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One of the things I LOVE about running my own business is being able to travel with my work.


Going away doesn’t mean having to stop doing what I love – I get to continue immersing myself in growing my work and impact!

Travelling can also bring with it so many different gifts:

  • More inspiration, new and exciting creative ideas
  • More exposure, seeing and experiencing things from a different perspective
  • More enjoyment – of different sights, food, friends, and more!

Yet … As passionate entrepreneurs who are on a mission, it can also be easy to find ourselves couped up in the hotel room working throughout the day – or going out to have fun and then worrying about what isn’t being done.

I know neither of these have worked for me, and as someone who is always on the look out for ways to be able to ENJOY & LIVE without SACRIFICE – I’m sharing my top tips that have worked for me so that I am able to enjoy my work and feeling fulfilled each day without sacrificing unique experiences.


A big personal challenge for me in travelling has always been finding a way to balance work and travel.

When I’m in a new place, I desire to be able to experience the local highlights – to breathe in the air here, to feast on the food here, to appreciate the sights here.

Yet, having a never-ending to-do list and creative ideas that are waiting to be implemented (sound familiar? ;) … I can often feel overwhelmed and out of the present moment thinking of what I “should” and “could” be doing – instead of being fully in the moment and enjoying it fully.

I decided that this wasn’t really working for me, and my desire to experience greater balance and presence in my work AND life has seen me tweaking, experimenting, and customising over the last 4 years!

So, if you’re looking for a place to start – this is what has worked for me… ;)

Try it out and see what works for you, tweak it, have fun with it, experiment, and develop your own way of doing things.

Then, have fun creating your own custom formula (and this is what I do with each of my coaching clients in my programs)! ;)

TIP 1. Get clarity before the trip

Is this is a work & play trip, or a “switch off” trip with the purpose of relaxing and having time away from work? Before any trip away (or even while receiving guests at your home!), get clear on your intention. This will ensure that you are creating an enjoyable, guilt-free, memorable experience for yourself and others.

TIP 2. Planning & Research

Planning for work: Writing and scheduling blogs, mailers, reminders in advance; writing out a list of possible ideas in advance etc.

Planning for exploring: I always create a list of places I would love to visit, including how long it would take me to travel there, popular local spots while in the area, and even recommendations of what to eat/see/do specifically while there. I personally love using Tripadvisor in advance to map out the experiences I desire to have while I’m away – as well as recommendations from friends and family. (I am very much a planner and I get SO much joy and excitement out of it….)

* My man, on the other hand, loves having ‘no plans’ and feeling freedom and flexibility – so I always keep my list at hand while remaining open to the magic and those ‘last minute’ decisions and desires! ;) 


TIP 3. Creating and finding pockets of time

I posted this as a mini tip on Instagram recently, and someone commented on how fantastic it was to deliberate use these times where most people waste (intentionally or unintentionally)! I typically arrange for housekeeping to come during my lunch break – so I get a longer lunch break – which then allows me to go explore more, enjoy hour-long lunches, and stay in the space of not feeling rushed. Sometimes I even choose to take my laptop out with me and work in the cafe after lunch!

* This tip requires some arrangement and organization beforehand (see tip 7) and I tend to batch my meetings and coaching sessions into AM and then evening PM ones so I have the afternoon with no specific location to be!

TIP 4. Focus time

For me, focus time = airplane mode on, distractions put away, door closed, just me and my tasks at hand. I often start my focus time with a brain dump too, as thoughts can distract us too! While I’m away, I love having my focus time split between beautiful cafes, libraries, and my hotel room. Focus time can include getting feedback back to clients, writing content, working on my own study/training .

* Since I am ALWAYS in my room while on coaching sessions via Skype, I find myself drawn to change my environment and love cafes and libraries for this! 

TIP 5. Switch on when you’re on – and off when you’re off

Simply: When working, work. And when you’re switched off, switch off. (For me switch off time often looks like no social media or emails while I am with friends/family or out for dinner with my man – just completely in the present moment.)


TIP 6. Managing expectations and being REAL with yourself

How much time do you realistically have while you are away working AND travelling? Being away often means having less access to reliable internet, less time on the laptop, etc. I used to get quite stressed because I thought “I’m away in a beautiful and high vibe environment – I got to churn out as much work as I can to max it out”.

What changed? I realized it was a scarcity mentality (more about scarcity vs. abundance mentality here) to feel like I had to squeeze as much inspiration/creativity/high vibrations as I can out of my time away. No more.

I also got real about needing at least a week to turn around on my client’s feedback, and that it was better to postpone my webinar training till when I got back and had access to reliable internet – I let go of stress, anxiety, worry, and managed expectations in a better way – which released any set up for failure (self-sabotage).

TIP 7. Batching and outsourcing

This tip when combined to so many of the above can create so much balance for us! Some things to batch could include follow up emails, client emails and feedback, coaching and skype calls, content writing and social media planning, mindset work, getting groceries/shopping while already outside etc. Outsourcing as much as you can is also so imperative when away!

Let me know how these tips work for you!

Over to you: Do YOU have your own ideas and tips that you use while you are away working + travelling?

Share them below – I’d love to hear from you!

Much love
Jia Ni

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