How to Get Your Clients Powerful RESULTS As A Coach

Posted on: April 19, 2017 Category: For Coaches

How to Get Your Clients Powerful RESULTS As A Coach

One of the most popular questions I get asked by my private coaching clients who are coaches and consultants is how to get their clients results in coaching

Chances are, you care deeply about helping your clients get results, and this question is often one that you think about.

Here are the tips I give my 1:1 coaching clients:

1. Deliver your BEST service … while remaining unattached.

Focus on delivering your best coaching services…
Be committed to your clients’ results…
While remaining un-attached.

Remember that the immediate results are not a direct reflection of your abilities and skills as a coach.

Focusing on the immediate, tangible results alone can a short-sighted thing — as many results will come over the coming weeks and months too!

In my coaching practice, we look at results on many different levels (physical ones of course — and emotional and energetic ones too!)

Because, when we are able to shifts how we feel and vibrate on an emotional and energetic level respectively, we are creating a fertile nourishing ground for the client’s goals and dreams now and for time to come.

{Often it can look like things aren’t happening after 1-2 sessions, and then suddenly a huge exponential growth occurs due to the mindset shifts and action that have been put in place over time.}

2. Make your client’s empowerment #1

Empower your clients to feel self-empowered. That means: taking responsibility for their own results, being able to discern what is right for them and share what isn’t during the coaching (not just taking everything as-is!), holding their own boundaries, and asking for exactly what they need from coaching.

Two empowered people coming together to collaborate, strategise and co-create = powerful results delivered.

3. Hold the space for your client’s Highest potential and reality

See them as who they are, even when they don’t believe in themselves.

When they’re playing small, invite them to step up and show up on a bigger level.

This is one of the wonderful gifts of having a coach!

4. Share with an open heart and mind

Share what you are intuitively perceiving and receiving (with an open heart and intention to serve/support).

Remember you are the expert and coaching can sometimes be uncomfortable. Share without being attached to your answers landing right away (or landing at all). This includes sharing what they might not want to hear!

{Sometimes I’ll share what I am intuitively seeing or getting as a coach, and my client will say ‘No, that’s not what is going on’. And that’s PERFECT. We look at things from a different perspective, ask different questions, and use these as starting points for the conversation — they lead to the ‘AHA moment’.}

5. Be OK with not having all the answers (Know your role as a coach)

Coaching is a journey that the coach and client undertakes together.

It’s OK not to have all the answers at the start of the session, because the answers REVEAL themselves with each coaching process and prompts.

I love seeing coaching as a journey of discovery. We never know where the session goes at the beginning – we simply have a strong intention and clear goal – and the session always comes full-circle at the end.

You’re not there to give answers — and that’s OK. The value of coaching doesn’t always lie in being able to give your clients the answers, it also lies in them feeling heard, respected, valued, discovering their own revelations and so much more…

In coaching, we believe that the client often has the answers within them. We believe that no two client is the same — and therefore each approach is personalised and tailored to fit each client’s circumstance, beliefs, dreams and values.

Your main role as a coach is to LISTEN — and listening between the lines of what your client is saying. That’s where the gems are! :-)

How to Get Your Clients Powerful RESULTS As A Coach

6. Teach your clients how to be GREAT clients! (Build valuable skills via coaching)

Above discovering answers to what is currently going on – one of the gifts of coaching is that we learn incredibly valuable skills as a person (that will add to our net worth and value).

Some of the skills you might build with your client include setting and communicating their needs and boundaries;  developing resourcefulness and a solution-oriented mindset; getting out of victimhood and taking control of their destiny; asking for what they desire; valuing and honouring themselves (and their work); having a strong sense of self-awareness; self-love etc.

In business coaching sessions with my clients, we also build skills like communicating the value of their work; loving the sales process; making sales and asking for money for their work; increasing their prices and booking clients at new rates; outsourcing work and getting more support in the business etc.

{One of the most important skills you can teach your client is DISCERNMENT. Teach them how to honour their own guidance and be led by their own heart. Teach them that your coaching is there to complement and support them with alignment and making decisions — ultimately they are the ones to call the shots for their own results and decisions (with your loving guidance and powerful support).}

7. Dismantle the pedestal

Possibly my favourite one – and one that’s SO powerful when it comes to getting great results as a coach.

Empower your clients to discern and see you as a fellow human. (That’s right!)

