3 Power Drains Blocking You From Receiving More

Posted on: July 24, 2014 Category: Self Mastery

When we’re fully in our power, we’re completely in a state of flow and everything is possible.

Imagine that you’re in flow…

You’re receiving high-end clients and selling one after another high-end package – your relationships are amazing – you feel energized and healthy – you’re feeling completely empowered in all areas of your life and business.


Today I wanted to talk about power drains – specifically, things and situations that potentially take us OUT of our power. 

Before I go further, I invite you to answer this question:

What are the things/situations in your life that act a power drain for you?

Perhaps it’s having an untidy work area.

Maybe it’s staying in relationships that no longer add value to your life.

Or physical clutter in your environment.

When we access our intuition and get clear on what’s draining our power, a lot of power returns as we realize that it’s always a choice that we (ourselves) made.

I’m going to take it a level deeper as always and share with you 3 things that are big power drains for many women.

3 Big Power Drains (& How To Transform Them)

1. Unnecessary drama that sucks your energy.

One of the big turning points in my life is when I consciously chose to no longer be available for unnecessary drama.

Instead of spending huge amounts of time worrying and analysing what I said, what he/she said, start living in the present moment, where the point of power is.

Instead: Cultivate such an immense amount of self-love that you know you deserve to live a life free of unnecessary drama, so you can focus on what you desire to create and experience – in the now.


2. Limiting beliefs that keep (unconsciously) creating a reality that no longer serves you.

I ‘should’ do this, I ‘have to’, ‘It’s just how it is’.

Everything is a choice.

Sure, there are expectations and ‘the rules’ – but the choice to conform or not is still a choice that you are 100% free to make. 

Instead: Look at belief systems that you’re carrying around that no longer serve you (e.g. money is evil when you desire to accumulate wealth; there’s not enough clients out there when you desire more clients – you get the point!) and transform them.

Flip them around, and start programming yourself every single DAY till these become your new, empowering truths/beliefs.


3. Self-abandonment and when you don’t fully own + embody your power and truth.

Resentment is what happens when we don’t own our power and live our truth.

When we say ‘okay..’ when we mean ‘NO!’, when we say ‘no’ when we mean ‘YES!’, when we get an intuitive hit on something (and choose not to listen).

When we self-abandon because we buy into an illusion.

Instead:  Do everyone (+ yourself) a favour and communicate your truth.

Say ‘yes’ when you mean ‘yes’ (and vice versa), follow your intuition because they always lead you to your desires – and decide today that you will never self-abandon even when it seems difficult.

Here’s to your power!

Much Love,

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