Private Coaching

Posted on: March 2, 2015

Under-earning as a coach?

 Tired of struggling to book clients and chronically under-earning in your business?

Ready for more clients, more cash, and more brand recognition?

KNOW that your services are incredibly valuable and transformationalif only you could find ideal clients to work with you?

Ready to be known for the impact you are making in this world, standing out with your uniquely you message, brand, and offerings?

Time to UP-LEVEL, make more money, book more clients, and create financial empowerment in your life?

Simply... Are you ready for MORE?


I know because I've been there.

When I launched my coaching business I struggled to book private coaching clients --- and was making somewhere between $0 - $250 from month to month.

It wasn't that I wasn't working hard! I was showing up in my business, taking action consistently on a daily basis, and was implementing everything that I had read and learnt from the courses I had previously invested in.

It was a slow (painful) grind.

I told myself "This isn't working... and something HAS to change."

My business exploded...

My private coaching packages were SOLD OUT that year, and I became fully booked in September for the rest of the year.

I generated 5-figure months... and weeks. Most of all, I worked with absolute ideal clients and helped them create incredible results.

I was able to enjoy the FREEDOM & LUXURY to travel internationally, staying in 5-star hotels in Paris, LA, Sydney, KL, Bali, and Phuket.

I up-levelled my own life in the process and moved into my dream home (twice!), funded a move from the west coast of Australia to the east coast to be with the love of my life, and mentored under some of the BEST coaches in the industry.

I even hired support in the form of housekeepers, branding photographers, and VAs (which was something I never imagined was possible until much later!!)

What Changed?

I decided that I was going to put myself in the game.

I took A HUGE LEAP OF FAITH and invested in hiring my first business coach, who was running a half a million dollar company. I implemented every piece of advise she gave, adopted her success mindset, and left no stone unturned when it came to maxing out my coaching with her. 

I worked on mastering my mindset around wealth + finances.

I got SERIOUS about my business. I no longer saw it as a hobby, but a PROFITABLE vehicle that I would be using to create impact and live my PURPOSE through.

I made my success a non-negotiable.

And so my success was inevitable.

I've designed this 6 Month Private Coaching Programme specifically for: 


  • The woman who is 100% committed in her own success
  • Is AMAZING at what she does --- and is prepared to do the work required so that the world sees her for her genius
  • The new coach who's ready to emerge with success, financial empowerment, and live a life filled with abundant choices
  • The free-spirited entrepreneur who knows the value of sold systems + structures, a success mindset, and is ready to implement them for more ease and results

Imagine booking new clients with ease every month.

Imagine working with absolute ideal clients who are creating AMAZING results, and can't wait to renew their packages to continue their work with you.

Imagine being able to have complete clarity in your message, be known for what you do, and stand out uniquely in the marketplace with your brand and offerings.

Imagine having systems that work and a high level of support in place that helps you launch and sell your offerings to your ideal clients every single month.

Imagine being able to travel in luxury, live your life FULLY, and having the FREEDOM to say YES to the opportunities, desires, and visions that come to you.

My Coaching Style

  • Results. My past and current clients have gone from $0 - $10k within a month; created six-figure coaching businesses in 9 months; sold out their 1:1 and group programmes; gotten laser clear on their unique messaging, branding, and offerings; and quit their jobs to become full time coaches.
  • I'm really good at collapsing the timeline. I created a six-figure coaching business within 13.5 months --- while studying full time at university. I believe that it doesn't have to take long to create the success you desire, and all your goals are within your reach today.
  • I'm highly intuitive, which is one of my greatest skills. I can sense when things are out of alignment, and know exactly what requires to be put in place to create immediate results and shifts. I know this is one of the reasons why my clients create results with (relatively) a lot of ease! 
  • I have a VERY creative mind! I understand what it feels like to have a million ideas at a time, feeling scattered, and overwhelmed at times --- and what structures require to be put in place to organize and support the creative mind in a way that also creates productivity and profitability!
  • I have a holistic approach to coaching. I believe in adopting a bird's eye view and looking at what's going on in my client's life and business --- as one always affects the other. I combine mindset, life, and business coaching/consulting when it comes to supporting my clients in creating success in their life and business.
  • Helping people succeed is one of the things I'm ridiculously good at. (You can find out what my clients are saying here.)
  • Work life balance is an ESSENTIAL element when working with me. I do not believe in sacrificing your health, relationships, or pleasure in pursuit of success --- in fact, I take a stand for the 'and' because these are the things that actually FUEL your success!
  • I gently and powerfully guide my clients in creating solutions that are absolutely right for them. I work in a collaborative way with my clients and the goal is always to find something that is 100% in alignment (it just doesn't work otherwise)! 
  • I know what it takes to be a pioneer, a non-conformist, and what is REALLY required to make your own rules. I know how isolating it can feel to stand out, the journey of breaking cultural/family conditioning around money + career + love + life in pursuit of living your truth, and ultimately what it takes to live a life of true freedom and empowerment.
  • I understand the journey of pursuing your passions + purpose. I was en route to becoming a veterinary doctor before realizing two years in that this wasn't what lit me up. I said goodbye to the safe + conventional path, discovered coaching along my journey --- and never looked back!
  • I'm a very effective and powerful coach. I have been trained under two high-level year long coaching training programmes, completed my Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition, and have mentored under the best in this industry in business structures for success, wealth consciousness, developing intuition, masculine/femininity balance, and more. I draw on all my experiences during my sessions with clients --- depending on what the client needs and requires at the time.

