The #1 Secret Sauce to Success in EVERYTHING

Posted on: February 27, 2013 Category: Self Mastery

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately – on what holds people back.

What’s holding you back from sharing your gift?

From living your destiny?

And especially … from getting everything you want in health and life?

What differentiates the people who SUCCEED and the people who don’t?

Soon, I realized that it was pretty simple.

It came down to just one sneaky secret sauce, that you can add instantly to your life.

And witness huge windfalls of success, radiance, and abundance.

The Secret Sauce is this : Starting before you’re ready.



How many of us procrastinate on starting?!?! (?!?! x1000)

(I know even I procrastinated on writing this post for various reasons … courtesy of the ego.)

How many of us are saying – I’m not ready YET!

Usually followed by … I just need that one more certification, achievement, or award — before I can put myself out there.

Isn’t that SO ridiculous?

What if YOU as you are right now is perfect?

What if the YOU already have everything to offer that the world needs?

Because, you know you do.

You know that. Right?

(Oh please just say YES.)

Just effin’ start.

That’s what so many of my mentors say.

And that’s what I have learnt to reprogram myself to say, too.

Here’s WHEN you need to start:

  • When you think that it’s not perfect … just yet.
  • When you haven’t figured out HOW to get there … yet.
  • When it feels right, but you still haven’t worked out the details / in between stuff.
  • Oh, ESPECIALLY when you’re totally fired up about the vision, the goal, the end point. (Gives you the shivers and tingles! Woo!)
  • And also when it doesn’t make sense (logically), but feels damn good when you think about it!

Every accomplishment that was worth it was done this way anyway.

Imagine if Edison said, ‘Meh, I don’t think I’m ready to start making lightbulbs yet. I don’t think I’ve got it all figured out. I won’t start just yet, me thinks.’

We would all be living in darkness right now.

Instead, he started.

And he didn’t succeed instantly – but he persisted.

1000 tries later, he succeeded.

When asked how it felt to fail 1000 times, he said – “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

Gotta love science!

just start now

There really never is a ‘perfect’ time to do things, because …

Things and ‘stuff’ will come up and have to be dealt with, as if the Universe is testing you.

But you know what?!

It’s when you persist those shitty times, and hold the faith no matter what.

Those teeny tiny breakdown suddenly lead to breakthroughs.

All because you held faith and marched on bravely.

Honestly, so many of the achievements that I’m totally proud of were started with my logical mind saying “Girl! That makes no sense, you gonna fail!”

I moved out before I was ready, left a soul-sucking job before I found one that lights me up from the inside out, I started my business even though I had no business knowledge, I started practicing yoga even when I’d never been to a class, and I followed my passion even when my logical mind said my future looked pretty dim (but my heart knew it would be amazing, sparkling, and gravitated towards it!

You are an Earth angel. A lightworker.

You know you have a unique gifts and messages to share with the world.

You are on a soul centered mission to make this world a better place.

Deep down, you already know that you are enough – and perfect – as you are right now.

And you are ready now – because you were born that way.

How to start :

  • Just frickin’ hit ‘Publish’ on that blog post – won’t ya?
  • Been lusting over travelling? Start planning dates, setting up a travel fund, look at hotels, flights!
  • Better yet, book that ticket already.
  • Announce your dream and vision to the world. (Nothing works better than accountability, oh yeah!)
  • Hire that coach/mentor you’ve been dying to work with. (You know that investment’s gonna pay back 1000 times over.)
  • Get your behinds to yoga class … or put on your running gear on and go for a run!

Heck! Just start before you’re ready.

Even better? Start now. 

Create the ripples in the Universe, take that action that is in alignment.

Take the first step in faith.

Besides, you DO know that the hardest part is the first step, right?

The hardest part is dragging your feet out the door.

It’s hitting the ‘Publish’ button, or the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Or sending that email. (Yup, you know which one!)

If you take that step and succeed, you’re basically INVINCIBLE.

Here’s the thing –

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

Remember that the first step is the hardest of them all.

Once you’ve done it – WHOOOSH!

Go forth and witness the miracles.

Those miracles and everything you ever wanted?

They are just ONE step in front of you, waiting for you to take that one step forward in faith.

Love & Success,
Jia Ni x

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