Use Your Enchantress Gifts & Add More Zeros To Your Income!

Posted on: July 23, 2013 Category: Self Mastery


Sister Enchantresses,

Are you READY to use your gifts as an Enchantress in your business to add more zeros to your income?

I feel a new age and new way of business already unfolding in front of us! The magical, enchanting way of business where the divine feminine and intuition is allowed to lead, where we are guided by our Hearts, and most of all – we are fully expressing our Highest Truths with Love in our work in every moment!

Enchantresses, High Priestesses, and Goddesses – did you know that there is a way to harness your divine powers IN your business so that you can start receiving your perfect clients, your first $10,000 month, and your visions while embodying grace, elegance, and femininity?

And YES! I’ll be sharing with you exactly how. :-)


Five Enchantress Gifts That Will Add More Zeros To Your Income

1. Intuition & Empathy

The feminine is intuitive and empathic – and when we start embodying our Enchantress, our intuition and sensitivity will be more precise and accurate.

RESULT:  When you listen to your intuition in business, she will lead you to perfect opportunities, circumstances and miraculous outcomes.

2. Ability to read energy & frequency

When I started infusing energy/frequency reading with my clients, we were able to remove energetic blocks and raise the energy in every session very effortlessly. You might have heard that everything is energy, and that it is just as easy to create $1 as it is to create $10,000 – you just have to align your energy with it.

RESULT: Interpreting energy helps you achieve results – FAST. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to know where your own frequency is at relative to your desires, and how you can close the gap. When you close the gap, your wishes manifest. :-)

3. Tuning energy & frequency

As an Enchantress, you are extremely sensitive to energy, people, and your surroundings. And that also means that you are able to tune your energy extremely easily, and you most likely also have a large awareness to increasing the vibration of your surroundings in the form of beauty, inspiration, and wellbeing.

RESULT: When we embrace our ability to tune energy & frequency, we start to realize that we can influence our outer reality by keeping the frequency of our inner reality vibing on HIGH. I believe that this is one of the EASIEST & QUICKEST way to experience creating your own reality – in your life & biz!


4. Divine connection

The Enchantresses that I work with are extremely dedicated and pulled by their purpose. Divine connection is of extreme importance in their lives. I have a huge passion for this too – as this was a huge area that I had struggled with in the past. How do I find the sweet spot where my life’s purpose marries the abundance and joy I desire from my work? If you’re an Enchantress, being fulfilled, discovering, and living out your Life’s purpose is probably high on your list of priorities!!!

RESULT: When you are so divinely connected, and you align with your Life’s purpose — the Universe supports you with everything you require (the clients, the money, the desired lifestyle, the support, EVERYTHING!) It’s fun when you’re living your purpose! … AND you already knew that!

5. Gift of Summoning & Creation

You can call into your life and summon everything that you wish to experience. Everything is energy and Enchantresses are masterful at the art of energy transformation.

RESULT: Anything that you imagine and dream you can create and LIVE and experience in your life & your business. When you learn how to tap into this gift, everything is possible!!


Ahh, I love this. But there’s only so much I can cover in one blog post!

I know so many of you KNOW that you have magic bursting from within you, and you DESIRE to learn more about how you can embody your feminine magic to create the business of your dreams.

So – I’ve created the FREE Enchantress Training Call Series and I’ll be teaching you SO MUCH JUICY Enchantress content on July 25th & 30th!


You will learn:

  • How to harness your magic as an Enchantress to manifest your desires in your life & biz – FAST
  • 5 Juicy Steps that will help you access your power & beauty as an Enchantress
  • How ONE simple shift helped me go from flipping burgers to creating $5k-$10k months in my biz in less than 3 months
  • & so much more…

We begin very soon, so click the button below to save your sacred seat in this training. Turn up with your magic notebook and pen and get ready to embody your Enchantress!!! You’ll also have a chance to get your questions answered!


Much love,
Jia Ni

P.S. The Enchantress Training Call will be filled with so many JUICY (& practical) tips that you can use immediately to step into your Enchantress. Get ready to experience MAGIC in your business. Click the purple button above to register! ;)

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