Writing Your Goals Into Reality

Posted on: October 23, 2015 Category: Self Mastery


“There is magic in putting pen to paper.”

When I heard my coach declare the quote above, I felt myself drinking in each word like nectar for my soul.


Since then, the process of writing my goals into reality has been an ESSENTIAL part of the process when it comes to goal-setting and manifesting.

I start each client with a welcome packet where each question is intentionally designed to assist them in declaring their goals.

Pages of my moleskin notebook filled with living visions, goals, and affirmations-a-plenty. 

** Regular ** declarations on Whatsapp and emails on the sweet and important stuff (goals, visions, ‘where I’m committed to experiencing next’). #accountability

(You get the gist.)


Lean back, call all of your power back to you, and open to a blank page on your gorgeous journal. Personally, I have two favourite ways to ‘write my goals into reality’. The first is the ‘Ideal Day’ exercise, and the second a ‘It is now December 31st (or any other significant day) and I…’

Très importante: Incorporating all your senses into this (what you see… taste… smell… hear… touch… feel… know…), and feel every word you scribble down, summoning a tangible space and impressing the vision upon your psyche.

Bonus points awarded when you challenge yourself to lean in — and declare — your boldest, most audacious goals and claim them in your written reality.



The pieces you know you require in place in order to manifest those goals. What experiences do you require to have? Who do you require to be — how does she think, feel, act?  

In your vision…

Are you sipping on a coconut while enjoying your long, gorgeous, slender legs (and body) on the beach? … A personal trainer, exercise regime, healthy meal plan, nutrition/health coach, signing up to regular fitness classes might be what you require to take action on.

Celebrating a successful launch of your brand and business with your closest and dearest on New Year’s Eve? … Perhaps you require to take on the support of a business coach, branding expert, graphic designer, actively work on your wealth consciousness, or sign up to a course to acquire the skills and training!

Enjoying a healthy, committed, romantic relationship with your soul mate? … Working on your confidence/emotional issues, supporting yourself with books on love/romance/relationships, exploring dating/committing to an existing relationship might be on your cards.

The clues are ALWAYS revealing themselves when you take a closer look.

I truly believe it’s not just the end-point that we strive for — it’s the journey of what we experience AND who we become in the process that is what we are truly here to experience. What are these pieces for you? 

I hope you found this useful — and if you did, I’d really appreciate it if you shared this post using the share buttons below or pass it along to someone who you think will benefit from reading this!

Over to you: What are your favourite tools and resources when it comes to goal-setting? Are you a writer-downer too when it comes to goals and visions?

As always, I love hearing from you!

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  1. Catt says:

    Jia Ni,

    I loved reading this! I love putting pen to paper too – the first time I heard about it was reading the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens when I was like..12 or 13. Since then I always wrote goals. I think one thing is it has to be authentic, not just a run of all these goodies for me – which I can get into if I’m not clear on what I truly desire.

    I used scripting to call in my partner, and I remember reading the script I wrote 2 months before and reading parts of it to him..it was almost like magic we were both laughing!!
    Another beautiful gift of pen to paper!


    • Jia Ni Teo says:

      Amazing! What a powerful story demonstrating the magic in writing your goals down! Thank you for sharing it here.

      I hear you on the authenticity factor, and I find it really assists when I incorporate all my senses in — it also acts as an inner compass to sift out what’s I truly value and desire. x