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Posted on: December 12, 2012

ipad-300FREE: Live Your Vision Manifesto + Goal Worksheet

A simple guide + worksheet to living your vision more elegantly, and a goal completion worksheet to ensure that you are continually taking inspired action towards crafting the business and life of your dreams.

Print it + fill it to get the best results! There’s magic in putting your pen to paper and writing your dreams out.

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This eCourse designed to help you understand the basic fundamentals of living your dream life.

You’ll have tools to bust through fears and re-write your life story. You’ll devise a plan to help you achieve + maintain your ultimate health &  re-connect to your higher self and nourish you soul.

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book-recommendationsRecommended Reading

It’s no secret that I love reading and adding to my arsenal of knowledge.

Over the years, I often get asked what books I recommend for personal mastery, whether it’s strengthening one’s wealth consciousness, work with deep emotional issues and past conditioning, being more aware and present in the moment, honing your intuition …

The list goes on.

Now, I’ve compiled a book list so that you, too, can take a peek into my library and take in the wealth of knowledge, AHA moments, and awarenesses that are without a doubt buried within each one of these reads.

Head on over here to check out my Amazon bookstore to check it out!



A Playbook for Coaches: My Favourite Resources

// Call recorder : For recording client sessions if you send these off post-session for clients to review (and of course to re-listen to your own coaching sessions with your coach), for recording client sessions if you require to as part of your coaching certification, as well as recording interviews for programmes and courses that you create.  I’ve found this tool incredibly useful and have not stopped using it since I got it a few years ago!

// Aweber : I build and connect with my list using Aweber. This simple, easy-to-use, affordable service has a whole lotta different functions you’ll require (drag and drop design, integration with PayPal, follow-up sequences, list automation to name a few) for list building and email marketing. Take it for a spin with a one month free trial here.

// Satori : I use Satori every single day. From booking in new discovery sessions to scheduling existing clients into my coaching schedule, Satori covers every function a coach will probably need (and in a beautiful, stylish way too). Before Satori I used TimeTrade to schedule in discovery sessions, which has less functions, but can be a great alternative too.

// WordPress + Greengeeks : I highly recommend having your website on WordPress. The versatility and ease of use is a big plus when you’re building a brand and business on an online platform. My site is hosted on Greengeeks, and I can’t recommend them enough (great customer service and I haven’t run into any problems in the past five years)!

// Evernote :  I use Evernote for three things — a space for making notes during client sessions, to write out blog posts and newsletters, and to collect great articles/ideas using the ‘Clip to Evernote’ browser plugin.

// InstantTeleseminar :  What I use to host free training calls/webinars, group programs, and interviews! It makes everything super simple, easy, and they have great support too (which is always a win).

// BSchool : The first game-changing investment that propelled me onto the path of entrepreneurship, coaching, and personal mastery. My life completely changed when I joined Marie Forleo’s BSchool in 2012. Through the program I learnt to put my creative ideas and projects into motion – and my entire world tilted in the favour of my *wildest* dreams.


Have A Calling to Be A Coach?

// Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) : I trained and studied with IIN for a year when I first found my passion in health and lifestyle, and started out as a holistic health and life coach. If you’re interested in nutrition, healthy living, and your calling is in becoming a health coach (and receive knowledge around health-related topics and coaching skills), this may be the program for you. Try a sample class with IIN and find out for yourself here!

// Divine Living Academy : The Divine Living Academy is a comprehensive year long training in all three of these areas: business skills, coaching skills, and personal excellence by Gina DeVee. I highly recommended The Academy for anyone looking for a program with complete business and coaching training – and looking to develop a level of excellence and mastery in these areas.

Are you interested in becoming a coach and have questions for me? Click here to schedule in a call with me where I’ll answer any questions you might have about the coaching certification programs I’ve completed, share my own experience (and tips) in navigating them, as well as any affiliate bonuses I’m running at the time.


* Full disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you decide to purchase it. That said, I only recommend products I use (and whole-heartedly love) myself. Enjoy!