The Masculine vs. Feminine Way of Practicing Wealth Consciousness

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The Masculine vs. Feminine Way of Practicing Wealth Consciousness

As a business owner, learning how to develop your wealth consciousness can be the most empowering and game-changing thing you do for your business.

When we are connected to our wealth consciousness, we aren’t easily swayed by the external results and circumstances.

When challenges and problems arise, we approach them with a solution-oriented and resourceful mindset.

We know that those experiences and things we desire — they’re already ours.

Our current reality is ‘old news’ — because we are paving the way for the very next moments to bring us exactly what we desire.

In essence, being wealth conscious is being fully awake and engaged with the creation of your life in this present moment.

Creation mode: On.

On the other hand: When we aren’t tapped into our wealth consciousness, we easily feel discouraged, overwhelmed, frustrated with the lack of external results.

It’s almost like we are short-sighted, or suddenly blinded by what is currently in front of us.

If our current reality is amazing – we feel amazing.

If our current reality isn’t showing us what we desire – we feel down and crappy.

We might even feel like a failure, or project the worst case scenario, or let our negative self-talk tell us nothing is working and quitting seems like a good option! 

We ‘forget’ that WE get to change this reality – that 100% of what happens next is in our power.

We are in constant reaction mode to what happens around us!

In essence, our wealth consciousness practice is our practice that keeps us connected with our deep knowing that we create our own reality.

That this is a kind Universe – and everything that happens is always for us. (Not to us!)

That anything is possible when we put our focused intention and action to it.

So – which way do you desire to live in your business and life? ;)

Now, let’s talk more about how to cultivate and deepen and practice wealth consciousness!

Your wealth consciousness practice might include things like:

  • Read Think & Grow Rich/Science of Getting Rich/(insert reading material here) 30 minutes once or twice a day
  • Do your affirmations every morning
  • Keep your energy clean through clean-eating, coaching sessions, healing, physical activity etc.
  • Journalling
  • Meditation

Where I see entrepreneurs tripping up — or finding this whole practice simply unsustainable — is the way they are ‘doing’ wealth consciousness.

When we approach our wealth consciousness practice from a masculine place, we come from a ‘gotta get sh*t done’ mode.

We sit ourselves down for 60 minutes in the morning, already feeling like we just have to get this practice out of the way so that we can step into our business.

We push ourselves to do as much as we can — because, the more we can fit in the better!

We might even beat ourselves up a little if the practice on a particular day feels less groundbreaking than the other…

We do it because … our coach or mentor said so/we know it opens us up to prosperity/we feel like we need a top up in the wealth consciousness area.

Day after day, it becomes a mechanical process, and before we know it — we start to feel resistant towards our practice.

We have wealth consciousness practice fatigue!

We then stop the practice (or ‘take a break’ because our body just isn’t up for sustaining it), and then we experience a dip in our wealth consciousness – which might look like emotional roller-coasters or panic and fear when it comes to our money and business goals. 

It is not what we do, but HOW we do – that changes everything.

As female entrepreneurs who are committed to wealth consciousness being a sustainable, enjoyable and pleasurable practice (that we look forward to)…

Let’s approach it in a more embodied, feminine way.

Approaching wealth consciousness as a spiritual practice — one that stems from deep self-love, one that feels nurturing and nourishing to us.

Practicing wealth consciousness with flexibility and space — not a rigid thing we do or have to get done or even having an attachment to how should feel/look.

We practice wealth consciousness because we know it is who you are.

There’s no dread in there — simply a commitment to show up and practice.

As a result, our body and soul looks forward to this practice each day.

See how the second way is all about integration and sustainability?

The result of deep integration and sustainability is consistency.

Consistently practicing in a way that works for you.

Consistently seeing results in your business.

Consistently feeling empowered in every moment.

How is your wealth consciousness ‘bank account’ balance?

One of the analogies I’ve learnt is wealth consciousness is like a bank account. The more we focus on growing it, the more we deposit in this account. We are in a positive balance – as we realise that we are empowered creators and life is amazing!

Where we can slip up is when we forget or feel to resistant to keep this practice up. We stop making regular deposits while the balance goes down as we continue to draw on it daily.

I love this analogy because sometimes when things are going great – we stop keeping up the practices and habits that actually got us here in the first place!!

This commonly happens when the way we are approaching those practices are from a masculine, pushing way vs. feminine, sustainable way. 

In business, having a solid wealth consciousness foundation means you truly know that:

– When a prospect says ‘No’ or ‘Not yet’ – there’s a deep sense of peace and calm, as you know that there are many more prospects out there who are ready to say ‘Yes, I’m ready now!’

– You’re able to say No to non-ideal clients, because you know there is an over-abundance of ideal clients out there for you.

– You’re able to shift out of victim and self-judgement/criticism, because you know you’ve got so much support on your side. (The game is already rigged for you to win before you even started! ;)

– You’re able to raise your rates to reflect where you’re at easily and consistently.

– You’re able to start where you’re at without comparing — or getting stuck in analysis paralysis.

– You take inspired action daily no matter what is happening around you. So the better it gets, the better it gets.

– And so much more…

These are a preview to some of the principles that we cover in detail in my new course, Easeful.

Easeful is about changing the way we ‘do’ our business – whether that is business goals, sales calls, client enrolments, actions or habits.

It’s about truly running your business in a way that supports you … while drawing on everything I know that truly works after building a successful international coaching business, then burning out, then finding a new way that is sustainable to run a thriving business that is 100% authentic and aligned (and of course, one that I love).

We’ll be setting and achieving goals, getting things done, up-levelling and living your vision — all in an easeful way so you don’t experience roller coasters, fatigue or burnout. Which actually allows you to always feel confident in your goals next month, the following, and so on!

Find out more about Easeful here:

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Easeful - Money & Income Goals Course for Creative Entrepreneurs

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