For Coaches: 5 Time Management Tools For Your Coaching Business

Posted on: September 24, 2015 Category: For Coaches/ Self Mastery

5 Time Management Tools for Your Coaching Business

Happy Thursday!

In today’s post, I’m sharing the five time management tools for your coaching business that will inspire you to be productive, and give you the gift of more time to engage in other activities that please you. ;)

I’ve always been fascinated by time management — the tools, systems, tips I can implement to live life more productively (since I always have even more ideas brewing that I’m excited about implementing)!

I’d love to hear your personal recommendations and favourite tools that you use to manage your time when running a business too!

// Calendar


This might sound really nerdy (maybe even borderline OCD? ;). Here it goes: I live my life by my calendar. I use Google Calendar (and recently switched to Sunrise Calendar) to bring together my different calendars (colour coded, of course) for different areas of my life, such as client sessions; travel; yoga and fitness; business tasks; and even a shared one with the man.

I learnt to embrace early on that ‘if it’s not scheduled in, it’s not real’. I’ve missed appointments because I merely forgot or had too much on my mind… and this has just alleviated the stress and anxiety that is associated with it. I also schedule in advance (and as an act of faith) when it comes to manifesting international trips away, fun nights out, etc.

My client management system also blocks out the ‘busy’ blocks of time on my google calendar and syncs all my appointments to my calendar, which means no double-booking or forgetting any meetings I already have scheduled!

// Evernote


I use Evernote for on-the-go inspiration and divine downloads on content ideas, messages, and everything in between. It’s a place I gather all my client notes, clippings (via the Clip to Evernote browser plugin), as well as outline and flesh out content on the laptop. I’ve recently been re-acquainted to Wunderlist and am loving it, too (especially shared lists where you hold one another accountable)!

Extra tip: I even have a notebook dedicated to healthy recipes and when in the kitchen I just open it up on my iPhone and cook / bake away. 

// SelfControl

I secretly believe this app was made for me. If you catch yourself opening tabs on your browser to check emails, or can’t seem to remember how you ended up browsing through Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/YouTube/eBay for the past 40 minutes… SelfControl will sort you out.

// The ‘Do Not Disturb’ function on the MacBook & iPhone

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 11.36.40 am

‘Ding ding’, ‘ping’, ‘ring ring’. Sounds coming from different apps can take me from uber-focused to po-ta-to brain in a split second. This function has tremendously helped me in eliminating notifications and pop-ups from distracting me.

// A Print-out Blogging Calendar


I’ve found having a print-out calendar really helpful for content planning for blogging and mailing. At the start of the month I sit down and handpick some content ideas that I then schedule in this calendar + schedule it into Sunrise. This ensures that I’ve got a good idea that I can write about, while still allowing creativity to inspire a completely different post.

It’s effectively bid goodbye to my ‘oh I have nothing to write about so I guess I’ll have to skip this week!’ excuses. ;)

Over to you: What are your favourite ways to manage your time? Share in the comments below.

I’d love to hear about them (and implement) too!

To freeing up time,

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  1. Kristi says:

    Hi Jia,

    Great post! I love Evernote, Wunderlist + the DND. Paper is always the way for blog calendars too (virtual high five)

    I’m definitely going to look into the Sunrise Calendar. What’s the advantage on that vs. Google calendar?

    Kristi @Retailbliss

    • Jia Ni Teo says:

      Thank you Kristi! Virtual high five back at’cha!!

      I have a shared iCloud calendar with my man (which isn’t editable in Google Calendar), so that’s the main reason why I prefer using Sunrise. I like being able me to do all the organizing + scheduling in one single place. :-)


  2. Shannon says:

    Love these! I recently discovered Trello and it makes my little Type A heart skip a beat. I’ve been using it to manage my blog’s editorial calendar and social media content plan. I also have an old-school paper daily planner (The Day Designer) that I am absolutely obsessed with.

    • Jia Ni Teo says:

      Oh, I hear you on the Type A heart!! I love The Day Designed planners – they are absolutely gorgeous! I haven’t used Trello before – will check it out. Thank you! x

  3. Ariadne says:

    I absolutely love these tools. I already use Evernote and have a blogging calendar (which I don’t make good use of though…), but I think I will test out Self Control!!!

    Thank you lovely! xx

    • Jia Ni Teo says:

      You’re welcome! SelfControl can be a total game changer especially in the area of minimising distractions (without having to turn internet connection off altogether) – hope you find it serves you well. :) Thank you for your lovely comment! x