Enriching Your Self Worth To Live Your Desired Life

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Following on the topic “What stops most women from living their desires“ with last week’s post here on Tall Poppy Syndrome (and the first layer of resistance).

This week, let’s move into the second layer of resistance that holds us back from living our biggest, brightest, shiniest lives.



Self-love is deeply connected to our sense of self worth.

Most people base their self worth on the outer, tangible, materialistic achievements and belongings.

But this actually perpetuates insecurity.

“If one day, I lost everything I have accumulated materialistically (e.g. money, flashy cars, high-paying job), how would I feel about me?”

A person who has based their worth heavily on achievements and material will feel terror, fear, and even depressed that their identity is lost.

A person who has based their worth on their deep sense of self-love may feel sad, but ultimately their confidence and happiness won’t sizzle away.

Self-love allows us to cultivate self worth, which brings in what we desire to create in our lives.


How do we cultivate self-love + self worth?

By cultivating selfishness.

By loving ourselves through the good – and the bad. The beautiful – and not so beautiful.

By valuing ourselves enough (and more) to take risks, follow our truths, and putting our requirements first.

By not settling for less, or self abandoning because it’s easier to avoid the situation/problem/take the risk.

By loving ourselves so much that we invest in our growth, say ‘YES’ to our desires, and believe in manifesting our power.

This week, I invite you to journey through the layer of self-love.

Through the clarity of finding what your true desires are (last week’s post will help), and then loving ourselves through the process to have the faith in us, and the courage to stake it on us.


This week’s assignment

Where have you said avoided speaking/acting on your truth because it seemed easier to NOT? Then love yourself enough to go for it. 

We do it all the time.

Maybe it’s almost signing up for a coaching program but then backing out because the fear (excitement in disguise) seemed overwhelming, or not asking for the sale because it seemed easier to not take a stand.

Or not increasing your prices (even if you feel resentful and undervalued) because you’re afraid of what the response to be.

Self-love starts with you claiming your worth and saying that you’re worth it. ;)

Jia Ni

What STOPS most women from living the life they TRULY desire

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Last week, I spent my time in Sydney connecting with women from all around the world who were committed to taking our businesses and life to the next level.


One of my biggest takeaways was around what STOPS most women from having it all … and living the life they TRULY desire.


What STOPS most women from living the life they TRULY desire?


Let’s talk about what some of us call the Tall Poppy Syndrome.

The tall poppy syndrome (TPS) is a pejorative term to describe a social phenomenon in which people of genuine merit are resented, attacked, cut down, or criticised because their talents or achievements elevate them above or distinguish them from their peers.

The fear of being chopped down, ‘modern day witch burned’, ostracised – when we REALLY give ourselves the permission to play big, live out loud, have it all.

There’s a deep-seeded wound buried within many women that prevents us from shining brightly, going all out and all in when it comes to manifesting our dreams and desires.

A protective mechanism (that can even be an unconscious reflex) that holds us back from playing bigger, because we anticipate a negative and potentially hurtful reaction from people around us.

We unconsciously make ourselves become invisible in the game.

We unconsciously take ourselves out of the game.

We self-abandon in the game that is our life.

As a young girl, I recall seeing other incredible women who were living what I desired, yet instead of celebrating and being inspired, I learnt to see them as different and/or privileged and/or wrong.

They were ‘one of THOSE people’.

On the other side of the coin, I also struggled with feeling very much alone, guilty, and wronged when I went all out for my desires.

One day, I realised that I desired to be one of THOSE people too! Those movers and shakers of the world that were living their lives unapologetically. 

That’s when it dawned upon me. I deeply feared that I would be judged the way I had unconsciously judged others in the past. In my judgement, I resisted the parts of me that I desired (& REQUIRED) to become in order to have the life I desired.


In the process of letting go of the effects the fear of being a tall poppy has on us, we require to first let go of the judgements we have towards others (and ourselves).

This week, your assignment is to release JUDGEMENT.

1. Gift yourself some time and space to write down all the things that you desire in your life (including what those people have that you desire). 

2. Then, allow yourself to write down the judgements you have around those people/having them. 

The insight and clarity around why you have not yet allowed yourself to have what you desire in my life already will surface from this process. The more judgements you consciously let go of, the easier the next step becomes.

Next week, I’ll be sharing the 2nd step is so that you can rise above the fear of being a tall poppy & speed up the process of creating the life you desire.

Stay tuned!

Much love,
Jia Ni

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The Four Dimensions of Wellbeing

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I love the word ‘wellbeing’, it literally means being well.

I also love it embodying/living wellbeing. Because I know that when I am well, and feel well both inside and out, I am able to live my best life. And from that high-flying energy and standpoint of feeling well, I can create and receive ANYTHING that I desire. Woohoo!

I’ve found that the 4 dimensions of wellbeing are essential pillars in living your best life – because when they’re strong and being taken care of, life just works. Incredibly.

Happiness. Bliss. Peace and harmony (inside + out).


Introducing the 4 dimensions of wellbeing… (& ways I nurture each one of them)


+ Moving my body. Walking. Gym time. Shaking it out. Dancing.

+ Creating space within by stretching.

+ Deep sensual breaths.

+ Eating healthful foods and drinks.

+ Staying organized.

+ Taking the effort to dress up beautifully.

+ Creating a bright beautiful inspiring space to live and work in (something I learnt from my dear friend Polly while I was in Ibiza).

+ Divine self care. (Nails, hair, massages, mmmm.)

+ 8 hours of sleep.


+ Mental dumps.

+ Writing it all out on paper.

+ Stimulating the mind through creating and implementing solutions.

+ Expanding the mind and what it thinks is possible through reading, coaching, and reading about/studying successful inspirational people (with a if they can do it, I can too! mindset).

