The Four Dimensions of Wellbeing

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I love the word ‘wellbeing’, it literally means being well.

I also love it embodying/living wellbeing. Because I know that when I am well, and feel well both inside and out, I am able to live my best life. And from that high-flying energy and standpoint of feeling well, I can create and receive ANYTHING that I desire. Woohoo!

I’ve found that the 4 dimensions of wellbeing are essential pillars in living your best life – because when they’re strong and being taken care of, life just works. Incredibly.

Happiness. Bliss. Peace and harmony (inside + out).


Introducing the 4 dimensions of wellbeing… (& ways I nurture each one of them)


+ Moving my body. Walking. Gym time. Shaking it out. Dancing.

+ Creating space within by stretching.

+ Deep sensual breaths.

+ Eating healthful foods and drinks.

+ Staying organized.

+ Taking the effort to dress up beautifully.

+ Creating a bright beautiful inspiring space to live and work in (something I learnt from my dear friend Polly while I was in Ibiza).

+ Divine self care. (Nails, hair, massages, mmmm.)

+ 8 hours of sleep.


+ Mental dumps.

+ Writing it all out on paper.

+ Stimulating the mind through creating and implementing solutions.

+ Expanding the mind and what it thinks is possible through reading, coaching, and reading about/studying successful inspirational people (with a if they can do it, I can too! mindset).

+ Setting goals and achieving goals that bring you closer to your big, beautiful, living vision.


+ Connect deeply with someone I love.

+ Clearing out emotional clutter (forgiveness, letting go of hurt/anger/resentment).

+ Detaching from a particular outcome.

+ Surrounding yourself with positive friends and people who are here to uplift each other and committed to living the best life, ever.

+ Tears of joy. Tears of sadness. Honouring my emotions fully.

+ Telling someone how much I love them.


+ Meditation.

+ Journalling.

+ Gratitude.

+ Connecting with Source/Universe/God/Love.

+ Being and exuding love and kindness to everyone I meet.

+ Seeing the purity and the best in all things and people.

+ Always be growing and developing. 

+ Experiencing Life in awe.

+ Trusting the journey I signed up for (that I’m always supported).

+ Creating and living consciously.

+ Living in the now.

Which pillar(s) do you feel called to focus on right now? 

There are SO many things we can do to nurture our wellbeing and invite happiness to flow into our lives. Often we forget to in the midst of being ‘busy’. However, I truly believe that “slowing down” actually helps us to “speed up”, allowing us to work more productively, smartly, collapse the timelines, and plugging into what really matters. 

Watch your entire reality shift as you take divine personal responsibility for your wellbeing!

Have fun!

Jia Ni x

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4 Steps to Experience Emotional Freedom

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When we are stuck emotionally, we feel unmotivatedparalysed in our tracksunable to move forward.

Does this sound familiar?


No matter how much you logically understand what you have to do to experience those desires

When you’re stuck emotionally – the entire process feels like a big uphill battle.

Moving forwards even feels out of alignment - uninspiring - boring.

Freeing yourself emotionally will assist you in aligning with your goals – which creates more elegance in the process of manifesting your desires.


Here are 4 steps to assist you in freeing yourself emotionally, so that you can move forward towards your desires more elegantly…

Step 1. Get clear on your truth and your own desires

Ask yourself “What is it that I desire here?”, and answer honestly.


Step 2. Unveil your fears

“Why am I resisting the next step that will assist my evolution?” “What am I afraid of?” – “Is it true?” – “What am I really afraid of?” This is an incredibly powerful and revealing step. ;)

(E.g. “I’m afraid moving into the next level will move me apart from the people I love. Is it true? Most likely, No.” What are you really afraid of?)


Step 3. Delve into your emotions

Connect with your desires and unmask your fears, and find out which is bigger.

E.g. “Is your desire to create financial abundance through your business bigger than your fear of being judged for doing so?”

Only when our desire is bigger than our fear, can we make movement towards fulfilling that desire.


