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Posted on: November 22, 2013 Category: Self Mastery

[Note: Ahhh, on the topic of resistance and growth… This post deleted itself and so I’m re-writing it for the second time. How perfect. ;)]

growI’ve really come to view and have a new relationship with resistance this year.

In the past, I used to wiggle my way out and often do a spiritual bypass whenever I felt resistance creep up.

I can remember one day I was listening to a program and realized so much truth in the phrase “the bigger the desire is, the more resistance there is”.

collage1For example – Before my trip to Paris, I experienced so much resistance. AND it manifested it so many forms – feeling it in my body, as logistical pieces such as transfers that didn’t go through and card numbers being deleted, spinning in my mind etc. I had so many opportunities to pull out and say “Forget it! It’s not meant to be!”.

Yet I went through the entire process, and came through the other end.

I can still remember, on my flight to Paris I kept asking myself “What am I doing?”. And I did so much journalling and reminding myself “Wow, I must really desire to experience this.” & “Yes, I allow myself the permission to fully step into this.”

And because I allowed myself to experience it and persisted, I have experienced so much evolution and growth in Paris – new soulful friendships, memories I’ll always cherish, and so much more…

So today’s post is about resistance – and how resistance shows up when we’re growing and stretching! Of course when we’re stretching into new expanded realities we’ll feel resistance! So here are my top 4 tips on what to do when experiencing resistance and growth.

Jia Ni’s Top 4 Tips to Resistance & Growth

1. Remind yourself and reaffirm “The more I resist, the more I desire to experience this.”

2. Ask yourself : “Can I really allow myself to do this?”

Sometimes the answer is No – sometimes you’re not ready or can’t allow yourself the permission. Allow yourself to answer this honestly – whether it be a No, a silent whisper of a Yes, or a huge YES I”M READY!

3. Ask yourself : “How will this serve you in your evolution?”

How will allowing yourself to go through with this assist you in your life? How will it help you in becoming the woman you desire to become – the woman you KNOW you’re here to become?

4. Take action.

The more action we take, the more momentum we build, and the easier it gets.

Experience resistance with elegance and awareness is a muscle that we keep strengthening through time. Allow yourself to completely enjoy and be with your process, knowing that growth is always available for you when you are available.


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    Perfect!!! I'm glad – thanks for sharing!

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