Magic & Alignment 6 Month Private Coaching for the Modern Day Enchantress

Posted on: July 10, 2013


Ready to Harness Your Deep Magic in Your Life + Business?

Hello my dearest heart-centered sister,

I know you. You’re a Modern Day Enchantress – you know of unseen worlds, wisdom, and magic… Deep down within, you know that you are so powerful, and wise. You have age-old knowledge deep within your soul, you are deeply connected to Life and All-That-Is, and you’ve ALWAYS known that whatever you vision and dream can become a reality.

You have the gift of intuition, of understanding how to transform situations, and even influencing people. As a child, you manifested with ease and elegance, for you knew that whatever you visioned and dreamed could become reality – should you choose it.

One day, and gradually, it all became hazy and blurry. You started to lose touch of this great power, you put it aside for the ‘real world’, and suddenly it feels like a distant dream passed and never returned. That happens to so many of us Modern Day Enchantresses – we feel different, we are told to ‘fit in’, and we are told to grow up and leave our imagination – and magic – behind!

But the thing is, when we ARE who we ARE. When we are our true selves and living as the Enchantress that we ARE – fully, harnessing our full power and standing in our magic, we are the most powerful, we are the most beautiful, AND we are the most joyful.

The separation causes heart-break, and heart-ache. Most of all, life becomes a constant upstream, struggle, and striving to be something we are not. With that the magic fades, the ability to manifest at the snap of our fingers becomes diminished (if not gone), and our light becomes dimmed.

I hear your whispers. I feel your longing. I see you and your desires.

This is why I created the my Magic & Alignment 6 Month Private Coaching for the Modern Day Enchantress.

I invite you to reclaim that power, and step back into living elegantly – as a Modern Day Enchantress who is COMPLETELY and 100% harnessing her magic and alignment in her life & business.


Jia Ni holds such a high frequency space to support my growth!!

Photo on 8-23-12 at 6.38 PM #5“I have been drawn to Jia Ni since meeting her in a couple of group programs that we were in together and she inspires me to NO END. Since working with Jia Ni, so many shifts in awareness around how I view and choose many things in my life. Everything from feelings that come up to experiences. I had never thought of things in such a way like I did before working with her.

I now embrace “Less is MORE”. I am really getting interested in the Divine Feminine and she presents it in such a way that is so filled with EASE. I have been in other programs with other mentors, but Jia Ni really embodies ease and grace like nobody that I have seen before, even coaches who have been doing this much longer than Jia Ni. What she does is an art.

So many shifts within myself, and to have her support in a safe and judgement free zone, and her love and support despite my resistance around SO many things!! She is truly someone to embody and to pay attention to because she is raising her frequency to quickly, and through that, holds the space for others to do the exact same thing, which is what I am doing right now!

Actually having a big breakthrough and looking my FEAR in the face and seeing it for what it is and having the courage, faith and trust to look at it, feel it and walk through it and just start “doing” what my Divine calling in this life is and know that I am loved and supported and the most important thing, it does NOT have to be hard, it does NOT have to be a LONG and HARD road to success….it can be EASY if I choose. I choose EASY! I never would have had that realization with Jia Ni!!

It truly has been an experience of growth and expansion and I feel blessed that I still get to work with her, which is currently knocking my socks off!”

Sonja Ramos

In your 6 Month Intimate & Private Coaching with Jia Ni, together we will:

  • Weed out your old limiting beliefs, heal separation and wounds, & experience integration with every part of your being
  • Align with your Zone of Genius and start living out your soul’s purpose
  • Tailor and personalize every session to suit your journey, pace, and desires
  • Create a beautiful synergy between your divine masculine and feminine (YES we need both of them!)
  • Add more zeros to your income with a step-by-step plan, handheld guidance & support
  • Increase your vibrational frequency
  • Learn how to manifest with your magic as a Modern Day Enchantress AND …
  • Witness your dream life come together piece by piece, quickly
  • Learn your true essence in business and exactly how to infuse them effectively
  • Quantum leap in your income AND …
  • Do it all with elegance, beauty, grace & EASE

90 Minute Soul Abundance Pow-Wow Session (Value: $1,200)

Weekly One Hour Private Coaching Sessions with Jia Ni for 6 Months (Value: 24,000)

Two Private VIP Half-Day Intensives with Jia Ni (Value: $5,000)

Access to all of Jia Ni’s courses and programs (Value: $6,000)

Private access to Jia Ni through email (Value: Priceless!)

