How to Prepare for End of The World (A 5 Step Formula to Thrive)

Posted on: December 21, 2012 Category: Self Mastery


Can I jump straight to the point?



Hold your horses. Stop hoarding canned food in your basement. The world isn’t really ending!

All is well.

Yes – change IS upon us. The world IS ending – but only as we now perceive it to be.

During meditation in the shower the other day (yes.. I do practice meditation everywhere. Ha!) I had a quick realization that I knew I had to share with you.

The world is ending but only as we currently know it. It is far from ending – and to some it can even be described as just the beginning. The world is expanding – we are expanding – ever more so. Our capacity as beings to harness Universal wisdom and energy increases. Our capacity to love and give love keeps growing every moment.

In short, 2013 could very well be described as beginning of the ‘New World’. Lots of people have been feeling this is true too. I’m stoked that many are realizing our abilities as creators and limitless beings of Love. :-)

A 5 Step Formula to Survive & Thrive in 2013

1. De-Clutter


Adopt a minimalist approach.

Make space for the new and improved energies that are available to you. In order to do this, you need to have space. Free your mind body and soul from emotional, physical, and energetic clutter.

When you finally forgive and release people and experiences that weigh us down, you return into the state of Love. You create spaciousness. This space allows what you do want to enter your life! The state of Love is also where miracles happen. It’s a sweeeeet place to be.

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2. Celebrate the Past

Celebrate the past

Confetti, anyone?

Celebrate who you have been, how far you’ve come, the journey that has been completed. Learn the lessons that need to be learnt, re-surface the old and deal with the stuff. Then, celebrate!!

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3. Anticipate the Future

Think short term and long term. Goals, aspirations, lists of things I want to do in this lifetime.

What are they?

Travel more – where? I have my eyes set on travelling to Thailand, Bali and Brisbane (as well as a few other places not frequently visited)!

Remember the saying ‘Smart people set SMART goals’? Time to hone in on your desires with that kind of crystal clear clarity!

I know you’re one smart cookie.

4. Be Here Now

I’m an advocate of future tripping, visualizing, active dreaming.

This year though, I’ve also realized that it’s important to anchor ourselves into the most important moment.


Be Here Now

Be Here Now.

What can you do now to commit to a happier, healthier, more abundant life?

(BONUS TIP: Think active, not passive.)

5. Get the Necessary Tools

With the shift in our world, we need to expand and make the best with it. To thrive in the new times, you’ll need to have the right set of tools!

divine light

You’ll need to know how to raise your vibrations and hold more light.

You’ll want to set yourself up for success by creating the ideal environment.

You’ll want to understand the Universal Laws and how to navigate through them.

And a HUGE ONE : Fear grows stronger with uncertainty and creates more fear. Knowing how to protect yourself (& loved ones) from falling prey to fear and being stuck will ensure you thrive!

Don’t let your past or fear stop you from pursuing and living a purposeful, fulfilling, abundant life!

Guess what?

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This eCourse will set you up for a kick-ass 2013, I promise ya.

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This is the ONE WAY to be prepared to manifest a Happy Healthy Abundant 2013 (& beyond… beyond… beyond…).

See you on the other side!

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Lots of Love, Jia Ni x

P/S: Times are changing. Set yourself up for success by becoming a powerful creator with the tools here.

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