Connie Chapman + The 90 Day Transformation Project

Posted on: April 1, 2013 Category: Self Mastery

Hello, hello!

Hope you guys had a beautiful Easter and long weekend. I had the absolute pleasure of chattin’ with my gorgeous girlfriend Connie from!

We talked all about the importance of transformation, inner work, and much more!

In this video, you’ll find out more about:

    • How to create transformation and change with grace and ease
    • Connie’s personal transformation journey from head to heart
    • What you MUST do in order to manifest at your highest ability
    • One SUPER essential ingredient if you want long-lasting change!

My Take on Transformation + Connie’s Project

I myself BELIEVE that transformation and evolution is a necessary step of our life. We’re always expanding and transformation is required in order for YOU to grow and expand!

I also met up with fellow 90 Day Transformation Project girlfriend Rhiannon + Connie while I was in Sydney last time! Truly, the friends and connections you make will last forever! :-)

The Conscious Club

Claire // Connie // Rhiannon // Me! (at The Conscious Club)

My 90 Day Transformation Project

So much has shifted after my first time on Connie’s 90 Day Transformation Project.

I’ve journey back into my heart, fully stepped up to own my intuitive gifts which now helps SO many people own their truth, clear energetic blocks + manifest abundance in their lives, built my dream coaching biz around the person that I be, healed my own wounds and lack mindset, and reminded myself of the importance of inner work, manifestation, and the fun process of journalling!

(I am SO into journalling right now yo!)

Trust me when this a never-ending journey too, and a fun fun fun one!

Always another layer to heal and discover (kinda like an onion).

Interested in embarking on a journey of transformation?

You can sign up for this round of The 90 Day Transformation Project HERE.

Much love,
Jia Ni x

P/S: I’m not an affiliate of Connie’s — I just love her + her work, so here I am sharing the LOVE!

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