+ Setting goals and achieving goals that bring you closer to your big, beautiful, living vision.


+ Connect deeply with someone I love.

+ Clearing out emotional clutter (forgiveness, letting go of hurt/anger/resentment).

+ Detaching from a particular outcome.

+ Surrounding yourself with positive friends and people who are here to uplift each other and committed to living the best life, ever.

+ Tears of joy. Tears of sadness. Honouring my emotions fully.

+ Telling someone how much I love them.


+ Meditation.

+ Journalling.

+ Gratitude.

+ Connecting with Source/Universe/God/Love.

+ Being and exuding love and kindness to everyone I meet.

+ Seeing the purity and the best in all things and people.

+ Always be growing and developing. 

+ Experiencing Life in awe.

+ Trusting the journey I signed up for (that I’m always supported).

+ Creating and living consciously.

+ Living in the now.

Which pillar(s) do you feel called to focus on right now? 

There are SO many things we can do to nurture our wellbeing and invite happiness to flow into our lives. Often we forget to in the midst of being ‘busy’. However, I truly believe that “slowing down” actually helps us to “speed up”, allowing us to work more productively, smartly, collapse the timelines, and plugging into what really matters. 

Watch your entire reality shift as you take divine personal responsibility for your wellbeing!

Have fun!

Jia Ni x

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4 Steps to Experience Emotional Freedom

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When we are stuck emotionally, we feel unmotivatedparalysed in our tracksunable to move forward.

Does this sound familiar?


No matter how much you logically understand what you have to do to experience those desires

When you’re stuck emotionally – the entire process feels like a big uphill battle.

Moving forwards even feels out of alignment - uninspiring - boring.

Freeing yourself emotionally will assist you in aligning with your goals – which creates more elegance in the process of manifesting your desires.


Here are 4 steps to assist you in freeing yourself emotionally, so that you can move forward towards your desires more elegantly…

Step 1. Get clear on your truth and your own desires

Ask yourself “What is it that I desire here?”, and answer honestly.


Step 2. Unveil your fears

“Why am I resisting the next step that will assist my evolution?” “What am I afraid of?” – “Is it true?” – “What am I really afraid of?” This is an incredibly powerful and revealing step. ;)

(E.g. “I’m afraid moving into the next level will move me apart from the people I love. Is it true? Most likely, No.” What are you really afraid of?)


Step 3. Delve into your emotions

Connect with your desires and unmask your fears, and find out which is bigger.

E.g. “Is your desire to create financial abundance through your business bigger than your fear of being judged for doing so?”

Only when our desire is bigger than our fear, can we make movement towards fulfilling that desire.


Step 4. Gift yourself permission to honour your truth

We often have a strong knowing about what is true for us, and the big payoff starts when we give ourselves the permission to step into it, even when it feels scary!

Personally, I always remind myself of this: We will always feel some form of resistance when we are growing and stretching into experiencing something bigger than where we are currently at right now.


If you’re feeling stuck right now AND you’re committed to doing whatever it takes to experience your desires and visions, let’s have a private 1:1 conversation on how you can move forward with more ease. 

I’ve witnessed clients who – as a result of our work together to free themselves emotionally – experience their desires so elegantly, whether it be manifesting love, selling high-end packages, creating five-figure months and so much more.

Much Love,
Jia Ni

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3 Power Drains Blocking You From Receiving More

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When we’re fully in our power, we’re completely in a state of flow and everything is possible.

Imagine that you’re in flow…

You’re receiving high-end clients and selling one after another high-end package – your relationships are amazing – you feel energized and healthy – you’re feeling completely empowered in all areas of your life and business.


Today I wanted to talk about power drains – specifically, things and situations that potentially take us OUT of our power. 

Before I go further, I invite you to answer this question:

What are the things/situations in your life that act a power drain for you?

Perhaps it’s having an untidy work area.

Maybe it’s staying in relationships that no longer add value to your life.

Or physical clutter in your environment.

When we access our intuition and get clear on what’s draining our power, a lot of power returns as we realize that it’s always a choice that we (ourselves) made.

I’m going to take it a level deeper as always and share with you 3 things that are big power drains for many women.

3 Big Power Drains (& How To Transform Them)

1. Unnecessary drama that sucks your energy.

One of the big turning points in my life is when I consciously chose to no longer be available for unnecessary drama.

Instead of spending huge amounts of time worrying and analysing what I said, what he/she said, start living in the present moment, where the point of power is.

Instead: Cultivate such an immense amount of self-love that you know you deserve to live a life free of unnecessary drama, so you can focus on what you desire to create and experience – in the now.


2. Limiting beliefs that keep (unconsciously) creating a reality that no longer serves you.

I ‘should’ do this, I ‘have to’, ‘It’s just how it is’.

Everything is a choice.

Sure, there are expectations and ‘the rules’ – but the choice to conform or not is still a choice that you are 100% free to make. 

Instead: Look at belief systems that you’re carrying around that no longer serve you (e.g. money is evil when you desire to accumulate wealth; there’s not enough clients out there when you desire more clients – you get the point!) and transform them.

Flip them around, and start programming yourself every single DAY till these become your new, empowering truths/beliefs.


3. Self-abandonment and when you don’t fully own + embody your power and truth.

Resentment is what happens when we don’t own our power and live our truth.

When we say ‘okay..’ when we mean ‘NO!’, when we say ‘no’ when we mean ‘YES!’, when we get an intuitive hit on something (and choose not to listen).

When we self-abandon because we buy into an illusion.

Instead:  Do everyone (+ yourself) a favour and communicate your truth.

Say ‘yes’ when you mean ‘yes’ (and vice versa), follow your intuition because they always lead you to your desires – and decide today that you will never self-abandon even when it seems difficult.

Here’s to your power!

Much Love,

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