Sometimes we see our coach as an authority, and unknowingly we can put them on a pedestal — which is dangerous. We take their word as gospel and blindly without consulting our own intuition. Ensure your clients don’t put you on a pedestal and give away their power as a result of that.

8. Keep building your own skills

Finally, as you keep developing your own skills – whether through attending development workshops/trainings, working with a coach, gaining more real life experience via running your own business/living your life, clocking in on your coaching/consulting hours…

As you keep investing in your growth and training, you’ll get better and better. Practices leads to mastery. And true mastery at that – as you build on the points above and establish a strong foundation!

Ready to Develop Coaching Confidence?

I’ve put together a PDF Workbook to help you exude TRUE confidence as a coach/consultant.

It really starts with you feeling confident about your abilities a coach.

The sales, clients, results – they’re a flow on effect of how you feel internally. When you’re confident, you’re focusing on the right things with your clients (instead of being worried about insecurities).

Download this PDF workbook here (it’s FREE)!

I believe in you.

With love,

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No shortage of success

Posted on: April 12, 2017 Category: Business & Entrepreneurship

No shortage of success

On Thursday I held our FIRST Facebook LIVE training for our Easeful Course members.

It was all about Advanced Mastery of the Abundance Mindset.

(Because it all starts with mindset — and having a beautiful nourishing mindset makes action much more leveraged. ;))

Anyway, I feel really called to share a piece from our training with you!

Most of us have a wonderful abundance mindset that says –
There is no shortage of demand.
There’s enough clients, money, work out there for all of us.
There are 7 billion people in this world who are seeking to improve their lives (and you can help).

And there’s a deeper — more advanced — level we can go to.
I love depth.
I love mastery.
So where there’s an invitation to dive deeper, sign me up! (Hehe.)

The next level is this — there is no shortage of success.

What that looks like:
It is safe for you to share your success.
It is safe for you not to feel like you have to dim your light, or hide.
You being wildly successful in no way diminishes the success available to others.
And when it feels right, it is safe for you to share your resources because you are unique and there is enough success to go around for everyone.

See how much more spacious and expansive that feels?

I truly believe that we can ALL be successful, in our own domain & doing what we love in our own way.

There’s enough success out there for everyone — for you.

So go create and celebrate and revel in and share your success.

You can still join Easeful and access the full training, and we are also running another business-focused training next week!

Much love

Easeful - Money & Income Goals Course for Creative Entrepreneurs

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How Your Business + Money Beliefs Are Affecting Your Results & Reality

Posted on: April 4, 2017 Category: Business & Entrepreneurship

How Your Business & Money Beliefs Are Affecting Your Results & Reality

Our thoughts and beliefs dictate our reality.

Simply put, what we think and believe in dictate what and how we perceive — and what we perceive (or don’t perceive) creates our results and our current reality.

Have you ever felt like you just can’t figure out the solution to something…
Then, someone (a friend, spouse, family, acquaintance, coach) asks, ‘Why don’t you do X’?
And it dawns on you — Why haven’t I thought of that? Could it be that easy/simple?’

Imagine if this friend never said a thing — you’d have carried out as is … not knowing any better!

That, lovely, is how powerfully our beliefs dictate our reality.

Have you *taken on* any of the following beliefs that don’t support you with your lifestyle (= how/the style you desire to live your life/business)?

Let’s examine some of the perceptions and beliefs out there…

It’s difficult to create success as an entrepreneur
You have to work really hard to be successful
You have to be willing to sacrifice your life (or put it on hold) to build a successful business
If you’re not always working on/in your business, you’re losing out on opportunities and potential income
You have to spend money to make money
You deserve success once you’ve been around long enough (age)
Success will come to you when you’ve been in this game for a long time (decades)
You need to follow X system/way to create wealth and success

Limiting beliefs have an element to them.

They’re often —

Controlling/no room for intuition and creativity.

You really can.

You can build (and grow) a business based on your intuition.

You can create success in your own way — a way that is aligned and authentic for you.

You can choose to create money in business without spending money.

You can allow things to be easy for you.

You can (________________________).
Yes, you really can.

Let’s take a stand for doing business in your own way — take what works and leave what doesn’t from what is already out there.

If it’s not already out there, you can absolutely pave your own way. (Yes, it’s a thing! And yes, you can still create success that way!)

Let’s start by dropping the beliefs and perceptions about business and money that don’t really serve us.

