Feeling Depleted? 4 Steps to Rebalance You.

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As high achievers and go-getters, we can get ourselves into a ‘Can I really have all of this done?’ or ‘Have I committed to too much yet again?’ situation.

My first reaction was to blame myself and then feel that I must work harder, sleep later, and get a stricter schedule to fix the situation.

However, the go-go-going energy can also lead to feeling depleted and burnt out – especially since we’re not designed to run on over-power in the long term.

On top of that, we don’t do our best work when we’re overworked and uninspired!

So step out of the shame, give yourself a big hug for doing so well thus far, and read on for 4 easy steps to refresh and rebalance  your body, mind, and soul.

4 Steps to A More Refreshed & Rebalanced You

Step 1. Take care of your physical body
Our body is the instrument through which we perform our work. So take care of your body and make sure it’s well attuned.

Step 2. Audit how you’re using your energy
How do you use your energy daily? Are you using your time for things that will contribute to your vision, wellbeing, and keeping your frequency high?

I consciously choose to stay away from just sitting around and complaining now and actually engage in things that I enjoy and makes me happy.

Step 3. Get clear on your why
Answer the question: “Why do I do what I do? What is my vision? And why is it important that I live this vision?”

Your why will keep you moving through the thick and thin, when the easier option is to just give up.

Step 4. Ask for help
Allowing yourself to receive support and help is essential and you don’t have to try to manage all of it on your own. Asking for support from your coach, and delegating what you can – will make a world of difference!

Bonus Tip: Sleep well!
Sleep is so important for me and I always feel a difference when I’m deprived of it. I also enjoy meditating in bed to re-align myself.


Never Give Up On Your Dreams

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I have a confession.

I used to be quite the drama queen who would throw a tantrum with my hands in the air shouting “I GIVE UP! It’s too hard!” when things didn’t go as I expected.

One day I found out, that – without the drama – I just had a “I know this is what I want and I will never-give-up” attitude. 

One of my favourite quotes? A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.


Of course, I’ve also learnt that there’s a level of emotional maturity that has to be developed where you no longer let ‘life’s roadblocks’ run your life. 

Whenever you meet a ‘roadblock’, it’s up to you to bounce back.

Let yourself have your own process (throw a pity party, cry, feel your feelings, eat ice cream or whatever is required) for the next hour, then tap back into your strength and move forward with your vision once again. Don’t give up!

How To Never Give Up On Your Dreams

1. Keep your vision in front of you at all times.

Get clear on your desires and place them in the forefront of your mind. If it’s important to you and you’re connected to your truth – you won’t give up on it.

Action step: I personally have my vision board in front of me at all times in my office space, as my computer wallpaper – to remind me of what’s important to me and what I’m committed to creating (no matter what or how long it takes me).

2. Develop an action plan.

I believe that whenever we have a desire that’s for our highest good, we’re supported by God/the Universe. Meet the Universe half-way with your action plan.

Action step: Take three action steps everyday that will move you towards your goal, dream, vision.

3. Prioritise self-care (and relaxation). 

You’ve got to be well taken care of in order to function and perform at your best. On that note, only you know best what your body requires.

Action step: Take care of your health, sleep well, work hard and play/relax hard.

4. Know that you deserve it.

You deserve everything that you require to live your best life right now.

Action step: Set your intention to know and experience this truth in every cell of your body. You deserve to live your best life – and you can have all that you dream of.

In the comments below: What action step will you implement and commit to?

Share below and make some movement towards your dreams!


Cultivating Your Beautiful Reality

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Once upon a time, my mind was constantly full – with chaotic noises, thoughts, and there was always some calculus/mathematics problem solving going on (yup 8-).


It definitely felt like a restaurant in my mind – and not the classy, quiet, tranquil type. I remember just hearing conversations, questions, noises whenever I stopped to listen (which was rarely and mostly at bed time).

As within, so without.

So, of course, my life was totally full and chaotic as well. I seemed to always find myself over-committed to projects, letting someone else make choices for me, and not living my life on my own terms.

How could I – when I couldn’t even hear my own voice in the midst of the ‘noise’, right?

How To Cultivate & Create Your Beautiful Reality

1. Pause & Listen.

Right now, just pause – be still. Notice what’s being broadcasted in your mind. What’s going on between the temples? What are you occupying your mind with? How do you speak to yourself, to your body, to others?

My experience: When I first started this practice, I became aware that my mind was a chaotic restaurant kitchen, trying to balance all the stimulus happening around me. I was also surprised at how hard I was on myself. The more I pause, listen, and tune in – the more serene and tranquil it has become. And my outer reality also acts as proof to what’s going on within.