Your Private Coaching Programme Includes:


  • A comprehensive 30-page Welcome Packet to help set goals for your programme. I study your packet in-depth while preparing for your intensive and create a plan for our time together.
  • A 3-hour Skype Intensive to start. This is where we map out your goals for the next 3-6 months, get clear on your message, branding, offerings, and put together a plan that you can implement right now to get fully booked and increase your income!
  • 24 x 1-hour weekly coaching sessions.
  • Prep and Post session forms to help you stay on track and get the most from coaching.
  • Email access to support our sessions.
  • Resources and worksheets that will support you in your journey. I never hold anything back and happily share my processes, recommendations, and resources that have helped me in my journey.
  • PS: In accepting one of a limited number of places in this program, I am committing that time and energy to you exclusively. This program is non-refundable. I require 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel an appointment, otherwise the session is forfeited. All sessions must be booked in 7 months from your first appointment.

What We'll Cover:

(As this is a 1:1 private coaching programme, we'll be tailoring each topic in relation to where you're currently at in your business --- and what you require to work on in order to achieve your goals.)

  • Develop the mindset of a successful coach and entrepreneur
  • Uncover your limiting beliefs around finances and money
  • Create new stories and programming around success and receiving wealth
  • Close the gap between the you today and the version of you who creates $5k - $10k months
  • Upgrade your old belief systems to new empowering states that has you rake in success
  • Discover what makes you unique and magnetises your ideal clients to you 
  • Connect deeply with your WHY and communicate it effectively to stand out as a leader
  • Develop your brand identity and story so that you powerfully attract more clients
  • Discover the secrets to time management that allows you to earn more, work less, and only do what you’re REALLY good at in your business
  • Launch strategies to help you get fully booked, create passive income streams, and build your online empire
  • Specific feedback on your work including your copywriting, images, branding, and more


  • Feel total clarity and confidence around your messaging, signature offerings, and target market
  • Design packages and pricing that you love delivering — and creates amazing results for your clients
  • Implement a solid and effective client enrolment process that has you booking discovery calls and new clients every month
  • Book discovery calls with ideal clients who can’t wait to say YES and sign up to work with you as their coach
  • Master the art of sales in a way that feels authentic and no longer feel pushy, salesy, or icky around selling
  • Overcome sales objections powerfully and guide your clients into a new level of transformation before they even sign up to work with you
  • List-building systems that help generate new potential clients every month who can’t wait to sign up to your products and programmes
  • Develop your brand identity that helps you stand out and attract your ideal clients 
  • Create lead magnets that capture your ideal clients and adds immense value to their lives
  • Develop a plan for social media so that you’re leveraging every channel, reaching out, and connecting with your peeps!
  • Planning ahead and forecasting for the next 90 days, 6 months, 1 year (so that you know exactly what you’re doing each month)

Your Investment

Pay in FULL



Payment Plan

USD$3,000 upfront & 5 monthly payments of USD$650


Is this the level of support you REQUIRE to create the results you DESIRE?

Trust me, I know how uncomfortable and terrifying it can like to take a HUGE leap and invest in something that is really important to you (yet completely OUT of your comfort zone).

My investments in myself and my business ALWAYS pay off many times over, and over the years, I've also developed the savviness to ask myself "what will it cost me NOT to invest in this now?"

I know I certainly would not have created the level of success that I have today (in the time that I did) if it were not for me continually stretching and investing in myself/my business...

If you know that this is EXACTLY what you require, then take the first step, make the leap, and commit 100% to your success!

To your success,
Jia Ni