3 Ways You Sabotage Your Ability To Allow Miracles & Receive Your Desires

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Do you feel stuck with the unfolding of your dreams and desires?

Do you feel like ‘Oh, I should have it already, I’ve been working on it so hard and wanting it so badly!’ yet you are not seeing the manifestation of it anywhere?

Do you feel frustrated that you’ve done so much work, personal development and growth on yourself, yet you are STILL finding THAT one area of your life in a standstill or slow-moving?

Well, if that’s the case, I guarantee that you’ve managed to (consciously or subconsciously) block your massive ability to receive all that you desire.

Here are three top three ways I see heart-centered women sabotaging their dreams + desires:

#1. Judging the desire

Judging your dreams and desires can come in different shapes and forms. But these can mostly be grouped in two. Firstly, the ‘This could never happen to me” judgement (because they are special/have something that I don’t). If it could happen to them, then let me tell you that it CAN happen to you. Making yourself the exception to the wellbeing and abundance that is available to ALL doesn’t only defy all laws of the Universe, it’s an act of the ego and separation!

The second way of judgement is through the act of denial. Have you tried to push away the dream, tuck it away, hide it and convince yourself that you don’t really want it that much? Usually this leads to pain and suffering – because by doing this we are not only disallowing the desire to manifest for us, but we are also rejecting a part of us that is coming from the divine / our highest self.

Remember: Your desires not only real – they are DIVINE!

#2 Living in the spin zone

Are you living in the past and allowing your past memories to hold you stuck there? Are you projecting into the future without anchoring yourself in the present?

Alternatively, are you staying centered and going within to harness the magic and power to create your own reality? You have the power to create ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you desire, but you have to consciously choose and decide to harness the MAGIC!

Living in the spin zone is living by default and allowing your past circumstances and reprogramming to continually create your reality, unconsciously.

ACTION STEP: Stay present, be here now. The power to create lies in the Now – use it.

(I’ll be sharing more about using the magic to create – details below!)

#3 Giving away your power

One thing that I have just fully emerged from is claiming back my power – all of it, 100%, thank you!

It is so scary when you fully let go and step into owning your responsibility in life. What if you stopped blaming the past, the people, the shortcomings in your life and stopped using them as excuses to not step into fully receiving your desires and living your dream?

Would it scare you now that you have 100% responsibility for everything in your life experience? (P.S. It should!) 

BONUS TIP: Not acknowledging what’s already there or allowing yourself to receive

Sometimes what we desire to receive is right below our noses. I’ve seen this happen to me and my clients so many times! We already have it or are in the brink of manifestation, and that one little click sweeps us into the huge pool of magic & manifestation!

Are you allowing yourself to RECEIVE the support you require?

Are you saying ‘YES’ to the opportunities and signs in front of you? 

I have just emerged and experienced so much transformation around the ability for me to receive in the past 2-3 months, 100% claiming my power, and because of this freshness(!), I’ve created a free call and video training series to step-by-step teach YOU how to reclaim your power so that you can truly become the deliberate creator of your own reality.

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Love & Light,
Jia Ni

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