Raw Sauerkraut

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Raw sauerkraut (recipe below!) is tasty and beneficial to our health. It contains a wide range of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) and enzymes, which are great for our gastrointestinal (GI) health. GI health is extremely important as it is the system that allows the breakdown and absorption of nutrients into our body, which provides the building blocks of our body. Probiotics also help to manufacture B vitamins in our gut, and improve vitamin synthesis and absorption.

Probiotics help promote optimal digestion and the cleansing of acidic waste. This is important especially if you are (or have been) taking antibiotics, which can lead to dysbiosis. Dysbiosis occurs because antibiotics do not discriminate between good/bad bacteria and ultimately deplete good bacteria from our system as well.

Incorporating raw sauerkraut into your daily diet is amazing because most shelved probiotic supplements only contain a few strains of probiotics! By eating raw fermented vegetables, you can be sure that you are taking in a whole spectrum of beneficial bacteria!  Sauerkraut also improves digestive function and promotes growth of healthy intestinal flora. It is high in enzymes and in Vitamins A and C as well.

On a side note, I strive to ferment my own sauerkraut – it is extremely cost effective to do so! You can also get raw sauerkraut in health food stores, and I should add that most shelved sauerkraut have been pasteurized – a process which destroys bacteria and enzymes. So be sure to look out for RAW sauerkraut!

Personally, I have found that my sugar cravings have decreased significantly, my energy levels are higher, and my skin improves when I incorporate raw sauerkraut in my diet!

Raw sauerkraut is extremely simple to prepare – you only need glass jars, cabbage, sea salt, and filtered water!

    • 1 large green cabbage (with about 6 whole large outer leaves)
    • Sea salt
    • Water
    • 3 jars (sterilized with hot water)
Directions: (watch the video below for a better visual :)
  1. Shred cabbage by finely slicing by hand.
  2. Place cabbage into a large bowl and add sea salt.
  3. Toss around and massage until salt and cabbage is well combined.
  4. Now, tightly pack the cabbage into the glass jars. (Use the back of a wooden spoon to pack the cabbage in tightly)
  5. Leave some space at the neck of the jar. Fold the 2 large outer leaves of the cabbage into squares and squeeze them and fit them under the neck of the jar. This will further pack down the cabbage.
  6. Add water till the top of the jar.
  7. Close the jar tightly.
  8. Leave jar in the dark (I put them in pantry) for 6-7 days.*
  9. After 6 days, remove the large outer leaf and discard.
  10. Once opened, it will last in refrigerator for up to 1 month.
*Bubbling is a good sign of healthy probiotics growing.


Here’s a great video on making your own raw sauerkraut!

Do you like fermented vegetables, and have you found any improvements from including them in your diet?

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  1. Great info. Jia! I also love making this beauty concoction myself. Kimberly Snyder’s video is great and helpful – have shared it out myself. I just ran out of my last jar a few days ago – thanks for the reminder to make another large batch. XO