High touch and staying in close proximity with a high vibration woman.

TOTAL VALUE: $36,200++

Your Investment: Only $9,997 (for a limited time only)


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$5,000 deposit + 3 Payments of $2,997

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I completely understand that this may feel like a HUGE stretch and a very big leap of faith for. I’ve been there — and done it! If you’re feeling like that right now, then I sincerely invite you to a Discovery Session with me. I’ll help you discuss your goals and get real clear, real quick if we are a good fit to work together.


When you are ready to re-claim your magic, you require support of someone who has been there AND done it before. I have.


You will FEEL and KNOW if you are a “YES” for this program. It will feel scary, intimidating, and you will feel a lot of ‘stuff’ coming up for you. Most of the women I attract are heart-centered, intuitive, and deeply spiritual wise women who have told me that they were just attracted and captivated by my presence and energy. That their Intuition and the Enchantress within whispered to them that THIS IS THE NEXT STEP — and when they honoured that voice, and stepped into coaching with me … Their love, their abundance, their wealth, and their joy flooded back into their lives as we worked on raising their frequency and tapping into their magic and essence. 


We will be weeding out the beliefs and tilling the soil of your psyche so that all the seeds of intentions that we plant in our time together will continue to blossom and thrive for the weeks, months, and years ahead. You will be able to blossom into the divinely feminine rose and step into your enchantress and high priestess. In this space of being, you will be able to manifest and live your imagined life with elegance, grace, beauty, and effortless EASE.


About Your Coach, Jia Ni Teo

I claimed my visibility, purpose, and worth!!!

about“Before working with Jia Ni, I was feeling like I wanted clarity on my purpose and to be more confident feeling visible. I wanted a coach who held me accountable to my abundance mindset and self confidence mind set. I wasn’t sure how I’d fit it into such a busy working life but I was determined to make it fit!

I enjoyed the open, safe space which Jia Ni created in order to articulate exactly what I needed to. I enjoyed the light and playful nature of the questions. I have discovered my ability to show up, be visible and claim my worth in a way that’s absolutely ok, better than ok in fact, when I am in alignment with my authentic true purpose.

I feel so blessed and grateful to have been able to work with Jia Ni. She has been so patient and kind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Lisa Fitzpatrick

I’ve lost 7.5 kilograms so far and so happy!

margaretbuj“I contacted Jia as I was looking for some support with my weight loss efforts. I wanted to lose at least a stone (6.4kg) but it’s always been such a struggle – I’d lose a couple of kilos only to put it back on when work got busier or I was eating out too much.

The sessions with Jia were really useful. Firstly, knowing that we have a call every couple of weeks and that I’d need to report on my progress (or lack of it!), motivated me to keep eating healthily and exercise 4x per week. Secondly, Jia got me to use some simple affirmations on a daily basis that helped with shifting some limiting beliefs I had about how difficult it was going to be for me.

I am pleased to say that I’ve found a diet that is working really well for me and that I am feeling really good and full of energy on a daily basis. Not only that, but I’ve lost 7.5 kilograms so far and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks for your help Jia!”

Margaret Buj

P.S. No more struggling, holding back, and living less-than.

This is YOUR time to say “YES” to stepping it up and repossessing your magic and alignment so that you can infuse them into your life and business.

Without these two ingredients – things simply do not work. And I can help you right now to reclaim and reintegrate them.

All you have to do is say YES and take inspired, empowered action – right now.

TOTAL VALUE: $36,200++

Your Investment: Only $9,997 for a limited time!


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$5,000 deposit + 3 Payments of $2,997

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I completely understand that this may feel like a HUGE stretch and a very big leap of faith for. I’ve been there — and done it! If you’re feeling like that right now, then I sincerely invite you to a Discovery Session with me. I’ll help you discuss your goals and get real clear, real quick if we are a good fit to work together.