Step 4. Gift yourself permission to honour your truth

We often have a strong knowing about what is true for us, and the big payoff starts when we give ourselves the permission to step into it, even when it feels scary!

Personally, I always remind myself of this: We will always feel some form of resistance when we are growing and stretching into experiencing something bigger than where we are currently at right now.


If you’re feeling stuck right now AND you’re committed to doing whatever it takes to experience your desires and visions, let’s have a private 1:1 conversation on how you can move forward with more ease. 

I’ve witnessed clients who – as a result of our work together to free themselves emotionally – experience their desires so elegantly, whether it be manifesting love, selling high-end packages, creating five-figure months and so much more.

Much Love,
Jia Ni

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3 Power Drains Blocking You From Receiving More

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When we’re fully in our power, we’re completely in a state of flow and everything is possible.

Imagine that you’re in flow…

You’re receiving high-end clients and selling one after another high-end package – your relationships are amazing – you feel energized and healthy – you’re feeling completely empowered in all areas of your life and business.


Today I wanted to talk about power drains – specifically, things and situations that potentially take us OUT of our power. 

Before I go further, I invite you to answer this question:

What are the things/situations in your life that act a power drain for you?

Perhaps it’s having an untidy work area.

Maybe it’s staying in relationships that no longer add value to your life.

Or physical clutter in your environment.

When we access our intuition and get clear on what’s draining our power, a lot of power returns as we realize that it’s always a choice that we (ourselves) made.

I’m going to take it a level deeper as always and share with you 3 things that are big power drains for many women.

3 Big Power Drains (& How To Transform Them)

1. Unnecessary drama that sucks your energy.

One of the big turning points in my life is when I consciously chose to no longer be available for unnecessary drama.

Instead of spending huge amounts of time worrying and analysing what I said, what he/she said, start living in the present moment, where the point of power is.

Instead: Cultivate such an immense amount of self-love that you know you deserve to live a life free of unnecessary drama, so you can focus on what you desire to create and experience – in the now.


2. Limiting beliefs that keep (unconsciously) creating a reality that no longer serves you.

I ‘should’ do this, I ‘have to’, ‘It’s just how it is’.

Everything is a choice.

Sure, there are expectations and ‘the rules’ – but the choice to conform or not is still a choice that you are 100% free to make. 

Instead: Look at belief systems that you’re carrying around that no longer serve you (e.g. money is evil when you desire to accumulate wealth; there’s not enough clients out there when you desire more clients – you get the point!) and transform them.

Flip them around, and start programming yourself every single DAY till these become your new, empowering truths/beliefs.


3. Self-abandonment and when you don’t fully own + embody your power and truth.

Resentment is what happens when we don’t own our power and live our truth.

When we say ‘okay..’ when we mean ‘NO!’, when we say ‘no’ when we mean ‘YES!’, when we get an intuitive hit on something (and choose not to listen).

When we self-abandon because we buy into an illusion.

Instead:  Do everyone (+ yourself) a favour and communicate your truth.

Say ‘yes’ when you mean ‘yes’ (and vice versa), follow your intuition because they always lead you to your desires – and decide today that you will never self-abandon even when it seems difficult.

Here’s to your power!

Much Love,

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The Power of Asking for (Exactly) What You Want

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1602200_10152539254182641_6650527482723946629_oI have a firm belief that ‘askers get everything’.

I believe that when you desire something, and you own your power and ask for it, you receiving that desires becomes inevitable.

Yet, asking for what I truly desired had been quite a journey for me.

Firstly, I didn’t want to come across difficult, cause unnecessary trouble, or be ‘too much’. And underneath that, I wanted to be easygoing and liked.

What I realised, over time, was that asking for what you want is deeply connected to your belief in your self-worth.

Digging deeper I saw that I didn’t always show up to ask for exactly what I wanted (even when it was important to me) because I didn’t believe that I would get it.

In that moment – when a woman chooses not to show up for her true desires and hides – she self-abandons.

The truth is, you are entitled to receive all that you have intended and desire. When you start to consciously own your power, this becomes true. And it starts with a choice to stop self-abandoning, and start allowing yourself to receive exactly what you want!