And let’s start to clear what isn’t ours (and what we’ve made ours that isn’t supportive); program new beliefs and perceptions; and create healthy boundaries so that we are always discerning what is someone’s beliefs/perceptions without taking it on and making it ours.

Here are a few ways I can support you in doing exactly that:

Private 1:1 coaching packages where we will tailor your sessions to your business and life goals, clear and align your energy, and start creating results in an authentic and aligned way

Easeful Course is a business & income goals course for creative entrepreneurs. Our participants say that I have totally over-delivered and the bonus material is already worth the cost price itself (you get workbooks, monthly Facebook LIVE advanced business & mindset trainings, a wonderful community and so much more) Join us before the price increases here.

It’s truly about the beautiful art of discernment + boundaries.

So wonderfully supportive in life + business.


PS : I’ve also included a training all about the tools and processes you can use right now to clear these beliefs, program new ones, and develop firm, healthy, energising boundaries so that we don’t take on other people’s beliefs and perceptions of reality! Find out more here.

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Your Consistency = Your Connection to Your Value

Posted on: March 29, 2017 Category: Business & Entrepreneurship

Your consistency & how consistently you are showing up in your business is DIRECTLY related to how connected you are to your vision, your value and the impact of your work (message, services etc.)

Your Consistency = Your Connection To Your Value

Running your own business can be a journey filled with all kinds of fears, concerns and highs + lows.

Let’s talk about these fears for a moment :

The dangers of giving in to our fears is that we stay in our comfort zone, playing small, remaining safe and unseen/hidden.

When we feel overwhelmed by fear — we naturally feel the need to pull back from our business, which may lead to lack of consistency in our action-taking or showing up.

Because it feels safer and more comfortable to surrender to our fears, we can stay stuck when it comes to our goals (because we aren’t showing up consistently and playing the BIG game that we know we are meant for).

Success is all about showing up with consistency.

It’s about showing up to do the work every day, even (especially) when others are not. ;-)

There are a few options that we can see (to have consistency despite fear), one being —

We can push and convince ourselves to IGNORE the fear, to ‘not think about those concerns’.

Yet, this solution is temporary.

Not looking at our fears and making peace with them doesn’t mean they’re not there.

It’s not a long-term solution.

So, what can we do instead?

Here’s an option I propose —

We get SO connected to our value + impact that we are so LED by that — we feel compelled to show up with consistency.

In order to be consistent …

We must get deeply CONNECTED to the value of our work.

We must very clearly KNOW the impact of our Truth.

We must STAY aligned to our knowing + value + impact.

Because connecting to your value and the impact that your work creates helps you be more CONSISTENT, which helps you create and followthrough with your:

  • Goals
  • Projects
  • Launches
  • Creations & Ideas
  • And so much more…

3 prompts to help you connect to your value :

1. ‘My (body of) work is powerful and necessary because ….’

2. Why is it absolutely essential that your program reaches and helps your ideal clients NOW?

3. How does your work and message IMPACT? (Think: on a large scale)

I really saw things when I started receiving coaching. At first, I was transformed — I started to take an active participation in CREATING my life (vs. letting life happen, or just resigning to whatever showed up). Then, I witness my sister transforming her life and taking a more active participation in her life. It started with her asking me about vision boards and goal setting, and us doing our vision boards together — and now she’s got her own arsenal of tools to support her on every level. And then my parents, friends, clients ‘awakened’ to a new way of living and creating Life. It still astounds me today — as I coach my clients I know that they will take these messages and learnings and inspire those around them to do things in a different way because of our work together!

Journal out and get so clear and specific on the momentous IMPACT of your work. The astounding ripple effect that it has in this world and consciousness.

Sometimes we might think that our business is supports our clients (and us) in creating an amazing lifestyle, experiences, wealth and abundance. However, that’s also thinking *too small*.

Your work is so valuable, and it has a greater impact than just 2 people. (I’m certain of it!)

So — Reach deeper. Think bigger.

Then, show up.

The showing up with consistency part becomes so much easier when it’s about SO MUCH MORE.

(Quitting just isn’t an option when you know your unique value + impact — because, if not you then who?)

Is time management and organization stopping you from having consistency in business?

I’ve created an audio training just for you. 

Register for free here:

I know you can do it!


PS : We go more in-depth with how to be deeply connected, clear and specific on the value of your work (and practice this daily) in Easeful. Find out more at

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