From Walking Dead to Being Alive

Posted on: October 16, 2012 Category: Self Mastery

If you’ve been a Happy Healthy Abundant reader for awhile now, you’ll know that one of my greatest love and passions is to write about following your bliss, and deliberately creating the life you want to live. Living with purpose. Do what you love, and create the life you want. That means NOT living by dogma, and not conforming to the norm if the unconventional is what you truly believe in.

It breaks my heart when I look around, and see people that are going about doing the things they’re doing for no reason other than “just because”. Because it’s what’s expected to be done, because it’s what the norm considers “the next logical step”.

This is what I call the ‘walking dead’ phenomenon (I may or may not have been watching The Walking Dead too much either). Humans roaming around with no real “dream” or exciting “goal” that they are eager to fulfill. Or perhaps they’ve somehow managed to convince themselves to forget about their dream because they’ve been told to “get real”. And they can’t bear to re-live the thought of the dream because it’s going to hurt too much or bring up too much unsettled emotions.

It pains me because I was once a member of the walking dead – and I know how it feels.

I was once a person who took every information hurled at me at face value. I believed my family or anyone older than me / who lived longer than I did – knew what was BEST for me. I heeded and implemented their advice without asking the questions.

Over time, I learnt that even though they had my best interests in mind, they too were stuck in a job/life/relationships they didn’t really like OR perhaps they weren’t living the life I wanted to have. And so they probably weren’t the best people to give me advice because they were guiding me to where they wanted me to be – not where I wanted me to be.

I decided to step it up and resigned as a conformist. I decided I had to take responsibility for my own life and started pursuing my passion because it was now or never (and sooner rather than later, or sooner rather than never). There were so many doubts, insecurities, fears – within me, and reflected from other people to me.

But I still did it anyway. And for awhile – I felt like it was the hardest decision I’ve had to make. But it was also the most impacting, life-changing, right decision I’ve made. It was a huge leap of faith, and a huge step towards living my dreams.

Haven’t looked back since.

People will always stop you from doing the right thing if it’s unconventional.

Warren Buffet

When you closely study the majority of the population, most don’t seem to have much awareness of WHY they’re doing WHAT they’re doing, and WHERE they’re going. Again and again, I hear a myriad of excuses people seem to creatively conjur to make themselves feel like they’re not in control of their life and their future.

3 Common Phrases Used By The Walking Dead

1. It happened to them. (but it can’t happen to me)

They have something I don’t. They had better opportunities, education, experiences, knowledge, childhood [insert excuse about them being superior here]. Thankfully, we live in a world today where opportunities are widespread (and Google exists), so any information that you need can be acquired. Depending on the size of the information you are wanting, little to a certain amount of effort and determination shall be required on your behalf. Also depending on how important living your dream life is to you – that effort will be worthwhile.

2. Not now. But.

But maybe when I’m 65, retired, 10 years down the road, after I’ve written a few more posts, after I’ve gotten more education, after my children are older, after I’ve [accomplishment here]. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in the 2 decades of my life, it’s this: It will never be the “right” time to start, so don’t wait for that time to come. Because it’s possible it will NEVER be here. Instead, seize this moment, and MAKE it the right time.

The “after I” syndrome is a false belief that’s been fed to us. Recall (as a child), how you’ve been told “after you’re older” you can do it, “after 18”, “after 21”, “after being an adult”, “after you’ve finished uni”, “after you’ve got a job”, “after you’ve bought your own house” – the list is never-ending. There will be many “after”s in life, and we’ve been  holding the false belief that things will be different “after this” for too long. How has that worked out for you so far? It is up to you to decide to start now and attempt the seemingly impossible and make it possible.

Sometimes, people tell me “You’re young. I’m too old now I can’t do it.” I can’t help but say, “Well, it’s sooner rather than never.” Try it, do what you’ve been putting away for so long, and I promise you that feeling of excitement for being alive again.

3. My idea sounds impossible/crazy.

It always seems impossible until it’s done. Yet, the greatest breakthroughs and achievements have always happened when a record (that seemed unbreakable) is broken; an event (that could never happen) happens; a scientist (whose ideas were unconventional at that time) is proven right. Doing something will not guarantee your success, but it will mean that you actually have a chance at succeeding.


I say it’s time to take back your power. It’s time to take responsibility for your life.

3 Steps to Transition to Living Alive

1. Know the Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal and destination at the end of this part of your life’s journey. You need not know how you are getting there yet, but you need to know where you want to be.

Where is it? What is it you want to achieve? Why – and how will you change the world?

2. Plan the road ahead

Plan ahead. Know how you will transition. You want to be able to move comfortably from where you are to where you want to be. Know the plan – the rough idea. Don’t jump from here to there recklessly – without truly thinking it through – because that will only give you reason for potentially disliking where you are going to be. And that will set you back – majorly.

3. Implement

Schedule action steps. Start implementing, start taking inspired action, and start to make small steps that will bring you closer to ‘the destination’ or ‘the goal’. Daily, weekly, often. Track milestones, count your blessings, be grateful for improvements. Watch the Universe conspire for you as you start living the life you love.

Time to be the creator you are.

Time to consciously create your life.

Time to live with intention.

Time to be alive!

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