The Omelette Story:

While I was in Paris, I was sitting at a French cafe having breakfast. I ordered a ham omelette. Moments later I receive an omelette with cheese. Being sensitive to dairy, my body didn’t want this plate of eggs. I politely told the waitress “I ordered omelette with ham.”

Seconds later, the same omelette on the same plate (with one bite taken out of it) returns to me, this time with cold ham shoved into said omelette.

At this point I had two choices -

(a) I could just keep quiet, and try to stomach this cheese-omelette with cold ham.

(b) I could send the food back for the second time, risking being seen by all the other cafe customers as being one of those ‘difficult’ customers.

I chose to politely ask the French waiter nearby for my original order – ‘an omelette with just ham, without cheese’. A few minutes later I got a hot delicious omelette with ham in it, which fuelled me and gave me energy for my Paris photoshoot later that day.

Whilst this looks like a pretty insignificant exchange, how you do one thing is often and inevitably how you do everything.

When I refused to settle for what I didn’t want, I opened myself up to receive exactly what I truly desired.

Think about it: how many times do we brush things off as unimportant – when in fact, they are important to us?

How many potentially life-changing and heart-opening words have been left unsaid – because it was easier to avoid them?

How many lives could you have facilitated transformation in, but didn’t – because you didn’t take a stand for who you were talking to, own your power, and ask for the sale?

No more self-abandoning.

No more feeling like you can’t have exactly what you desire.

You are worthy and deserving – exactly as you are right now.

Go get em’,
Jia Ni x

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5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Success (& What to Do Instead)

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I often find myself uncovering deeper patterns within me that aren’t supporting me in achieving the higher levels of success. Continually working on personal mastery has led to me feeling immense relief + gratitude when I uncover yet another limiting belief or pattern.

(I honestly feel intrigued and excited when I have these ‘Whoa! I see now’ and ‘AHA’ moments of clarity.)

Why? Peeling off emotional blocks and releasing negative energies always expands our ability to receive and support more. Whether it’s more clients, more money, more freedom, or more dreams come true.

So, this week I’ve decided to share 5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Success (& What to Do Instead).


1: Getting advice from the wrong people

I believe that the biggest mistake a person can ever make – is to believe and ‘buy into’ the words/advice of the wrong person.

We all have different belief systems that run and operate our lives. When you take on someone else’s belief system and let it run your life (especially if it’s working against you achieving your long-term vision – it can be dangerous.).

What to do instead: Actively take count of who you surround yourself with. Make sure they add value to your life and inspire you to be better. Don’t take advice from people who haven’t yet created what you desire to create in your own life.

2: Believing someone else (when you know better)

Do you discount your own inner and divine guidance by believing someone else – when you know better?

Personally, I ALWAYS check in with myself first, access my own intuition for the answer, and have a solid answer before I consult my coach (if required).

What to do instead: It takes a certain level of emotional maturity to have a level of self-certainty. Take time to tune in. How does it make you feel when you listen to what this person is saying? Does their truth resonate with your truth? What is your truth?

(Remember: You always know better.)

3: Participating in and reacting to drama

I personally find myself unavailable to participate in or react to drama.

Unless it’s someone I deeply care for (in which case I’ll be direct and communicate to them with love) – I choose to stay non-reactive to situations and people that create drama.

What to do instead: Have firm standards and healthy boundaries in terms of what you will accept/tolerate. Stick to your standards. Choose your battles wisely.

4: Not taking time to care for your energy and frequency

Especially important if you’re intuitive and sensitive to energy around you.

What to do instead: Make it a non-negotiable for you to keep your frequency high every day, every time.

5: Discounting your truth

Claim your expertise as the expert of your work and CEO of your business.

Taking a stand for what you believe in (your truth) might make some people unhappy/angry – but you’ll feel much better for honouring yourself. And they’ll respect you for it – which is always icing on the cake.

What to do instead: Take a stand for your own power, trust your own knowing, and follow your own intuition even if it means breaking rapport.

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