How to Upgrade Your Life (5 Steps to Prosperity & Abundance)

Posted on: January 15, 2013 Category: Self Mastery


Happy Tuesday!

I’ve recently received emails from readers, saying they would ideally live a happy healthy abundant life.

BUT (oh the dreaded word) … they don’t have enough resources to invest in themselves, or live a life like this.

I totally understand!

Been there, done that, and thankfully – I’ve found ways to upgrade my life that don’t require 360 degree changes.

Looking back, my life has upgraded dramatically while my expenses remain the same.

So, let’s talk upgrades!

How to Upgrade Your Life (& Live Happy Healthy Abundant Ever After)

1. Put on Your Future Tripping Glasses

Picture a few months from now, where would you be if you HAD invested in yourself?

If you hadn’t invested in yourself, well … you’d probably still be where you are right now.

Don’t get me wrong.

Where you are right now – yeah, it’s comfortable, nice, it feels … safe.

Now, picture yourself stepping up and committing to living a better life?

Picture the vibrant health, happy glow, toned + strong body, the bank account reflecting back the abundance you receive from sharing your gifts with the world!


Feel that rush of excitement, anticipation (and perhaps a lil’ fear)?

The rush of excitement is your inner knowing telling you YES!

First step?

Desire to step up and commit to upgrading your life.


2. Assess + Prioritize

Focus on one major area of your life first.

Where do you feel most poor?

Which part of your life makes you cringe a little?

Which area or activity are you still investing your money in – that no longer reflect your current values?

(I’m pretty guilty of this – out of habit. I now make it a priority to reflect on where I direct my energy towards on a regular basis!)

Be honest with yourself, where do you start?


3. Law of Incremental Upgrades

I learnt this law from Denise, and well – it simply works!

You know, do it slowly – but surely.

Commit to upgrades one thing at a time.

Little molehills make a mountain!


4. Use a Manifesting Kit or Roadmap

Alright, now you know where you want to start!

Introducing … your manifesting kit or roadmap!

Like the ones included here or here ( this one is my gift to you – free!).

Trust me on this one, whenever I complete a kit to manifest money, I am always delightfully surprised to find the creative ways in which money flows into my life!


5. Be Grateful Now

Being grateful is probably the most life changing (and not to mention, FREE) tool you can use to upgrade your life.

We all know that every action results in an equal and opposite reaction (physics!).

gratitude abundance

When you GIVE thanks, you open yourself up to receiving something wonderful in return.

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Time to add a gratitude practice into your life!


BONUS TIP: Raise Your Vibrations

In a nutshell, money loves good vibes!

If you’re feeling fear or lack around money (and your ability of earning more of it), you stop abundance from flowing to you.

We talk about many different ways to raise your vibrations in detail here.

Some ways include chakra cleansing, creating a sacred space, plus rewriting your life script (changing it to abundance mode)!

Start Now!

You can start upgrading your life instantly by writing down the areas you wish to improve.

Then, apply the steps above to live a happy healthy abundant life – forever (& ever)!

That is a long time!


Sending you lots of love,
Jia Ni x


P/S: We’re going through the prep week materials as a group right now, and I invite you to come join us!

Find out everything about the Happy Healthy Abundant in 6 Weeks eCourse here!

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