The Power of a Wild Sisterhood

Posted on: January 29, 2013 Category: Jia Ni Loves

I’m a HUGE community person.

And I believe we all are.

Whatever you dream of achieving, you can achieve.

And community speeds things up so much!

It eliminates the fear, self-doubt, uncertainty – all of those potential obstacles on your path.

Case in point: I’m a part of several different communities, both on the interweb and off the web.

I believe it’s so important to share your dreams, declare them, and ask for help when needed – as well as asking for support at any point in time.

Guess what! I’ve been able to stretch my limits, unleash my potentials daily, and manifest wonders because of community.

Today, I want to share one of these communities with you.

sisterhoodheadernewThe Wild Sisterhood is one of the most beautiful places to hang out!

Here’s what Jen, founder of Wild Sister (& dear friend) has to say about it:

The Wild Sisterhood is an online community for women that was created with one purpose in mind: to inspire you to love yourself, follow your bliss and change the world.

Doesn’t that sound AMAZING? To find out more and get blasted by love, bliss, inspiration, click over here.

What I love doing over at at the powerful Wild Sisterhood


ONE: Kick back and soak in the goodness of every Wild Sister issue ever created. 

The art is amazing, the content is life changing, and the energy behind every article is so inspiring.

Every issue is themed too – so you don’t have to waste time flicking through each one looking for something that helps you.

Feeling like you need more bravery? Read the ROAR issue!

Feeling a lil’ scarcity creeping up? Check out the Abundance issue!

There’s an issue for every need under the sun! Woohoo! 

TWO: Mastermind and being inspired in groups.

You can even join groups that you resonate with – and trust me, this is one of my favourite past things to do!

Here’s a little peek into the groups –


Right now, I’m dipping my toes into Career and Business!

When I was doing the 21 Days of Abundance eCourse, the group kept me going through it all!

The Power of Sisterhood

The power of sisterhood is SO profound, let me tell you.

Firstly, sisterhood = strength, community, action, abundance.

Sure, in a time like today – we’re all expected to be independent, strong, brave.

But that doesn’t equate to alone – it doesn’t mean you have to do everything by yourself.

It’s strength and bravery that moves you to step up, say YES, and commit to asking for help and support.

Secondly, a sisterhood who understands you is so important.

Need I say more? If you’re like me, you have your own quirks, unique awesomeness, and unconventional way of life (haha)!

Which is why I love WILD Sisterhood.

YOU are loved for who you ARE. 

In a nutshell, I’ve learnt this the long-winded way. But if I could time travel and talk to my old self – I’d tell her ‘Hey, did you know how important it is to be part of something wonderful? Find your tribe, your sisterhood (pronto) lady!’

Extra juiciness?

I’m not only be part of the Wild Sisterhood, but also a contributor of the online magazine – Wild Sister.

So, if you LOVE my writing, that you’re in for a big bonus, because every month I contribute a piece that is never published anywhere else.

Honestly, there is so much value in this – over $800!! Click here to find out all the benefits you receive as a part of the wild sister community.

More Awesome News!

Right now, and only till 1st February, Jen is holding an AMAZING summer deal.


She’s offering a value of $800 to YOU (yes, you!), at only at $10 a month! 

Only $10 a month?! YES!

How generous is this lady?

I’d get in quick so that I can get high on green juice for the soul!!!

Seriously, $10 a month for ALL THIS VALUE?

A community, a monthly magazine, exclusive past issues, mastermind groups, and an e-Course – not to mention more extra goodies and surprises?

I’m jumping on THAT train!

Remember, it’s only till 1st February that this summer deal is on.

Find out more about the Wild Sister Summer Deal here

I ADORE everything Wild Sister stands for, and every single message Wild Sister + Wild Sisterhood embodies.

I can’t recommend this enough!

Come and say Hi to me at Wild Sisterhood too!

See you there!

Jia Ni x

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