2. Empty your mind. Create space.

Get it all out on paper. The lists, things ‘on your mind’, the untold stories, all of it.

My experience: Creating mental whitespace has saved me from overwhelm (and fear of overwhelm).

3. Consciously fill your mind with beautiful things.

Positive affirmations, writing gratitude lists, meditation are some of the practices that never fail to attune my mind to beauty, truth, and love. Most times we’re pre-occupied with the outer physical reality, forgetting to tend to the inner garden – which actually dictates what manifests outside.

My experience: Increasing my frequency through a constant immersion of beautiful and kind thoughts – of me, others, and everything – has changed my entire reality (to say the least)! As always, practice makes perfect and this is one to keep practicing as you would a lifestyle (a.k.a 24/7).

4. Stay away from the not-so-beautiful things.

Or the downright nasty thoughts whether from your own self, or from your surroundings.

My experience: You get to choose what you think. On the other hand, I used to think that the only solution was to ‘suck it up’ and withstand being in these situations – as well as not “be so sensitive”. Anyone relate?

The truth is, we always have a choice – perhaps it’s removing yourself completely from a negative situation, or empowering yourself to be no longer be affected. I’ve realized that the power is always completely with you.

In the comments below – What’s your favourite practice to keep your mind filled with beauty? I’d love to hear from you!

Jia Ni

Celebrate Your Way To Success!

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Celebrations used to be something I had to work for

Of course – it was always fun to celebrate!

However, it also became a breeding ground for frustration and anger when there was ‘nothing significant‘ to celebrate …. yet!

Can you relate to this or something similar?

It felt like a herculean effort was required until the next celebration.

Until one day, I completely shifted into celebrating little milestones, wins, and little things daily. Everything started to flow so much more easily, and receiving became more of a natural process.

Whether it’s law of attraction or not – I’ve found that the more I celebrate, the more there IS to celebrate.


As you can tell, it’s been quite the party here since! :P

5 Steps to Celebrate Your Way Into Your Vision

1. Celebrate the ‘little’ things

A good day’s worth of work done? Wrote a particularly awesome mailer or blog post? Did the workout for today? Ate well? How awesome – celebrate that!

Note: Celebrating myself for sticking to my goals, committing to my vision, and keeping the faith + keeping on has been thoroughly acknowledged. And it’s inspired me to take more powerful, inspired, action!

2. Celebrate the unseen

Faith = belief in things unseen. The good vibes, feelings, goosebumps, fist pump, great ideas, lightbulb moments!

Note: I must say, celebrating having faith that things will work out, no matter what, and that I’m supported has sky-rocketed my confidence in myself, and the inspiration I receive!

3. Celebrate fully, and in the Now

Whether it’s taking time to relax and nurture myself, read a good book, have a fancy drink, booking a trip overseas – celebrate it all FULLY.

Note: Immersing and revelling in the moment and experience… Ahh, that has helped me increase the pleasure I receive from each experience and keeps me feeling so fulfilled and joyful for longer periods of time. ;)

4. Celebrate the ‘big’ things

Smashed your goal for the month? Completed a big project? Finished that book you’ve been putting on hold for ages? Finally crossed something off your to do list?

Note: It’s all relative! The more I’ve allowed myself to celebrate everything in my life that makes me happy, the more seemingly ‘big’ things there are to celebrate!!

5. Plan your next celebration

This is key! As women we are mostly driven by our desires and emotions. Money flows where there’s a purpose for it. It’s no wonder that when you’re emotionally connected to that big ‘WHY’, the ’cause for celebration’ has to manifest – and does so more joyfully too!

Note: I get so psyched and thrilled just planning my next celebration – whether it’s taking a trip half-way around the world, a fabulous shopping trip etc. Allow yourself to connect with your visions and enjoy being with the energy of celebration.

Have fun celebrating!

I’d love to hear from you… In the comments below – How do you celebrate?

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Jia Ni

3 Step Process to Be Free From Fear

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I hear women entrepreneurs tell me that they feel paralyzed by fear, and eventually feel frustrated and resentful (with themselves or people around them). They stop taking action, and the fear feels so daunting that they eventually do nothing and find themselves stuck.

To be honest, I understand. When you’re putting yourself out in the world, or doing something awesome and new, fear creeps in.

You know, feeling stuck and out of alignment used create fear that then ran my life. It used to hold me back for weeks – and sometimes months.

On this week’s video, I’m sharing with you a 3-step process you can use to free yourself from fear – so that you’re not holding yourself back and can start experiencing your desires and vision!

Watch this video right now!

In the comments below: What inspired action are you committed to take?

Post your inspired action step below right now, and then come back and update me when you’re done! :)

Much Love,
Jia Ni

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