desire.

You are worthy and deserving – exactly as you are right now.

Go get em’,
Jia Ni x

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