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Posted on: February 23, 2015 Category: Business & Entrepreneurship


As a proud partner and affiliate of BSchool, I am so excited to share my BSchool bonus today including everything you receive when you sign up for BSchool using my partner link here.

I joined BSchool three years ago (while I was in my first year of university), not knowing what to expect from the programme – yet knowing the following:

+ I desire to create a life around freedom. Freedom to do what I love (live my purpose) and be abundantly supported for it; freedom to work from wherever in the world and whenever (honouring my love for travel and my wanderlust); and freedom to be able to work from home (if/when I have my own family one day).

+ I desire to positively impact the world through my gifts and doing what I love.

+ I desire the ability to continually increase my income as I pour more energy (and invest more time and effort) into my business.

+ I desire to create something that was an investment in my future – something that will continue to thrive and expand beyond me.

Thanks to BSchool, I’ve created a business I wildly love.

One that continually allows me to:

+ Live in alignment with my values. “Freedom” is a non-negotiable – wouldn’t you agree?

+ Coach clients internationally, working with women from the US, UK, Australia, Malaysia, China, Panama & more.

+ Travel with my business. From “working” holidays to Paris, Ibiza, LA to moving interstate with my business – so much more in the cards and so much more possibilities here!

+ Sell high end packages from $1k intensives to $6k coaching packages and working with the most incredible clients.

I never thought this was possible for me until I said ‘Yes’ to my dreams!



If you haven’t already, I urge you to watch these free videos by Marie on why ‘Now’ is the time to create an online business, and how to create a profitable online business.

So, now that you know about my experience with BSchool… ;) I’ve been behind the scenes carefully crafting and pouring a lot of loving attention into what would have really supported me and created the most positive impact in my journey when I started BSchool, and I’ve come up with my bonus when you join BSchool with me (below).


JiaNi1353By signing up through my link, you’ll receive:

+ A 2 hour private coaching intensive (Value: $700)

Personal attention and coaching from me to help you map out where you are currently and where you desire to be. Walk away with crystal clear clarity and an action plan that you align with to close that gap.

+ Access to a private Facebook group (Valued at $500)

Exclusive access to an intimate, high touch, close knit community of like-minded, go-getting, driven women entrepreneurs who are here to support one another in this exciting journey!

+ Four video training workshops (Valued at $500)

I’ll be taking you behind the scenes in my business to show you how I run my business, including how to create high end packages you and your clients simply adore, how to bust through emotional blocks along the way, how to soar in all areas of your life (how I balanced health, relationships, study, and business), and how to create prosperity in your life.

I find this super exciting and I know this will be invaluable – getting a total behind the scenes look at how I’ve done it, and how you can model what has worked for me to shave time off your success curve!

+ Unlimited personal email support from me throughout B-School (Valued at: $200)

To hold you accountable. Receive unlimited private access to someone who has invested $60,000+ in education and coaching (and who has been there) so that you can shorten your own timeline to success.

NOTE: You must click on this link to qualify for your bonuses (valued at $1999).


Marie answers the FAQs about BSchool here.

If you have further questions on my BSchool experience, don’t hesitate to email jiani@jianiteo.com with your questions and I’ll personally respond to you. :)

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Manifesting Our Dream!

Posted on: February 20, 2015 Category: Live Your Vision

Today I jet off to Sydney to begin the next season of my life!

I am giggly with excitement and totally mind-blown about how Steve and I have manifested this vision of ours. I remember always having this knowing that I desired to move to Sydney in 2015 – and it’s happening now (plus even better than what I had imagined)!


Thrilled beyond words for this new chapter. I seriously can’t wait to collect the keys to our beautiful new home and start settling in!

In total transparency, the journey wasn’t all smooth sailing. There were bumps and re-routes (better words for challenges) – and I share this because I know that I often get caught up in looking at others (thinking ‘oh, it was easy for them’). 

My intention is to share what worked for us in manifesting our vision (which really assisted us to continue leaning into the vision, the desire, the delicious idea of Sydney, instead of throwing in the towel and giving up) and moulding it into reality!

Tips on Manifesting A Shared Vision

+ Remain solution-oriented.

When we were knocked off our feet, we came back together with the mindset of “OK – so that happened, what’s the solution here?”

Instead of dwelling in a pity party of “WHY ME/US?!” – we trust, trust, trusted that ‘No’ meant the Universe was saying ‘Not yet, something better is coming right up!’

Instead of focusing on “problems” at hand, focus on the solutions. (This alone made the entire experience a whole different one.)

+ Keep taking action.

We applied for a gorgeous home in the early stages and never heard back – only to find out online that the place was already leased!

So we decided to kick it up a notch and take action on applying for 5-10 homes (massive action) that we felt good about (inspired action). We followed up a few days after to get in touch with each one as well.

In the end, we had a few choices to choose from! So we got to pick a place that resonated with us the most. Win!

+ Support each other on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

I amped up my commitment to my morning and evening practices that keeps me in high vibration. We committed to eating and being healthy to keep our energy healthy. We mentally kept affirming to ourselves that we got this.

I personally recall falling asleep chanting “I will I will I will” and “I can I can I can”. I also cried a few times throughout the process, and allowed myself to be immensely supported by the masculine. ;)

+ Accept support from every source available to gift support.

We are blessed to have family and friends who were available to assist us in any way they could.

We gratefully received all the support that was offered to us – including ideas on where to look for/not look for houses, house viewings (thanks Jess!), good jujus etc.

+ Be clear on the shared living vision.

I was super duper clear that I required a beautiful airy place with light walls, big windows in every room for fresh air, and windows that look out to beautiful greenery with natural views. ;) I was crystal clear on what I wanted. I knew what I required, and I was unwilling to settle for less in my requirements.

So we got it – big abundant windows, fresh airy rooms with lots of natural light and bright light walls. Ahhhhh. ;) Pictures to come!


I am so looking forward to sharing more photos, musings, and everything in between with you. I know that the better it gets, the better it gets!

Till then, share in the comments below: Your biggest takeaway from this article, and even how you’ve manifested a big dream!

I love reading and personally replying to each comment. :)

Much Love,
Jia Ni

P/S: Did you know that B-School is open for enrolment? Click here to find out more about joining B-School with me!

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